Writer's Guild August 2022 Monthly Report

Project Name: Writer’s Guild

Project Status: [in progress]

Council Members
@AshleyC (ashleyc.near)

@bagadefente (bagadefente.near)

@beet93 (brzk-93444.near)

@gabrielfelipejacomel (gabrielfelipejacomel.near)

@Oblakofficialss (oblakofficialss.near)

Balance: Current account balance: 3033.07 DAI, 132.78 NEAR, 100 USN
Total in USD: $3, 688.11

Astrodao: near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near

August projects reports:

  1. Latin American dramaturgy comedy trilogy
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @eliaspintanel

  2. Propulsion Writing
    (760 usd in DAI) submitted by @palomak

  3. Portraits of 21st Century Canada
    (450 usd in DAI) submitted by @AshleyC

  4. L lê Baga ft IsaDanoninho
    (350 usd in DAI) submitted by @LulucaL

    (600 usd in DAI) submitted by @BigM007

  6. 10 wearable books from The Writer’s Guild’s Mintbase NFTS at NEAR Alexandria
    (500 usd in DAI) submitted by @thephilosopher

  7. Sonoro – a curatorial challenge
    (130 usd in DAI submitted by @Ghini)

  8. Council work: 1000 usd in NEAR/DAI equally split among the 5 council members
    (200 usd in NEAR each)

TOTAL BUDGET: 4,290 usd in DAI



  • Delays in funding continue to affect project timelines. To ameliorate the situation, proposals could begin to specify longer periods within which work is to take place.
  • From September onward, proposals will be capped at a maximum of $500 USD in DAI and projects that require more funding are encouraged to spread their project across two months with two separate proposals or look for further funding from other DAOs.
  • Social media strategies are beginning to draw more members. Near Writer’s Guild on Twitter has reached 155 followers, and on Twitter we have reached 180 followers.
  • Live events are in the works this month, one scheduled for each Friday in September. News of these events have already sparked greater discussion within the community and helped us achieve a stronger sense of group culture.

Accounting (Still to be paid out):

Total: $1, 435 USD in DAI

Next Steps:

  • Guides on how to mint e-books on our Mintbase store. These guides will appear on our medium website.
  • Collaboration with the Near Book Club.

Thank you,

The Writers’ Guild (NEAR Writers Collective)

Writers’ Guild Telegram


You have also collaborated with NEAR Alexandria Library, through the wearable books project. We are putting the books inside the library.


Thanks for the reminder @thephilosopher

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