[PROPOSAL] Move existing 2SkyLab NFTs from Opensea to Mintbase (March 2022)

  • My name is Konstantin Pozdnyaev, I am seeking funds to open a new store on Mintbase.io and fund new users through NEAR drop.
    I already am familiar with Mintbase through my other music label store Beatsolow and am looking to open a new Hong Kong based NFT venture store through Mintbase.io (2SkyLab).

  • 2SkyLab (2skylab.com) focuses on introducing people to the blockchain through art, music, events and creative NFT use cases, we have so far, 2 collections on Opensea which we seek to re mint on Mintbase. The collections are such - 4 Phygital NFTs of Ruby Mazur’s album work (https://opensea.io/collection/rubymazur) (so far only 1 is minted, we are doing it as a series, we will move this one first and then add the remaining 3 by End of April) + 1 NFT from our Deep House Collectibles, which is an mp4 file of a original production by myself (https://opensea.io/collection/deephousecollectibles)(Artist name - Kostiya) this NFT serves as a a lifetime pass to our future 2 SkyLab offline events.

Our next project (Outside the reach of this funding request) will tackle fine wine which we aim to start introducing by end May 2022, we have yet to devise a creative way to bring together NFT and fine wine, but we do have a wine specialist who will be a core element of this initiative, helping us secure the industries finest wines and a means to provide standardized certification of originality.

  • The requested funds are to be sent to a wallet with the ID (2skylabfund.near) which is different from our primary (2skylab.near) wallet. This separation is to ensure a simple, publicly accessible means to track the funds from Mintbase DAO and any other NEAR native funding approvals.

- Requesting total of 10 NEAR
- 7 NEAR for new store on Mintbase.io
- 3 NEAR for onboarding and initial minting
the 3 NEAR is needed for onboarding users with NEAR Drop
links, initial minting fees + gas fees (2 N sent to NEAR
Drops, 0.5 N kept on 2skylabfund.near for gas and 0.5 N
sent to 2skylab.near for initial minting + gas)

  • Timeline. Move existing collections to Mintbase by end of March (preferably Mintbase will have the new UI ready before our listings), Starting in April we commence promotion of our NFTs and utilize NEAR Drops funding to help our network of art providers, clients and other interested people/ parties create NEAR wallet without needing to fund themselves, we use this as marketing point (showing how easy it is to start experiencing NEAR protocol).

  • Completing these tasks will

  1. successfully migrate an influential set of artworks (particularly Ruby Mazur’s collection https://www.2skylab.com/) which can serve as a great marketing initiative and add credibility to Mintbase
  2. Onboard new users to NEAR, the key is the kind of user rather than the amount of them. The art collector who granted us to work with Ruby Mazur’s album works is well connected to the broader art industry that exists outside the blockchain, we hope to introduce the blockchain to these people through NEAR protocol, in this manner we attempt to create a strong community on NEAR, one that consists of influential industry specialists.
  3. Jumpstart our operations so we can proceed with our next collection of fine wines, the wine project project will serve the same two previous points outlined.


  1. New store launched (Before March 29th)
  2. Move existing Opensea listings to Mintbase (Before April 5th)
  3. Mint remaining 3 phygital works from Ruby Mazur’s collection on Mintbase (Before April 29th)
  4. Start marketing Ruby Mazur’s collection through NEAR channels as well as our external, non blockchain based specialists (Before May 5th)

Please note, the milestones outlined above are initial and concern the requested 10 NEAR only. We have plans on further steps such as partnering with The Rose Rituals to create another project (ForkX) with a Mintbase store. Through this project we hope to host the first Online/ Offline Art exhibition utilizing 3xr’s virtual gallery and Mintbase mints as access keys - people browse the NFTs in our physical gallery and purchase them through Virtual gallery hosting the same artworks. We provide free NFTs as access keys to the virtual gallery, showcasing utility of NFTs as instruments rather than just art.

We hope to receive funds before March 25th as to keep on track with launching the store before March 29th.

