[PROPOSAL] Sowing Seeds - Monthly Artistic Residency - Tilly Pegrum


My name is Tilly Pegrum, I’ve been introduced to this community through Paulo Edson and friends and members of the Muti and Garden communities. I am very excited to present my proposal for the artist residency of May in relation to the artwork of Paulo Edson’s coming EP ([PROPOSAL] Paulo Edson's debut EP recording)

I’m a Norwegian/English visual artist currently based in Seville. I completed my Bachelor in Fine Art and Art History at Manchester School of Art in 2019. I work with oil, acrylic and aquarelle paint, presented in playful, sometimes distorted figurative ways. A curiosity and interest in people and human behaviour has always been at the root of my work, exploring the tension between the everyday mundane and the existential questions of what it means to be.

You can check some of my work on the following website:


@tillyartist on instagram

I am applying to this residency to fund the visual work for Paulo Edson’s coming EP. The commission consists of 5 artworks; 1 main cover for the EP and an individual image for each of the 4 songs. The idea is for each of the individual pieces to visually represent the specific song. From this, we wish to create a tie between the images, all linking back to the main cover.

Thank you for the time and consideration!


UPDATE: Hello! Thought i’d give you a little update on how the project is going as the transfer has already been requested from Garden. I have completed 4 out of 5 works, but have a clear idea for the last piece. I’m expecting to have this done by the last day of May, but might need some days extra for the finishing touches. I’m excited to share what i’ve been working on soon,
Thank you!

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Hello! Another update from me; the artworks are finished and i am currently waiting to get them photographed so that I can move on to creating the NFTs with guidance from the Garden Collective crew!