[Report] Social Media and Marketing activities of GoaDAO. May-June 2022

Social Media Report for May-June 2022
Target: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near

This month we put most of our efforts to the charity NFT-contest, which has provided us with a number of cross-collaborations as well as made us to grow as a DAO,

NFT-contest “Purity” in partnership with @ UniqArt marketplace:
:arrow_right: article on medium about contest
2/06 start
:arrow_right: post from UniqArt
:arrow_right: post from GoaDAO
:arrow_right: as usual for NFT-contests that we’re holding every month this time we’ve created Guide How to mint on UniqArt also

:arrow_right: 7/06 we’ve performed Meetup where studied people about marketplace and talked about charity initiatives on blockchain
and almost every day during the period of artwork submissions it was permanent communication with all the artists
:arrow_right: Bounty for artists on the forum
:arrow_right: 16/06 Voice chat in out TG channel about contest
:arrow_right: Post about NGO, that performs purity activities , for which clean_india.near wallet was created to collected funds :

:arrow_right: in collaboration with Uniqart we’ve created banner for the main page of marketplace

:arrow_right: has developped separate special category where the whole collection is collected:
UniqArt - NFT Marketplace

:arrow_right: it was performed a number of invitations to other DAOs to call their artists for collaboration about creating NFTs for this charity project:




around 15 artists of goadao participated in contest to support local charity initiative:
as well as it was onboarded new artists [who has started to be active on forum straight away - [Closed Bounty] Rhyme Schemes Poetry Bounty - #27 by thirdside] :slight_smile:

since 19th to 27th of June we were performing various activities for initiating buying charity-NFTs:
-Bounty on the forum to buy collected NFTs
-Memes contest
-AMA session in Twitter space (links below)
-posting in Discord, Telegram, for Instagram our content manager was creating reels and animation videos to increase visibility of info.
-some artists manifested initiative for promotion of their art in NFT

as a result of monthly contest our CV parcel was remade by goadao artist @m23agic into charity-gallery:

:arrow_right: to perform there 27/06 Metaverse party with concert stream for PURITY
:gear: https://twitter.com/uniqartnft/status/1541468423527755776?s=20&t=AN98ab-vxLPc8g05GqWhUQ
:gear: https://twitter.com/__Philosopher/status/1541469870579220480?s=20&t=AN98ab-vxLPc8g05GqWhUQ
:gear: https://twitter.com/m23agic/status/1541512468119564288?s=20&t=AN98ab-vxLPc8g05GqWhUQ
:gear: https://twitter.com/veiman/status/1541483749388468225?s=20&t=AN98ab-vxLPc8g05GqWhUQ
:gear: https://twitter.com/NEARnft_feature/status/1541475636752965632?s=20&t=jPxKZ4aYKiyFsao_qVERjA
:gear: https://twitter.com/i/status/1541469870579220480

 **Context Results and 🏆 REWARDS** 

for Charity NFT-contest #Purity #cleanindia :

I. Best Seller
:alembic: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace - 6 copies are sold : :moneybag:2N (veiman.near)

II. Most Likes
:1st_place_medal: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace - gain 23​:purple_heart: : :gem:3N (veiman.near)
:2nd_place_medal: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace - gain 19 :purple_heart: : :gem:3N (thegoblin.near)
:3rd_place_medal: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace - gain 17 :purple_heart: : :gem:3N (thegoblin.near)

III. NEAR Games awards
:crystal_ball: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace : :gem:3N (louietism.near)
:crystal_ball: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace : :gem:3N (goas.near)
:crystal_ball: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace : :gem:3N (norikoshakti.near)
:crystal_ball: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace : :gem:3N (mountainpoet.near)
:crystal_ball: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace : :gem:3N (thirdside.near)

