[PROPOSAL] Paulo Edson's debut EP recording

Hello everyone from the NEAR community!

I’m Paulo Edson, I’ve been recently introduced to this great community by dear friends, members of the Muti and Garden communities, and I’m very excited and inspired by the work done here.

I’m very eager to present my proposal to be included in the May funding proposal of Garden Collective DAO.

Project Members:

Paulo Edson

Nacho Carrillo (achonacho.near)

Emma Whalett (who will soon be onboarded in the NEAR community with the help of the Garden team)

Tilly Pegrum (tillyartist.near)

Funding period: May 2022


Recording - 2nd until the 5th of June

Post production - Second and third week of June

First revision - Last week of June

Mixing & mastering - 1st and second week of July

Provisional release date - July 30th.


Paulo Edson (Bahia, Brasil) is a multidisciplinary musician who, through experiencing different cultures and an enormous musical curiosity, has absorbed references and influences from different parts of the world. He started playing music in 2014, although being interested and having contact with music from a very early age. In 2016 he moved to Valencia, Spain, where he started blending his knowledge of music with that of Spanish and Latin street musicians, and a year later moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where he lived for almost 5 years and more intently started merging and adapting many styles of music from various countries. Currently, he lives in Sevilla, Spain, one of the cradles of flamenco and a place with very strong musical expression and culture.

Genres that have inspired him include samba, bossa nova, flamenco, classical music, Latin and Asian rhythms, psychedelia from Turkey to Thailand, just to name a few. This presents in his music as a mix of influences and contrasts between the new and the old, the classical and the experimental. You can currently find him and his guitar in the streets and bars around the south of Spain, where he keeps adding vocabulary and innovation to his music whilst experimenting with new sounds and textures on the guitar.

On his first EP of 4 tracks, he blends many influences and styles, mixing the sound of traditional rhythms from Brasil, such as Samba and Bossa Nova, with classical and psychedelic influences based on patterns and repetition, playing with sounds and inciting an intimate almost meditative and atmospheric space, as well as evoking a deep and nostalgic feeling that comes from Bahia and its vast cultural and musical expression.

This funding will go towards the costs of renting a studio for the production, recording, mixing and mastering of the EP and musicians fee.


  • Studio costs at Estudios La Puerta Falsa (Extremadura): $ 680 (4x $170)

(Link to studio: Login • Instagram )

  • Travel costs: $ 210 ($ 70 per person)

  • Musician fees:

Nacho Carrillo (Production, Percussion, Synth and Bass): $ 90

Emma Whalett (Flute): $ 45

Paulo Edson (songwriter): $ 45

  • Studio for recording percussion and backing vocals in Seville: $ 100

Total amount requested: $ 1170.

This project will be a collaboration with Tilly (tillyartist.near), who is taking part in the “Sowing seeds” residency for Garden. She will create 5 artworks for the album, which will be minted as NFTs with guidance from the Garden Collective community.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I’m very glad to be welcomed in this community :slight_smile:


@pauloedson happy to include this in our May budget proposal!

UPDATE: I’ve requested the transfer from Garden, we’re currently recording some demos with all the instruments and next wednesday (04th of June) we will make the trip to the studio and start the recording process :slight_smile: thank you

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Due to some complications and technical difficulties while recording, we were unfortunately unable to complete the recording in the alotted time in the studio and so we are now waiting for the files and discussing next steps with the sound engineer.

Thank you!

Hello everyone from the NEAR community, I hope you all are well! :slight_smile:

I come here to give an update after this period managing the situation with the sound technician.

As mentioned before, there were some problems with the recording process, due to some unforeseen circumstances with some of the musicians. Some of the necessary elements for the recording of the EP weren’t successfully recorded within the time allocated, such as voices and percussions, thus, making it impossible for the process to be finished as planned before.

After analysing with the sound technician and producer the material we have recorded, we realised most of the elements on the record can actually be used, leaving us with new percussions to do, and voices.

After considering the situation with friends from Garden Collective and trying to find a way to actually conclude the project, I would like to propose a new budget and request a funding for the last part of the EP to be finalised. To do so, it will be necessary to go back to the same recording studio in which the process was started, to record voices and a few other missing elements, and hire a percussionist for the songs that aren’t finished.

Below you can see the cost breakdown:

  • Session of two days at Estudios La Puerta Falsa (Extremadura, Spain): 155$

  • Both ways travel to Extremadura, from Sevilla (Spain), for two people: 60$ (30 dollars per person)

  • Percussionist for the recording of two tracks: 100$

  • Total: 315$

I would like once more to thank all the support and trust from the NEAR community and Garden Collective, who have been very and actively helpful throughout the whole process, making sure things are done and doing the best to make it happen.

Thank you!

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’d like to give an update about the recording process and first of all thank the NEAR community and @gardencollective for the trust and support given throughout the whole process and for accepting the proposal and making it possible, thank you!

  • On the 26th and 27th of November I will be headed with another musician to Estudios La Puerta Falsa, in Extremadura, Spain, to record some of the missing elements such as voices and one guitar.

  • The percussions will be recorded in Lisbon - Portugal, the following Tuesday (18th of October).

I will give new updates throughout the recording process on the studio.

Thank you!

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As planned and mentioned above, this weekend (26th and 27th of november) I have been on the studio in Extremadura (Spain) and the voices and guitars have all been succesfully recorded. Now the only element that still needs recording are a few of the backing vocals, which will be done in Lisbon the following week, proceeding to the mixing and mastering phase.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thakns for the update @pauloedson !