Hello friends,

As we told in our 2021 summary, we are very committed to realizing new projects in 2022, and so we are very excited about what we have to tell you now.

After some conversations with the folks at the Incubadora we managed to format a proposal for what will become a program of interviews with artists, in a kind of realization influenced by História de Bagagem and the beautiful Tate Shots.

We want to do a pilot program in February, with an artist to be confirmed.

The estimated costs for this realization are $1,100 of which:

Directing and Cinematographer 48$.
Video editing $96
Transcription and Translation 50 $
Subtitles 30$
Production $48
Assistant 48$
Microphonist 48$
Pre Production 48$
Consulting 48$
Guest Artist Fee 50$
Displacement fee 50$
Directional Microphone 250
Partial contribution for purchase of second camera 280

To raise these funds, we intend to make proposals for the CUDO DAO, the INCUBADORA DAO and for the LISBON CITY NODE.

Thus, our intended division will be:

CUDO 450$
Lisbon City Node 420$

We would love to hear what you think and hear suggestions on how to make this project even more interesting. More than just promoting artists and our work in audiovisual, this will be another way for us to make the NEAR ecosystem grow and the brand reach even more places.

Let’s keep going =)


One of the strongest projects for 2022, I’m sure. Happy to see this come to life.


2022 is on fire! Can’t wait to see this project bombando :star_struck: :star_struck:


I can’t even imagine how beautiful this will be!

:heart_eyes: :star_struck: Let’s do itttttt


This is cool and necessary, great job!

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