[PROPOSAL] L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho

L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho

Due to the extraordinary success of the first edition L lê IMA ft ManuteGus (here) here we go again!

It’s a colab.
Selection of Baga’s art for sale NFTs
Production image/video/audio/voiceovers of new NFTs readings by L.
Build an installation in voxels ft Isa
(Still looking for where)

About communication, we will produce cards for social media and share Near groups, as usual. Myriad too (profile L) And we would try to count with tag/share of DAO’s official channels and Near related profiles.

So, I will select and read Baga’s Works as New NFTs and present the results from this production at an event/installation on (some) Voxels. For this, we will make a vernissage card (teaser) to invite the Nearverse. The material will be distributed to DAOs and possible channels of partners for sharing. We are going to propose a bounty to people who share It, engaging the entire community. At least one wearable will be made and offered to whoever signs the guestbook at the opening. Coordinates released only at the time of the event, creating expectations. The NFTs will be offered for sale at the WG store with royalties and revenues divided between those involved. A good way to return investment to the guild. One copy for sale, one each artist, one for collection (5).

We decided that the offered reward of 350DAI should be split like that (payment after report - link).

150DAI luluca_l.near produce curate search create
100DAI Isa build create
80DAI Baga artist rights
20DAI share bounty

Timeline: the idea is to prepare everything asap, work together with Isa and manage the bounty, launch the event by the end of the month or sooner, deliver report after open, pay people, we just need to convert with the artists, voxels parcel (?) and WG agenda.

The project genesis:
[PROPOSAL] Metacoin and Decentralized Project - May/June 2022
[BOUNTY] L lê IMA para MetaverseDAO
[INVITATION] L lê IMA ft ManuteGus

I hope the proposal makes sense. I want to be able to continue this incredible experience, now in partnership with the Writers Guild and these amazing artists Baga and Isa.

*More about me?
Read my forum profile.



Estamos trabalhando… Em breve :star_struck:



Hello Writer’s Guild. Here is a quick overview of the progress of this project. Unfortunately, we had personal issues to resolve and this ended up delaying our delivery.

We had conversations with Baga to agree and understand the chosen poems and between the production team L and Isa to define the parcel and assembly of the installation, the new readings (images made in AI, reading in ASMR, audio and video edition) are ready, we have 2 wearables as a gift for those who attend the opening and sign the guest book.

Spoiler alert!

So we are in the construction stage of Voxels building and we will be back soon with the invitation for the opening.

Thank you in advance for your support, see you later.



Very nice! Congratulaions :slight_smile:


Hellooooo NEARverse.
Open today!

L ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ* shared a post on Instagram: "Hello community. Here is our invitation to the vernissage of the installation L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho at Voxels. Please, come, explore, enjoy. We have 2 wearables by Isa...

The coordinates will be released soon…



Here It is!

visit, sign the guestbook, click everything, we have wearables and a nft giveaway.




Que tudooooooo :clinking_glasses: gratidão imensa @macieira :heart:


sensacional, @LulucaL e @Isa_Danoninho!
parabéns pelo trabalho de vocês, fiquei pirando um tempão lá…
e valeu pelo @macieira pelos registros!

tudo lindo turma, fico feliz em poder participar disso com vocês! :pray:t6:


Que alegriaaaaaa, amo muito e sou grateeeeee mils :clinking_glasses::revolving_hearts:

Complementando o REPORT

Posts do convite/chamada

L ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ* shared a post on Instagram: "Hello community. Here is our invitation to the vernissage of the installation L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho at Voxels. Please, come, explore, enjoy. We have 2 wearables by Isa...

PLANTÃO CHEGA MAIS para divulgação do link com a coordenada da parcel

Postagem pós evento com o nft e as fotos do Macieira (um plus a mais adicional extra maravilhoso para o projeto, muito agradecide)

Nft criado para o evento https://www.mintbase.io/meta/writersguild.mintbase1.near:118aef7de5957d2ac27a6d9bec86e647
(Devido a problemas na UI da Mintbase não consegui mintar as imagens mas vou fazer isso em breve, ainda preciso editar tudo) 1 para cada artista, 1 para a WRITER’S Guild e 5 a venda por <33N

Tivemos cerca de 70 visitas no auge da abertura, mas a @Isa_Danoninho pode trazer as métricas da parcel direitinho e o envio dos wearables ficou a cargo dela também. E pode reportar aqui pra gente isso também, por favor.

Sobre valores
Temos 20USD~N para uma bounty (desisti de fazer bounty de compartilhamentos pois a experiência tem sido péssima) e pensei em fazer uma promoção para premiar colecionadores, gerar operações na loja/Mintbase e ativar as visitas na instalação. Após mintar as imagens da parcel, lançar a bounty e quem visitar e comprar, compartilhar uma print na instalação com a obra comprada e marcando alguém pra participar, recebe um valor de volta. São 5 imagens a 5N cada, colecionador recebe 4USD~N de cashback.

Gostaria de saber se posso solicitar o pagamento, distribuir os cachês dia artistas e promover essa bounty asap.


What a joyaaaaa, love it so much and am grateeeeeeee mils :clinking_glasses::revolving_hearts:

Supplementing the REPORT

Posts from the invitation/call

L ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ* shared a post on Instagram: "Hello community. Here is our invitation to the vernissage of the installation L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho at Voxels. Please, come, explore, enjoy. We have 2 wearables by Isa...

PLANT GETTING MORE to release the link with the parcel coordinate

Post event with nft and Macieira’s photos (a wonderful plus addition extra to the project, thanks a lot)

Nft created for the BgDfntASMR on Mintbase event
(Due to Mintbase UI problems I couldn’t mint the images but will do that soon, still need to edit everything) 1 for each artist, 1 for WRITER’S Guild and 5 for sale for <33N

We had about 70 visits at the height of the opening, but @Isa_Danoninho can bring the metrics of the plot right and the shipping of the wearables was her responsibility as well. And you can report here for us too, please.

About values
We have 20USD~N for a bounty (I gave up doing share bounties because the experience has been so bad) and I thought of doing a promotion to reward collectors, generate transactions in the store/Mintbase and activate the visits in the installation. After minifying the images in the installment, launch the bounty and whoever visits and buys, shares a print in the installment with the purchased work and tags someone to participate, gets a value back. There are 5 images at 5N each, collector gets 4USD~N cashback.

I would like to know if I can request payment, distribute the artists day caches and promote this bounty asap.



The event started at 4:20 PM and there was movement on the plot until 5:30 PM.

More than 100 people passed by after the opening, 97 on the first day.

The wearables are being shipped as people are signing the visitation book.


Tnx baby!
Foi tudoooooo

$ solicitado

Pagamentos feitos $

@klarakopi (number9 - tive uma queda de conexão aqui e perdi o print do sorteio, mas acreditem) você foi a sorteada e já mandei o NFT, confirma se chegou pls :pray:

Preparando a bounty para os 20USD restantes ASAP
porém a Mintbase segue com problemas de mint e list e não estou conseguindo cunhar as obras, infelizmente

Até logo menos…



Adorei a ideia da leitura em ASMR :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Dá para ouvir isso ainda ou já foi?


Aqui ó



[BOUNTY] Collectors CASHBACK L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho bounty no ar

E o vídeo ASMR está em promoção pra quem se interessar (fora da bounty, sem CASHBACK mas no precinho) 1N


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