Bring a full project to NEAR protocol on Mintbase

Investigating and pushing towards landing a project that could be using Mintbase on NEAR protocol as their base platform.

Ideal : Both the funding round and the actual project to have their minting mechanics using the Mintbase platform.

Whitepapers are being written and project is starting up.
Not disclosing any details but this would involve ( a traveling - physical world based - worldwide focus ) artist incubator program, a strong collector scene and tons of high quality content.

Project startup +/-8 months rough estimate.


This sounds like a really cool project. Please let us know how we can support :ok_hand:t4:. I know much of this project is secretive, but feel free to add as much details as you can here along the way.

If there are funding requirements to have this be successful, we can add the “createbase-dao” tag and a funding amount to get started.


great to hear !! THX @chloe !!


Hey, how are you progressing in the project? Let us know if we can be of any help :slight_smile: