[REPORT] Sustainability Program

Hi all!

With all the changes in the ecosystem, and the urge to achieve sustainability, Changa Records DAO is working on this important matter.

We all know that the funds applyed in the DAO’s have a purpose. And that purpose is not to fund them monthly for self spend but yes to enance their projects and their visions in a long term way. So far, our jouney into web3 and Near ecosystem made us understood that the funds that our DAO is receiving can be manage in a way to develope it in long terms and give us sustainability.

Being this said, we are turning our focus on applying this funds to create our own decoration, buy our own sounsystem and create our own production team instead of rent this services for every event we make. With our last event our community expanded very very very much and its clear now that we should be investing in our grow and sustainabilty by enlarging our team.


STAGE/DECOR - 200 USD - paid to (eyesinart.near) to do the stage decoration and videomapping of our event Digital Nomad to happen on the 12th November. The funds will be used to buy the materials to create the front stage with hadcraft wood and Lycra. Mafalda is now offcially Changa Records DAO’s Stage Decor and Videomapping artist.

This is the design of the front stage. The funds apllyed will be used to buy materials like wood, nails, iron etc. We will post the updates from the physical building of the stage

ARTWORK: 250 USD - paid to (theartofsam.near) to pay for the artwork of our event Digital Nomad taking place in 12th October. The work will include:

  • Creation of origianal idea for event artwork
  • Creation of separated posts to anounce artists, event infos and event page cover
  • Adapt the artwork to be printed in the event bracelets

This the work done so far for the cover of the event and post:

Samuel is now Changa Records DAO’s official Digital Visual Artist.


Best Regards
Changa Records DAO


We decided to postpone the aquisition of the soundsystem in order to build some trust.

We would to keep working with this artitsts because they are already onboarded into the ecosystem

Best Regards

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