[CLOSED] Writers' Guild Funding Proposal for September, 2022

Council Members


Target wallet: near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near
KYC & Contract: @beet93 (brzk-93444.near)

Total Requested Funding Amount: 5,000 usd in DAI


August was a nice month, with a plethora of creative writing manifestations from our funded projects, some concluded, some still in the making. Here’s a brief comment on each of them:

We had another simultaneous IRL & live streamed event from our theater’s Brazilian members from Notívagos Burlescos, a dramatic reading of new scenes they wrote about Latin America themes, now comedy ones (after the first set on drama, back in May).

From stage to the streets, we had the first phase of an experimental transdisciplinary project from a duo of female Brazilian artists, that includes performance, public intervention, video, publication and an already finished bounty.

From Brazilians streets we go to Canadian provinces with the publication of a collection of poetry, prose and photographies focusing on the social issues in cities and rural towns, that’s yet to be concluded and minted at our store.

Keep traveling through the world, we move from North America to Africa — Niger, to be more specific — to know another publication from last month, the first part of a two-book anthology with a poet’s impression of wild and domesticated animals.

And now our trip goes further, from Earth to the Metaverse, with the books from our Mintbase store not only turned into wearables but also placed at the largest NEAR library on metaverse — you should definitely check this!

Talking about metaverse, voxels and alikes, another member from our guild wrote an article about her experience (and the challenges) on curating a sound art exhibition at a virtual gallery.

Finally, as a Oroboros that keep returning to its beginning after reach its end, we connect the metaverse and the Earth space with another project created by Brazilians, but happening in the virtual space — better said, yet to happen, because it’s a little delayed, but soon we will see a second edition of a interactive installation/event mixing readings, visuals and a lot more in the metaverse.

You can see all that in a deeper and more technical way on our August report.

Now, let’s check what’s next!

September plans and projects

After six months of existence, our guild starts to feel more confident and aware of our purpose, what we are doing, where we are going and what we intend to do to grow our community and the whole NEAR ecosystem in efficient, sustainable and valuable ways.

Entering its third month, our communication team also feels more comfortable and autonomous to do its job, spreading our efforts through the digital world. Talking about this, in September we are going to have our first two Twitter Spaces, one for Portuguese and other for English speakers, both hosted for some of our council members.

And the projects are also starting to shorten the gaps between digital & physical cultures & realities, with ideas and executions going from metaverse wearables to urban interventions, all connected by our community’s love and curiosity for creative writing!

Below you can check all of them, and see how diverse August proposals are:

  1. Propulsion Writing - Stage 2
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @palomak

  2. Script For Television
    (400 usd in DAI) submitted by @tobyparadise01

  3. Healing through poetry therapy- an anthology addressing various social vices in Nigeria
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @oblakofficialss

  4. Festival of ‘Nightlifer’ Dramaturgy, part 1
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @pvpreviatto

  5. Free dramaturgical adaptation of the work of Murilo Rubião
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @JohnFaus

    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @trusthengine

  7. Communication strategies for Writer’s Guild (September)
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @aandz

  8. Twitter Space giveaways: 100 usd in DAI
    To reward community members who are actively engaged in our community, we are allocating $100 usd in DAI to be divided across our two Twitter Spaces events this month to be distributed at the discretion of the event hosts. Individuals who attend the events and do not have a wallet will be guided through the process of creating one.

  9. Council work: 1500 usd in DAI equally split among the 5 council members
    (300 usd in DAI each)

TOTAL BUDGET: 5,000 usd in DAI

Thank you,
The Writers’ Guild (NEAR Writers Collective)

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We thank you for the partnership and the trust :slight_smile:

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Hello Writers’ Guild, thank you for putting up proposal,

Sorry to say your small projects only introduce the topics, the tasks you want to do and the cost for that. Besides, objectives of those projects seem don’t related to NEAR or add value to the Near Ecosystem.

