[PROPOSAL] Web3 for Artists Workshop October

Web3 for Artists Workshop

Following Incubadora’s mission to promote knwoledge about NEAR ecossystem, from october on, in partnership with MUTI, we aim to expand our educative program through live workshops. After great efforts producing video tutorials and FAQs in our website and social media channels, It’s time to mobilize the local artistic community in a more “hands on" process.

Our goal is to make a “Web3 for Artists Workshop” that is going to take place on October 29th at 3pm in LENS Dao studio in Almada. Besides making an introduction about NEAR Protocol and our community, the workshop will foucouse on giving the artists the necessary tools for them to create their own NFT store in Mintbase and also create their galleries in the 3xR metaverse.

With that said, we would like to request Mintbase’s support to help the artists on deploying their stores and making NFTs experiments. The workshop was desiged for 10 participants and may have around 2h duration.

Amount requested: 200 USD in DAI
NEAR wallet: incubadora.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you! :dizzy: :purple_heart:


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Looking forward to educating more folks on NFTs and the process of how to create them in a hands-on manner :partying_face: