[Proposal] Kenya Crypto Tour

Kenya Crypto Tour

Summary Overview:

Hi NEAR community!

We wanted to share an exciting opportunity for NEAR to embed itself as the preferred platform within the exploding crypto user base in East Africa. For the first time ever, one of our partners, BitcoinKe, the most-read crypto news platform in Africa, is organising Kenya’s first CRYPTO TOUR. We’ve summarised the key points below (full details available here).


The tour’s main goals are to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Kenya, grow the number of traders using crypto and to identify and nurture blockchain and crypto developers and entrepreneurs. To attain these, we define the main objectives as follows:

  • To provide an overview of the blockchain and crypto landscape in the Kenyan space.
  • Contribute to the education of the Kenyan population at large on the blockchain and crypto technologies
  • Explore and support opportunities, leveraging on the present realities.


We expect the tour to:

  • Heighten awareness of the blockchain and crypto landscape in Kenya
  • Increase awareness of legitimate pathways for one to thrive in this space
  • Extend our Guild’s footprint across the country.


Successful involvement in the events and activities will mean:

  1. 80% of attendees open NEAR Wallet accounts.
  2. With access to the database of event attendees, we’ll identify talented potential contributors to the Sankore Ecosystem by using surveys accessed through QR-codes. At least 10 people in each of the following categories who we contact will join within three months of the tour. They include:
  • Solution architects
  • Developers (to join Sankore’s training)
  • Graphic/web designers
  • Social media managers (marketers)
  • Entrepreneurs (project managers)
  1. Have 80% of attendees join and follow us on social media (we have a growing and active following already on Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  2. Identify potential open-source projects.


We estimate the tour will reach:

  • 1,000 people through the 5 events (200 each)
  • 50,000 people through its pre activities (10,000 for each location approx.)
  • 5,000,000 cumulative impressions via digital media including BitKE’s platforms, local influencers, and our partners (1,000,000 for each event).


  • Tech hubs
  • Forex and crypto traders
  • Policymakers, both local and national
  • FinTech professionals
  • Academics
  • College/university students
  • Associations and investment groups
  • Accountants & bankers
  • Key local influencers
  • Blockchain enthusiasts


The event will be repeated in each of Kenya’s five biggest cities, with about a week between each event:

  • Nairobi, the capital with a population of 5 million
  • Mombasa, the second-largest city in the country with a population of 3.5m
  • Kisumu, the third-largest city with a population of 1.3m,
  • Eldoret, the fifth-largest city
  • Nyeri, which is 150 kilometres north of Nairobi

Most universities and educational centres in those cities will be specially targeted by Sankore 2.0.

7. WHEN?

The tour will run from mid-November until the end of December this year.


Total cost:
Sponsorship: 5000USD
Transport and accommodation of our staff: 4800USD
Marketing material: 2000USD
This amounts to 11.800USD for five events spread over 45 days.


  1. Sponsorship of 5000 USD

Our sponsorship gives us access to the following:

  • Visibility on all promotional material
  • Brand mentions and branded material for NEAR and the Sankore 2.0 Guild
  • A 1-hour speaking slot in each city to educate people about Sankore 2.0, blockchain and NEAR
  • Pre-event promos (via local influencers): The organiser will support our activation work for three (3) days in each city
  • Post-event video interviews of Sankore 2.0 team.
  • Blog post feature on BitKE
  • A stand at each city’s event
  1. Transport and accommodation of our staff:

We plan to send three of our Kenyan team to represent Sankore and NEAR on the tour.

The organiser plans three days in each city prior to and after the event day. This time will be used to outreach to universities (both professors and students), research centres, policymakers, and FinTech professionals.

In some cities, we’ll stay one or two more days since the blockchain enthusiast communities in these cities are quite large and more time will be needed to reach the main groups. With so many eager to learn more about blockchain and crypto, it is a great opportunity for us to educate them about these new technologies and inspire them to join the NEAR Protocol.

Our funding request amounts to $100 per person per night: three people spending four nights in four cities (excluding Nairobi, our city of residence), a total of US$4,800.

  1. Marketing material
  • A videographer to document the entire tour for us
  • Banners at our stand both at the event day and during the pre- and post-event activation days
  • Posters and fliers

Total: US$2,000

  1. Incentives for opening NEAR wallets

We believe that we can easily win hundreds if not thousands of new platform users simply by giving away a few $NEAR per new account.

We would be pleased to hear feedback from the community and guidance on funding options. With that, we believe this could bring visibility and awareness of the NEAR Ecosystem to a significant part of East Africa.


Love this idea @Mazi, very excited to see the Sankore team hit the road and bring thousands of our friends from Kenya onboard!


Thank you @chronear !!

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Here a tour meant to boost Sankore and NEAR visibility and promotion in Kenya. Great @Mazi!

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This is awesome work @Mazi. You’re doing a great work in East Africa

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Awesome! This forum post is extremely professional, and I’ll probably use it as an example in the future.

I believe our community supports your proposal, and as we’re still transitioning to Astro, I recommend submitting a payout proposal to the v1 Community Squad DAO on the Sputnik DAO platform here:


More info:

I’m also wondering if you’d like to help us by participating in the v2 NEAR Community DAO on Astro. Everyone is welcome to join the “Community” group and we are considering proposals for anyone interested in being on that “Council.”


We’re doing an experimental “Community Choice Awards” for NEARvember!

Why it’s useful: half the members of either group could approve / reject any proposal, including nominations for council membership. Growing the list of active participants will help stakeholders gauge opinions through polls. Maybe there should be more councils? Our goal is to build trust and create positive impact. Hopefully, we may coordinate in order to support initiatives like yours happening in strategic locations around the world!


This is just awesome seeing the full force S2 is moving blockchain adoption in Kenya


Bro!!!.. awesome project… as per your request, I’m working on that already. Sending more Gus your way ASAP