I only support the following proposal, besides that, I don’t support the rest. Sorry!


Hey @bagadefente
We’ve noticed a new DAO connected with your activities → [introduction] Literature DAO. @jsc2022.near do you see any potential collaboration with the Writers’ Guild?

The Writers’ Guild is requesting $5k for writing content and bounties. With all due respect but I’m not able to see any value-added activities to NEAR with the proposed objectives and amounts. Creating poetry and minting it on Mintbase isn’t something that requires $5k monthly…

Perpahs a little change would be necessary for the next months, you could propose a research objective, focused around DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, music, art, onboarding, and even more… or extend your activities!

Also, in my opinion, as you are the Writers’ Guild, you have a strong onboarding power of the new folks to the NEAR. I believe that you should extend your operations to web2, not focusing only on Mintbase. Partnership with various web2 magazines would be really cool.

Personally, I’m not able to support your DAO in this form.

With Regards,

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Hello @williamx and @Paul . Beet here, one of the council members for the Writers’ Guild.

Firstly, we appreciate your feedback and definitely will get back to the drawing board to evaluate and input what you feel is lacking, but first, a little more clarification will be helpful.

If I understand right, the major part missing from our proposal is clear projections of how these projects add value to the ecosystem, correct? As in metrics for onboarding, impact?


In my opinion, as you are the Writers’ Guild, you should extend your activities to a wider audience and focus on stronger activities than originally has been proposed here. Also, you should implement more NEAR dapps into your DAO.


Ok. These are valid and helpful suggestions to improve the DAO, and discussions along these lines have been going on internally on the council.

However, I feel the suggestions do not completely invalidate what we have been doing as a DAO for the past six months because, in terms of our activities and their value to the ecosystem, we have metrics related to new members that have been onboarded into the community, growth of our reach channels (Twitter, Telegram, and soon Medium). And obviously, we are still improving our approach to activities and how to extract more value from them.


Thank you so much guys for the trust! I’m now in Sao Paulo and so enthusiast with to realize this performance through the ecosystem and Writer guild!

Dear @beet93,

Of course, there’s nothing can invalidate what you’ve been doing & the value that the DAO has created. Just to note that this also doesn’t warranty the approval of every new proposals that are put up.

Imho, we should prioritize to distribute recourses to projects that have clear conversion in onboarding NEARcomers by encouraging them using NEAR’s web3 tools/dapps. Doing creative projects is a way to achieve that, but this doesn’t mean every project should be funded just because it’s related to creativity.

Just my personal view, not a conclusion to your proposal, we’re still waiting for others’ input.


Hello @williamx, sure. Obviously, I will try to defend the work of our guild, but I take all of what is said as part of the learning curve, so, hopefully, this doesn’t come across as just being bullheaded in trying to defend our proposal.

As I previously asked, is the main omission from our proposal the metrics to show our projects convert to onboarded members? If yes, we have some of that data, which was a lapse to not add here.

Some of the proposals, like encouraging onboarded members to use NEAR tools and DApps, are definitely very helpful additions.

We have a track record of work within the ecosystem, and for the last six months, our projects have had the same structure and have always been confirmed as meeting the guidelines for the Creative DAO. So, you’d understand why a resounding rejection at this point is a surprise.


Dear Writers’ Guild,
The majority of Community Moderators have agreed to close your proposal due to a lack of correlation between the requested amount and the potential outcome of your activities.
We encourage the Writers’ Guild to extend its activities and implement more NEAR-related tools.

With Regards,

Hello guys! How are you?

Based on your observations, I would like to understand a little better how the proposals I have proposed or not contributing favor the development of the community. Could you elaborate a little more on how this could be improved? Or would it be possible to put my point of view on how I believe they contribute to the development of the community?

