[APPROVED] Funding MintbaseDAO december

Hey there,

Contact Name: @marianeu

Guild: Mintbase

Target Address: mintbase.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 321,9755N

Funding Period: December 2021

Requested amount: 5000 USD in NEAR

The payout proposal is coming in late, despite my wish to make it on the first of december.

We are asking for the maximum amount of NEAR to be able to sponsor projects coming up that need their own developers, which need to be paid to build on near. We still do not know exactly how much funds every project will need, that is why I am asking for the maximum amount, as we have been using more than we received in the last months. (See the reports for september/october, november.

As MintbaseDAO (ex createbase) is one of the first guilds on near and has been very active, I hope the trust level is enough to permit the payout for projects that are still being built. We just do not want to have issues when people want to build and we can’t offer them what they need to succeed.

We are planning to establish a system where

  • developers,
  • Projects
  • Businesses
  • Workshops

have individual forms to fill in. It is just a lot of projects coming in and hard for us to keep up with every single one, filtering people who just want information from the ones ready to build. This is a plan for the next year…

Regarding our bounties

This one will need ~500usd in Near

We want to upgrade this bounty regarding mintbase DAO guides,

Now after the rebranding there is a lot of work that needs to be done here. We are increasing the reward from 25 USD per article to 50 /75 USD per article (depending on the quality of what is written). Also, for journalists that can present a CV demonstrating that they are real journalists with experience writing about Blockchain related things can ask for more.

~400 USD in Near

We are in contact with people in Lisbon, especially the owner of MaLingua to start doing Near Meetups there. We want to start with workshops in portuguese and english and then install a monthly meet up where NFT ticketing, beer, and wine would be on the norm.

Besides Malingua in Lisbon we are in contact with people from this project:

who want to set up a regular near meeting in ecuador, minting NFTs with reforestation purposes that will support the local people.

Then there is this project:

which is really interesting to us at mintbase as it represents exactly what we aim to: to have people use our tools as dev tools for their own businesses, platforms. Ticketing NFT platform is a huge goal for us.

Another promising project is

We basically offer all the things he is looking for but the stable price thing. Interesting project coming along…

We are onboarding the Odysee community to Mintbase. I have been in close contact with their community manager and we aim to collaborate more soon. First step is onboarding the music people, they created their store yesterday musichive.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

Loads of plans, loads of projects in contact with us. Just waiting for people to realize what they told us they are going to do. We want to be prepared to give them the funds they need.

Thank you


Hey. I think this is a great idea!

For me, this proposal is OK to be approved. Let’s wait on the rest of the @creativesdao-council.


Love what Mintbase and MintbaseDAO are doing for the ecosystem. Good to go from my side


Oh… :heart: Thanks @marianeu for linking our project!

I’m considering ask for funds for paying illustrators and some devs to create our MVP for a real event here in Tenerife. Later we will build a real platform where everyone will allow to create an event easily, choosing a template and creating their NFT ticket. Attendees will mint each NFT ticket when they buy it.

Why several illustrators? Imagine that before minting the NFT the user(promoter/artist) choose a template and then fill the form with the info of the event previewing how it looks their ticket.

The NFT ticket will not be burned, so attendees will keep it as a souvenir of a memorable gig. In addition to that they will receive at least one more NFT that can be burned at the access control and the possibility of one more NFT to exchange for the typical beer or drink. As many as the promoter wants.

Thanks again and you guys have a nice weekend.

Mintickt is coming!


@vandal @frnvpr
thanks guys, let me know if I should update anything :slight_smile:


hey @guille

on mintbase the ticketing service works with burning your NFTs. You can give them attendence tokens for memories, no biggie, but to use our system with ticketing I would strongly recommend the burning function as it is the one that will show who has the ticket and when it was burnt.


Hey @marianeu ,

happy to change this proposal to “approved”. Let’s set up a meeting this week so we can give you an overview of the funding guidelines for the Creatives DAO so it is all on track for the next month :slight_smile:
Please proceed with the payout of 564N (coingecko 21.12.21 Portugal 12:54) to our DAO.


thank you, done! Astro