Metaverse Dao looking for lore writers [CLOSED]

Lore needed

We need three writers to expand the Lore of Metaverse DAO:

This project help the main objective of Metaverse DAO that is register at block-chain the history of NEAR Protocol by creating and registering a storytelling for our ecosystem.

This project also help to create the content for the NEAR Metaverse Magazine.

All the results of this project will be minted on Mintbase, so will generate engage in the NEAR and promote the DAOs of the ecosystem.

This project also generate promotion of the NEAR Protocol, give them an identity, move the NEAR economy and give back money to the community.

The project:

This consist in a open-call/bounty to select people to write for the project.

We will select 3 parcels in the Voxels Metaverse/Near Hub to be the inspiration for the writers stories.

The idea is to create a storytelling about them and cross it with Near protocol.

Story requirements are as follows

True information about the parcel

at least 2500 characters (2 pages) in English

a mini bio (300 characters) of the writer and a photo to use

Each writer will be responsible for the text. And each writer is to be paid 100$USD

(We will have a project manager that will select and correct the stories; mint them on mintbase and NEArR Alexandria Library and send the texts for the magazine.)

Admittedly, this is the first bounty I’ve authored and offered, so please feel free to comment with any questions. Thank you!


Lore is always big on Voxels, this is a great idea.
I want to create one of the stories, would all of them connect at some point?

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I believe that is the idea eventually, though some of the pieces will be minted and used independently for the magazine. And then we plan on minting some books as well in voxel form.

I will love to be a part of the project.

I am a writer, I love reading and writing.

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I’ll love to be a part of the project and create one of the stories. Please give more details on this.

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I’m interested in this Bounty. I will be glad to work with you

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Awesome, we are seeing a bit more interest than expected, so I am currently talking to other DAO members as to how we should proceed in choosing just 3 people. I will update you ASAP.

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sorry i didnt wanna type it twice

So this particular project is geared towards metaverse lore. tends to be sci fi or fantasy thus far from what I’ve written and read from others. We would likely be working in those genres. Overall we need more background stories for the metaverse, it would be a plus if you have experience with Voxels, formerly Cryptovoxels.


This is great. I have been a part of several writing projects on here and I have written for the Near magazine too. I am sure I’d contribute immensely to this project.

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It’ll be my pleasure to participate in this bounty.

Sounds like a fun project to write about.

Kindly provide more details,

I’d be interested to write.

Hello, I would like to apply for being lore writer at Metaverse Dao.
If this vacancy is available, please let me know. I’m willing to join.
Thank you

@Sugar @Trusthengine @AugustKinge @mohens @Dabbie3229 @FabDab @markeetox

ok everybody, we got a good amount of people interested, so please email a writing sample to as well as your plans for what lore you want to add to the metaverse and I will contact those chosen based on these samples. thank you!

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Thank you @SkazOne
When is the deadline for sending the entry?

Really cool bounty! Will share it to the NEAR Philippines community!

thank you, if anyone is interested, have them send a writing sample to by September 30th please

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September 30th is the deadline


Thank you @SkazOne
Okay. Noted.

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I have a question. Is there any rule about writing samples? any topics or specified topic? Is this sample the same as the official writing?

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