With Regards,


Hello Writers and Creatives Partners
before all i would like to just say that I am against this decision of closing this proposal.

not sure really why shouldn’t support this DAO, that is being creating a lot of ecosystem interactions between members of other DAOs.

if there is a lack of clarity for the other moderators, i may think that is because is a actual decentralized community in progress, creating on a unsustainable scenario… building community.

I wish to ask others mods to give a second chance for this guild, than other councils could present they arguments that justify this request, that i do believe is it worthwhile trust on those users and they projects.

Thanks @creativesdao-mods


Dear Paul,
It would be a joy to articulate projects in partnership with the Writers Guild. Our planning for the projects that we will propose in October will be almost all on Web2, as we are convinced that it is on Web2 that we will be onboarding a greater number of people to Literature DAO and also publicize the multiplicity of projects that we want to develop. We have important goals and desired metrics to achieve and work together with other DAOs would be most welcome.

Thank you very much for the suggestion and we are available to collaborate!

With regards,


Hi, I have a question, you are one of the Creatives DAO Moderators right?
I learnt that you all vote on proposals to decide if it should be approved or be closed by majority of the moderators’ opinion.
Now, do you want to say you are not aware when this proposal was voted closed??

Or Is it not clear to you went it happened ? Didn’t you vote/ shared ur opinion about this proposal before final decision was taken?


Thank you so much for the warm notes regarding the characteristics of a community under construction @blusw.

I believe it is natural that divergences occur in the process of building a decentralized community. And for this exercise I would like to contribute by placing below some observations in relation to the arguments put forward by the moderators @Paul and @williamx. I will do this by mainly mentioning the projects I am contributing to. Come on:

This month I’m participating in two proposals, one made by me and the other by @pvpreviatto.

I want to start by arguing about the latter, where we propose a MultiDAO project for the realization of a dramaturgy festival, which will have as actions the realization of an offline event with live transmission through the Writer’s Guild channel and later retransmission in the channels of the collectives involved, also 3 playwrights would be onboard, 3 e-books will be minted (made through NADA DAO) and 4 episodes will be produced for the podcast that we have been raising with the Writer’s Guild since July (this would take place in October).

I can’t see where these actions do not meet the community guidelines, because in @Paul and @williamx’s own arguments they would end up contemplating the use of web2 to direct audiences to ecosystem channels, the onboard of new members and the creation of new NFTs . In addition to being transdisciplinary proposals, which include literature, theater and audiovisual (through the podcast); they are also actions that will be promoted to reach as many people as possible with the available budget.

Now, in relation to my proposal, which would be the authorial creation from the work of a Brazilian short story writer, we would be producing a dramaturgical work that will later become a theater show. This is a research project that is just getting started and that, consequently, would later become a multiDAO project as well, as today we have just introduced our theater DAO to the ecosystem. In addition to generating another NFT and having a bounty as an engagement action between members of other DAOs to prepare the cover of the e-book that will be minted. Again, how does this not meet ecosystem expectations?

I still state that when the entire Writer’s Guild funding proposal is disqualified, based on a definitive and unilateral decision, without a dialogue where Creatives DAO’s expectations could be made clearer and give an opportunity for readjustment, this, for me, puts check the community building discourse. I say this because unfortunately I see a very common behavior being reproduced within web3 in other community management systems. And when I say that such proposals are not of interest to the community, I wonder, because I’ve been working since March to position NEAR in my region, where I believe there are few creatives working. It even leads me to think that my region does not show NEAR that it has potential mobilizers as well.

It is also a little frustrating for me to see that the proposals made now keep following the same line as the previous ones, but unlike before, they do not meet expectations. Then I did a search for the said community guidelines and I couldn’t find them, because I want to meet them, but how will I go if there is no easily accessible documentation that can guide me and not a constructive dialogue with who could guide me?

Finally, I write such considerations still in the expectation that the discourse of a decentralized and community web3 is in fact what we are building here.