Please comment with concerns, further questions, suggestions and anything else :slight_smile:

Warm regards


Sounds cool.

about the near drops, do you want us to create the campaign and send you the links? How many people do you want to onboard with how much near per drop??

the store costs 6.5 n, we can send you 7 near so you have initial minting fees and a store.

we normally do not support individual people in creating their stores - we are supporting you because Regina told me you will integrate the marketplace into you homepage! That’s awesome!


Hi @marianeu

Actually if creating NEAR Drops campaign on your end is easier I would be more than happy to have that organized.

At this point I can’t quite pin point an estimated # of new users that will be onboarded right away, this will be a slightly more prolonged process as we share our mints with non crypto enthusiasts, at the start I don’t expect more than 10 within the week of starting our store (HK is currently not allowing events but that should be lifted by June, our past event brought at least 70 people together, for our next event we will establish an activity which would require the attendees to open up NEAR wallets, so once we have events going that’s when the real onboarding begins).

I wanted newcomers to have enough NEAR Dropped which would allow to buy an NFT from our store. I assume $1 per person would be more than enough for starters, could you please give me some advice here with your experience?

As for 7N for store, that will be just right! once we run our we can top it up :relaxed: in this case maybe it would be worth sending directly to 2skylab.near instead of 2skylabfund.near as that will be the wallet associated with the store.

I really appreciate you helping on this end! and I’m honestly very excited to get this project going, I see lots of benefits for all coming from this, just need to actualize it now.

Yes we would love to intergrate mintbase with our website, we would need help with that in one way or another as well, let’s discuss this next week perhaps, I will present you with our capabilities and we can conclude what we are lacking and how we would need help, currently I am contacting devs, we also want to develop new smart contracts to automate functions towards an incentivized economy, we will be seeking for grants from outside sources as well as from NEAR​:grinning:

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Hey Kostiya,

Ok, we can create the near drops. I will create 10x0,2N (which is like 2 dollars each atm) and then you can onboard.

Before I do that I need to know how will the onboarding process take place? You give them near to buy things from your store?

Or you give them near, add them as minters to the store, then make them mint their things?

What is the plan here?

For the 7N for the store you can submit payout proposal to our DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near


On second thought, the 1N you would help us to distribute as NEAR drops would be reserved solely for the buyers of our initial 4 NFTs (0.25N is needed to sign in to mintbase to purchase any given listing so perhaps you could make just 4 drops), we don’t expect a crypto native client to purchase these initial pieces, we plan to enable fiat payments on our store and so the 1N you supply us with would be a way to allow these clients to have enough for gas fees + to login to Mintbase with their newly created NEAR wallet. That being said, this is less of an onboarding procedure and more of a ‘accessibility’ solution to buy our NFTs.

Onboarding to NEAR and Mintbase would happen when we can host events again - at that point we may be able to fund our own NEAR drops, per say using the money we make from ticketing for the particular event, Onboarding process there would be such -

We create a gated space virtual gallery with 3xr, people pay for our offline event ticket and part of that money would be used to fund the attendees wallets, we would like to create a wallet for each attendee and have fees ready in those wallets so that they can login to mintbase to acquire the “access key” NFTs and be able to enter the gated space.

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Hi there, the 0.25 are not needed to log in! Logging in does not cost anything. I got confused with that message in the beginning too, but actually you don’t need anything to log in to mintbase at all.

with 0.2N people can mint hundreds of NFTs :slight_smile:

for credit card payment to be installed to your store, you need to have KYC figured out. You need to have a stripe account.


Hello :slight_smile:

I was under impression that login to mintbase would require funding on the wallet as for the 0.25 allowance being asked by NEAR network, below are some images to show that.
“Here is an account with 0 funds in it, upon trying to sign into Mintbase I get an error message”

As for the cc payments, thanks for letting me know, I shall set that up :slight_smile:

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Is there something I am missing? You mentioned you have been getting confused by this message at first, is there a way to login anyway?

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thank you for reporting. I tried with my own wallet which has 0.57USD

and it worked. will be forwarding this info to the devs. thx

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Please keep me updated :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that other marketplaces on NEAR are subject to the same requirements. It is a network allowance fee to interact with the blockchain.

Thats why i thought it would be nice to allow the buyers of our initial pieces have a ready to use wallet.

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