[PROPOSAL] L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho

L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho

Due to the extraordinary success of the first edition L lê IMA ft ManuteGus (here) here we go again!

It’s a colab.
Selection of Baga’s art for sale NFTs
Production image/video/audio/voiceovers of new NFTs readings by L.
Build an installation in voxels ft Isa
(Still looking for where)

About communication, we will produce cards for social media and share Near groups, as usual. Myriad too (profile L) And we would try to count with tag/share of DAO’s official channels and Near related profiles.

So, I will select and read Baga’s Works as New NFTs and present the results from this production at an event/installation on (some) Voxels. For this, we will make a vernissage card (teaser) to invite the Nearverse. The material will be distributed to DAOs and possible channels of partners for sharing. We are going to propose a bounty to people who share It, engaging the entire community. At least one wearable will be made and offered to whoever signs the guestbook at the opening. Coordinates released only at the time of the event, creating expectations. The NFTs will be offered for sale at the WG store with royalties and revenues divided between those involved. A good way to return investment to the guild. One copy for sale, one each artist, one for collection (5).

We decided that the offered reward of 350DAI should be split like that (payment after report - link).

150DAI luluca_l.near produce curate search create
100DAI Isa build create
80DAI Baga artist rights
20DAI share bounty

Timeline: the idea is to prepare everything asap, work together with Isa and manage the bounty, launch the event by the end of the month or sooner, deliver report after open, pay people, we just need to convert with the artists, voxels parcel (?) and WG agenda.

The project genesis:
[PROPOSAL] Metacoin and Decentralized Project - May/June 2022
[BOUNTY] L lê IMA para MetaverseDAO
[INVITATION] L lê IMA ft ManuteGus

I hope the proposal makes sense. I want to be able to continue this incredible experience, now in partnership with the Writers Guild and these amazing artists Baga and Isa.

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