Yours sincerely,


Hey, guys! I performed several actions here at Writer’s Guild. Actions that brought people into the ecosystem and with a range of actions beyond the region where I live and carry out face-to-face actions, which makes people who do not have virtual access get to know the NEAR ecosystem and also get closer to the platform. Projects that involved in the end, such as our Sarau dos Notívagos, registrations from all over Brazil, with the creation of the portfolios. With our projects, we create NEAR portfolios, streaming actions, Mintbase productions, etc. And we are planning, based on projections of work and organization of personnel and time, theatrical performances and soirees in the metaverse.

There is work time, organization, range of actions, etc. It would be of great importance to be aware of what actions we can or should take, and if there is an urgent deadline (the tone of the messages here scares me because it seems like every action I took here was totally outside of NEAR’s policies, it’s strange to think, I may think and accept that I can and must improve the projects to contemplate what the Ecosystem wants and you as representatives can indicate us. are totally lost.)

Because there is also a part within the projects of creating a scope of knowledge of the actions, of an audience or people who are interested in this content or another, and also where these projects are carried out. I also don’t see how the entire metaverse, the entire internet audience or people in the real world, if I can call it that, have the same desires and interests. That’s why we also have several DAOs and guilds within the system and with different characteristics, with people from all over the planet.
I’ve been talking a lot here because I haven’t been able to see more precise information about what we should have improved or where we failed, if it’s a word that can be used here, in our projects.

My role here in the system has always been to reconcile my desires for artistic and creative production with the needs of NEAR Ecosystem. I would also like to know where I can improve.

Yours sincerely,


Hello @williamx,

I would like to understand your denial so that we can improve our arguments to justify the realization of a concrete proposal. In the specific case of the proposal I have been developing with Fernanda Paixão @fernandapaixao , we are in stage 1 of a project that has collected through a bounty 68 questions from 3 thematic axes: Human Rights, Civilization x Biodiversity, and Production of Subjectivity.

The idea is precisely to operate in the sphere of interaction, of the interweaving between what may come up as propositions in the NEAR ecosystem and to take these propositions/provocations to the public space where the social tissue is woven and moved in a more explicit way in the diversity of ways of being, thinking, existing and feeling.

This proposal has as its main objective to connect in a performative way propositions that at first arise from members of several DAOs active in the ecosystem with the urban public space of a large metropolis, in this case, the city of São Paulo.

The virtual space as a propellant of realities in the physical space and the physical space as a provider of virtual space through responses to the provocations arising from the ecosystem.

As a final product of this proposal, a bilingual e-book (Portuguese and English) with twenty pages in each language will be produced and released.

It is not just about initiating a creative process. We are proposing to build a bilingual product from our work, and we are connecting questions coming from members of the Near ecosystem with the streets of a big metropolis.São Paulo is the largest city in South America.
I have to say that I respectfully disagree with your position that this does not add value to the ecosystem.

I would like your help to think of ways to build and improve proposals that can add value to the ecosystem and enhance the work of all in building this community, affirming the multidisciplinary character of the proposals we want to develop as a feature that can strengthen the ecosystem as a whole.

Best Regards


I think it’s sad that they close the incentive of an amazing guild without giving adaptation times, not to mention it’s counterproductive, throwing all the money they’ve already invested away since the projects won’t be able to continue.

But the moderators’ DAOs were all approved, right?

I just can’t deal with it. I can’t wait for new moderators to come up with new ideas for creatives, it’s been ugly lately. Missing subjectivity and artistic point of view about things. The dictatorship of metrics over all. And yet, rules that apply to some and not to others.

Art for art’s sake, writing is art and people writing and publishing books and any ramifications of that, in itself, is the best result for Near.

Anyway, I’m sorry about the limitation of the evaluators of this proposal, they don’t give suggestions on how to improve because they can’t see the value of creation, i guess. Then, force writers, you are more!

No offense, just imho :thinking::nerd_face::face_with_monocle:


It’s so sad to read about just how much hard work you had put into this project.

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