[BOUNTY] CLOSED Collectors CASHBACK L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho

Hello community!

In continuation of the project “L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho” for The Writer’s Guild, I bring this opportunity that intends to up purchases and sales operations and contribute with an idea of ​​self-sustainability, incentive collectors look for 1/1 ART works and so artists to be valued.

It will be like this:
5 nfts were created for the installation and it will be 1/1 version of to sell in the Writers Guild store at Mintbase for 5N each, you buy it and show here in this topic your purchase, after that I will send you back 4DAI.

Royalties and revenues go to the artists and DAO involved in the project, so you, in addition to investing in a work of art, will contribute to the self-sustainability of the ecosystem and even earn some money back.

Total budget $20DAI already available
Here you can buy






So, go shopping!


Hello comunidadgy!
I’ll put a deadline to finish this Bounty.
Until November 15th.
So… Shop shop!


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GM. Since the community is not interested in this Bounty, I’m closing it. I put low values ​​in the works and I will use the CASHBACK mobey to buy and divide this $ by the artists involved and return some to Writer’s Guild too. I’m very sad, I’ve never seen a proposal like this on NEARverse. At least those involved will be able to earn a few bucks.

I’m going to give the arts to Baga and Isa in thanks for believing in the project.

What did I learn from it? There is no 1/1 collection culture at Near. Not even paying back! Unfortunate.

Thank you, you’re welcome.


@bagadefente @Isa_Danoninho por favor confirmem o recebimento dos nfts e se a grana caiu tmb, Mintbase cheia de bug. Tá? Tnx.