[PROPOSAL] To create metaverse tutorials for Nesteria, Decentraland, Substrata, and Sandbox

To create 4 tutorial videos, for using Nesteria, Decentraland, Substrata, and Sandbox.


The main benefit for the community is to have complete tutorials to learn how to use main metaverses and metaverse-like platforms. This is relevant because it will teach people how to use metaverses on near and that can be used by near, thus probably improving its traffic and its usability, given many people do not come to metaverse because do not know how to use it. As it is a bounty, it is also important as a means of giving resources for people from the community that wants to work in favor of the ecosystem. Beyond the community, this is also important for the DAOs, because it will create material that DAOs could use to onboard their members on metaverse and everything the metaverse allows (NFT exhibitions, parties, announcements, games, events etc), producing the history of these metaverses, given the videos’ role in teaching new users.

The project

We will select from 1 to 4 teachers from the community or outside of the community (and onboard them), in a bounty, to develop tutorial videos for Nesteria, Decentraland, Substrata, and Sandbox. For metaverses not on NEAR, we will ask the professor to teach how to put NEAR NFTs on the respective world. The professors must have experience on these virtual worlds. The videos must not go against any copyright rule. Then we will upload the tutorials on youtube, publicize them on social media, and the artists mint them as NEAR NFTs (an extract of each one) together with GIFs as cover images.

  • Class (4 x 200 USD) - 800USD in near/dai (bounty to professors) (to make the videos, to edit 4 videos, to create 4 gifs, to mint the NFTs on our store, and to send the NFTs to the organizer)
  • Organizer: The Philosopher 100 USD in near/dai (to upload on youtube, to help the professors to mint properly)


Week 1: open the bounty and select the teachers

Week 2: receive the materials and evaluate them

Week 3: publish the videos, mint the respective NFTs, and make the report.

Final Products

4 tutorial videos uploaded on YouTube;
4 GIFs with 4 short videos minted on Mintbase as NFT.

Subtotal: 900USD

This proposal is a follow-on from this one:

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i’m loving this new project and its results <3

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