[PROPOSAL] Equipment and Investment towards DAO Self-sustainability

As we progress towards self-sustainability we have begun to really compartmentalise what we need in order to do so.

With supply chain issues affecting every industry (including the live events sector) we are preparing for every eventuality and short coming that possible clients may have. With the following items being added to our already well equipped repertoire we can offer something few other collectives and production houses can.

The Manfrotto MVK500AM

This is an industry-standard tripod that is versatile and robust. This allows us to take fluid, stable shots from wherever we decide to record/live stream to the metaverse or wherever a potential client may need to record


The GoPro Hero8

This camera is once again a robust piece of equipment that is multi faceted with endless use cases. With the experience of 30+ music videos shot, edited and graded under Garden Collective we will be able to up our production values once again.

This GoPro will be a vital piece of our metaverse streaming arsenal. With many fine details throughout any artists performance taking place in subtle small nuances, this camera allows us to get close to the action without encroaching on the artists creative flow and the audiences experience.


Lighting Equipment

Also, for our live streaming and video production needs is a white light. As we already own coloured lights (RGB) which are perfect for live events and beyond a white coloured light is needed for bringing our live streams to life and making them stand out in a saturated post covid world.


Stage Monitor

The final piece of our live streaming puzzle is a monitor. This is used so as the DJ is able hear a clean channel as they are playing.

This monitor is also the perfect addition to our backline. As we intend to rent this equipment out, this monitor is ideal for bands who may need it on the floor as well as having the capability to be mounted on a stand.


Defi Investing

Investing in Defi is another avenue that we intend to explore this month. With several other DAO’s pioneering the idea we think it’s a fantastic way of staying in the ecosystem while also working towards our self-sustainability end goal.
We will use $100 on defi platforms such as ref.finance (NEAR) and will report on our process and eventual outcome at the end of the month.


Total: $1385


GoPro Hero 8 purchased and already used for documenting one DAO collaboration project in August with muti DAO. Video to follow

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