[Proposal] Onboarding & Workshop during NFT Eufonic festival

We are preparing a workshop during Eufonic Festival to onboard people to NEAR and Mintbase.

The workshop will be in Spanish and will be given by Justin Case and Bubbles. It will be a great opportunity to get some attendants to experience hands-on how easy and affordable it is to mint on NEAR and Mintbase.


The workshop will last 3 hours and will cover:

  • Basic overview of NFTs and NEAR
  • Wallet set up, best security practices
  • Mintbase interface, web3 login and profile creation
  • Store creation, default royalties and general settings
  • Adding and removing minters
  • Minting interface, mandatory and optional fields
  • Royalties and splits
  • Types of files: still, animated, video, audio, 3D, PDF
  • Editions, choosing how many to mint
  • Transferring and burning
  • Listing for sale, how to choose a price
  • Buying NFTs, searching the marketplace
  • Accessing the integrated 3D virtual gallery
  • Promotion tools, Twitter, Telegram groups, Discord servers

We will have demonstrations and practical exercises, with time for questions and some individual tutoring. The goal is to have each participant create a wallet, set up their Mintbase profile, and mint and list at least one NFT.

Each participant will receive a neardrop to create a wallet and basic access info.


The proposed budget is the following

  • neardrops for wallet creation and buying from each other: 1 N per person (max 30 attendants)
  • store creation on Mintbase: 6.5 N
  • instructors fee for 3 hours workshop (includes preparation and setup): 250 USD

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey @JustinCase

sounds like a solid plan.

Will you produce the linkdrops yourself? Or should we send them to you?

If you can send them that would be great. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I would need instructions to create them…

Really nice! Would love to see a video/ photos after the event :slight_smile:

please contact me on telegram under mariamintbase

the 250 for the workshop will be paid out after the report of the event is submitted!

The workshop went great. Only four people attended, so we had the chance of giving them a personalized class, answer all their questions and solve all their doubts.

After explaining all the basic information about crypto, wallets, NFTs, etc. using a presentation we had prepared for the occasion, we sent each participant a droplink with 1N so they could open their own wallet. We showed them how to create a store on Mintbase step by step by creating the Eufonic store on the projector so they could follow the process:

Then we showed them how to add minters to a store by adding each one of them and we went through the process of how to mint and NFT and list it for sale. We took a picture of the attendants and minted it using the split revenue option to share the income between all of us:

They followed the instructions to mint their first NFT on the store. Here you can see the NFTs they created:

Finally, we spent half an hour answering their questions about the different platforms to mint NFTs and explaining the difference between ETH and NEAR and the importance of green NFTs and low fees.

The feedback was really good. Most of them had no previous knowledge about NFTs and crypto, and after the event, they had their own Near wallet and knew how to mint and list NFTs.

Thanks for supporting our event.

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Nice! You can propose payout proposal to mintbaseDAO.

Done: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near-467

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