[PROPOSAL] Equipment for the DAO for self-sustainability

As our reach expands to more and more people, we’re in the phase of needing to hire some gear to put on new shows, which makes the costs unsustainably high and limits our flexibility to operate independently. We’re trying to move toward self-sustainability.

What we most need is a sound system of our own. It will reduce the per-event cost and help the larger shows to become viable, and allow for regular community based events, like the one in the pictures below, which have little revenue but provide a fantastic platform for community engagement and for artists to show their work. Being an event and community organiser without some key equipment of our own is starting to seriously limit the project’s potential and the places and people that we can reach.

Some other examples of what we do:
Estufada Artistica
Arroz Shows
Santos Shows

Equipment list: Sound system set
Cables x2

We talked in the June report about the 343$ excess left over from the Estufada Artistica event, due to event coming in under budget. And how the funds are already remaining in the DAO. It can be sent back to the Creatives if it’s requested, but we hope that they can be repurposed for equipment for sustainability.