[APPROVED] Equipment for the DAO for self-sustainability

As our collective and DAO are not only active in the digital sphere but even more so in the physical, we would like to invest in gear that allows us to run events smoother, save rental fees, and even work towards self-sustainability as the gear can be rented to other collectives/ event producers. In the previous months we have been requesting a small buffer for DeFi and now is the time to invest in physical materials which will help us grow.

The idea is to keep a monthly budget aside for those items so that we can get the materials as the DAO and collective grows.

To explain the use of it you can see some examples of our work:

In the long run, we are aiming for partnering up with a local carpenter to build a sound system covered with wood as well as get gear for lights and sound.

Equipment list in total




UPDATE: In order to keep the rental transparent we will add all the rental dates in here once the gear has been aquired.


Projector (after being returned back to spain first for some reason), it had to be reordered for an elevated price of 607€/ 619,82 USD. It has now arrived and will be used in September for the exhibition.

Pioneer XDJ - XZ ordered through local portuguese music shop


The price is higher that previously estimated, being now 2750 for the unit and 300 for the hardcase.

The funds will be requested through astroDAO and sent to mutiprops.near to proceed with payment (in FIAT)

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