Hello again friends,

We have started 2022 very excited and some news is coming in and giving us more energy to do more. As we said in our 2021 summary, we are very committed to do new projects in 2022, and after telling you about the INCUBADORAxCUDO head, now it’s time to tell you about the MUTIxCUDO head.

After some conversations with the MUTI staff, we managed to format a proposal for what will become a program of music video sessions with artists living in Portugal. We want to create something special, but using some shows like NPR and KEXPM as reference.

We want to do a pilot program in February, with 2 artists to be confirmed.

The estimated costs for this realization are $2,100 of which:

Sound system rental $160
Mix/Master 300$
Displacement 200$
Video editing 120$
Space Rental 250$
Food 100$
Gimbal Operator 70$
Assistant (Fixed Camera Monitor) 70$
Guest Band/Musician 490$ (7x70$)
CUDO Production 70$
Contribution for Second Camera 270$

To raise these funds, we intend to make proposals for CUDO DAO, MUTI DAO and LISBON CITY NODE.

Thus, our intended division will be:

MUTI 700$
CUDO 700$

We would love to hear your opinion and suggestions on how to make this project even more interesting. More than just promoting artists, histories and our work in audiovisual, this will be another way for us to grow the NEAR ecosystem and the brand to reach even more places.

Let’s keep going =)