[PROPOSAL] Metaverse stories - September 2022

Thank u, friend @SkazOne, for your work.
We could learn a lot with this project.

You can ask for 2/3 of your payout proposal (as u could fulfill 2/3 of your project), i.e., 200 usdc, and we finish this project now, given we need to organize our treasury for next month. If u can edit your report post to add the astrodao link from your payout proposal, I would be very grateful.

We can rewrite this project, in order to stimulate onboarding from voxels writers, and make them active members (use of near blockchain once a week), or we can focus in your lore writing and publicize it as a way to generate interest on NEAR. What do u think?

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@beetlejuice, can u add the stories in both NFTs on SkazOne’s report to the magazine?

will do my friend, i can make the proposal now

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