[REPORT] April 2022 Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

April 2022 Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 153N*

incubadora.sputnik-dao.near/ jmm.near

  • No marketing payouts pending

Updated Project Timeline:


  • Neuroaesthetics: the resumption of the visual experience as a way of knowing the world was the 5th Seminar held by Incubadora’s educational project. It was presented by Dr. Juliano do Carmo and organized in partnership with the Philosophers DAO. The activity was really successful with more than 40 subscriptions and 29 attendees, the most balanced so far. The seminar page on our website was the 3rd most accessed page beside the homepage and the PT version of it

Neuroaesthetics Seminar preview

  • We announced the five writers awarded with the 4th edition of our Artist Stipend Program. The winners are: Ana Pedrosa, Bruno Bucis, Taslim, Urutau Maria Pinto e ZĂ© Bernardo da Fonseca . This edition was the most successful so far, we had 26 applicants and It was organized in partnership with Cosmia DAO, who rewarded other 4 writers. In the week we published the winners in our IG, we were able to grow our engagement by 73% compared to the previous week result. This fact portrays how the quality of our activities and content creation also drives growth in our channels

  • Francisco Lourenço and Henrique Neves were the featured artists in the continuation of our Artist Interviews by CUDO x Incubadora called “CUBA SHOTS” a project that portrays artists in the contexts of their daily life and work. The videos from Manu Romeiro and Tiago Rocha Costa together already had more than 2k views, pushing up the visibility of our channel

  • Our communication strategy in our social media channels allied with our growing investments in educational content has been crucial to promoting engagement in our activities and publicizing our NEAR community. Through a partnership with The 3xR we were able to invite artists and curators to use, experiment and learn about blockchain, metaverse and NFTs. The result is a series of customized virtual galleries created by them and minted in our Mintbase Store. In the last month, our video tutorial on how to create a customized gallery in the 3xR was watched more than 100 times

Customized Gallery created by the curator LetĂ­cia Vilella

  • In order to diversify our marketing strategies, we invited our designer Samuel Coelho to design merchandising materials to promote both Incubadora and NEAR brands. He designed stickers, caps, t-shirts, tote bags and hoodies. The production of such items must start on May

Tote bag design preview

Cap design preview

Metrics and achievements:


  • For the first time, around 5% of the subscribers in our monthly seminar got to know the activity through our website, just as similar as networks like Twitter and Facebook. Even though social media plays an important role in redirecting traffic to our page, direct access represents the main traffic acquisition. In April, the direct acquisition represented 40%

  • A “news” section was added to our page and It features news about art, technology and partnerships within our ecosystem. The specialized texts written by the researchers Potira Maia and Juliano do Carmo are also part of the new addition in our page

News tab preview

Texts and researchers section preview

  • Our goal was to achieve 700 visits in our website during the month. We were able to reach 70% of this goal. In a month without a stipend, like April, our average has been around 500 visits

Webpage traffic preview

Webpage traffic per country


  • We created two bounties to promote engagement in our activities and social media channels. The first one was intended to promote engagement in our monthly seminar around Portuguese-speaking people in our community. The second one aimed to reward community members to share our social media channels. Both initiatives rewarded 35 people in our Near Forum

  • Our goal was to create one engagement bounty and spread airdrops across the participants of our monthly seminar. During the month, we felt like It would be wiser to create a bounty to spread the word of the seminar throw social media. Around 35% of the subscribers discovered the activity via social media and we had the best attendees rate so far


  • We created several posts and stories with links to the NEAR ecossystem, worked on growing our connections with the Portuguese-speaking artists and creatives and publicized the initiatives of our partners and community members

  • Using the Meta Business advertising tool, we boosted 3 posts in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives and page: one to promote our monthly seminar, one to publicize the winners of our Artist Stipend Program and one to make our CUBA SHOTS video reach a bigger audience. Together, these promos generated more than 700 interactions with our page

  • Our goal was to grow from 1571 to 1750 followers on IG. This goal was fully achieved and we finished the month with 1773 followers. Even though we decreased the number of promotions (we have been doing 5 each month instead of 3) we were able to keep growing more than expected

Instagram insights detail


  • Our goal here was to feed the page with the content of our initiatives and activities, producing two posts per week + several stories and reaching 330 followers. This goal was totally achieved

Facebook followers detail


  • During April our goal was to create two to five posts and retweets per week, growing from 817 to 870 followers. This goal was partially achieved. We were able to make the number of posts intended and reached 862 followers

Twitter insights detail

  • Our tweets had 4.1K impressions and our links were clicked at least once a day. Our posts were related to our activities, partnerships, and news from our NEAR community

Popular tweets from April


  • During April our Telegram worked as a bridge to connect our artists and partners. Our group also worked as a help center for the newcomers and as a sharing space for our community. The goal here was to go from 128 to 138 group members and It was fully achieved


  • This channel is crucial for the development of our Educational Activities. During April we created 3 video tutorials to support our activities and community, promoting education about the NEAR environment around Portuguese-speaking people:

YouTube insights preview

  • With the Google Ads tool, we promoted 1 video to increase the visibility of our content and channel. This ad generated 33,9 impressions and 869 views on Tiago Rocha Costa CUBA SHOTS interview

  • As Jessica Burrinha’s artistic interview is about to be launched, we decided to put the requested second promotion on hold. The 15USD related to it will be used in may once the video is released


  • Bounties in the NF have a higher impact on our networks if they are focused on one channel and dedicated to sharing content. Twitter is the most successful network when It comes to retweeting and sharing bounties. For other channels like Instagram, It’s better to create and invest in advertising
  • Developing a long/mid-term communication plan and a communication calendar seems to be useful for the future
  • We have to work in a way that our website serves as the starting point for everything that is happening on our social media channels
  • It’s been a challenge to engage people through Facebook. Even though we managed to grow the expected amount, we see that promotions here make a huge difference, but only with the followers’ number. The engagement levels are still hard to push
  • While Instagram is really effective in growing our visibility among artists, curators and creative institutions, when it comes to engaging with the web3 and tech enthusiasts Twitter plays a key role

Next Steps:

  • Preparing a better communication plan and calendar for the mid-term activities

  • Publicizing our next seminar and Open Call

  • Finding new solutions for our social media management

  • Preparing new projects and creating more educational video content to feature our channels and make Incubadora’s initiatives more attractive to people outside the web 3.0 environment

  • Applying for a 3 months funding

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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