[RECAP] First NEAR-MEET in Nakuru: One of the most enthusiastic NEAR community of students in Kenya

(image: Lake Nakuru)

Hi NEAR community,
here is a brief recap on our Nakuru event this month.

Close to 100 people attended the latest stop on our Kenyan crypto tour, the first-ever blockchain event in the city of Nakuru, North West Kenya. After several days of engagement, our team left yet another nascent but enthusiastic NEAR community of students with the potential to become NEAR’s third Kenyan city node, and the third created as a result of the past month’s crypto tour. A handful of students have already joined our outreach team in Nakuru. Check out our Discord server if you’d like to get to know them.


At our Nakuru event, we shared the CV Labs promo video by @illia, co-founder of NEAR, highlighting the advantages of building on NEAR and how to start in the ecosystem.

In Nakuru the team encountered one of the most eager and creative students we’ve had the pleasure to add to our network on the tour so far. This person could already see how blockchain and NEAR could solve some of the pressing issues in their community related to health, the supply chain, and the larger informal sector. The entrepreneurial mindset of many students present at the event makes me expect NEAR-based use-cases and projects will be developed and thrive in Nakuru in the next few years.

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We want to give thanks to BitKe, Africa’s most-read crypto news and community hub, with whom we partnered for the Kenyan crypto tour including the event in Nakuru. They also designed our first and amazing Sankore 2.0 Guild banner:

Stay tuned: we’ll soon share the things we’ve learnt about touring in Kenya, both best practices and things to avoid. We believe what we’ve learned this past month can be applied to future tours and events in East Africa. For now, in the cities of Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu (Nairobi, Eldoret, and Nyeri we’ll happen in 2022) we’ve reached thousands of crypto enthusiasts in a country and region with huge potential for the NEAR protocol, laying the foundation of community participation and knowledge, following which protocol-based solutions with a broad user-base can be developed. We are immensely excited to see how these new communities grow and transform.


Glad to see this! I really believe that NEAR-Meets will have a huuge impact