IV. The Best Buyer - is Goa DAO :flying_saucer:
we’ve bought around 25 charity-NFTs on ~25-27N
among them:
++ all that’re awarded above ++
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (jull_gull, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (irina_di, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (noriko, goa, create)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (kambodja, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (mahamandala13, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (mahamandala13, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (mahamandala13, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (dharmony.near)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (jull_gul, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (cajonmajon, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (m23art, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (thegoblin, neargames/memes)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (swilart2.near)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (techdir.near, beatdao)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (yonakawaii.near)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (dharmony.near, goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (jull_gull_art.near. goa)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (thegoblin.near. neargames/memes)
:heavy_check_mark: UniqArt - NFT Marketplace (eyesore.near)

:small_orange_diamond: we hope, every participant gets royalties or rewards and feels good :slight_smile:
:small_orange_diamond: don’t forget to list new copies to continue selling all the NFTs on marketplace
:small_orange_diamond: check your wallet to confirm you receive NEARs

So , we’ve got quite a big collection of charity NFTs for #purity, around 40 pieces (and the quality of marketplace is so now, that impossible to count, it changes the content every time).
we’ve onboarded new artists to GoaDAO and new members to our community
it’s collected 10.03N for the moment on clean_india.near account from revenues and royalties of sold NFTs
and we’ll continue working on developement of these charity NFTs: some of them will be dropped when preforming giveaways in collaboration with games, mems and other NEAR communities; some will be used for proving participation on cleaning activities in real life. Then on the next stage every owner of charity-NFT will get special access to “NEAR Charity Angels MetaClub”, that will be presented in every NEAR Metaverse and will be responsible for purity there.

Still it’s not a lot of NFTs from #cleanindia collection was sold even after we were actively involving NEAR Ecosystem through different media channels. Until we don’t have enough collectors in the Community, we need to invent and find more ways/mechanics of utility/ how to bring benefits to charity purposes. i’d like to ask somehow NEAR Ecosystem community to create online workshop-meetup where we could share with each other these approaches to charity NFT-projects.

              *Other projects and activities performed by GoaDAO*

** Curating NFT-cajon creative project
mostly report has been made here in this post, where are all the links to NFTs and Galleries, that was made by GoaDAO :

its announce in social media

some learnings:
-because of the idea itself, this project becomes a way of deep examination and study of vault-varda under the guidance and partnership of @ jilt
-then because of big amount of educational material that was minted as NFTs on mintbase with locked content from one side, and from another side 3xr had produced several bounties around new gallery-templates, so with this NFT-collection we’ve explored opportunities of 3xr using different templates and ways of galleries connections- it was made 5 galleries all connected to other according to logic. [so now we even have NEARCrib !]
-for the last party it was also recorded drum circle, edited, mastered and composed into video for streaming during exhibition - we’re becoming profi in audio-streaming to metaverse, prerecorded or live - we’re proud of the quality of sound
-NFT-gift (3xr-gallery Collection of drum technique Exercises) was transferred to 43 near.wallets

** Curation of goadao artist Irina @Di.Cosmic.Art participation in INA DAO stipend program
her entry
our happiness
her minted result in INA DAO Store on Mintbase

** goadao artist @ Manumission won in INA DAO contest under our guidance

** goadao artist mahamandala13.near participates in Paras contest Ocean

** goadao NFT-artist @Pover won weekly Tamago Open Mic
post about it

** Art2Ad by TheClanDAO participation
@ m23agic entry
@ Di.Cosmic.Art entry
johanga entry
mahamandala13.near entry

** GoaDAO has been finally included to projects on awesomenear
NEAR GoaDAO - AwesomeNEAR !!
post of our happiness about it

** Create protocol is onboarded on NEAR !!
we start making agreement and proposal with them about partnership - they will build metaverse space for GoaDAO
-Create Protocol invited @ johanga to AMA in Twitter space (link below)

** @ m23agic goadao artist was a designer, then with us he start to be NFT-artist, then we’ve performed voxel-art-class with Crista , so after the 1st one he starts to explore voxel-art. at the moment he is working with our CV parcel. feel here success - we’ve shown to this designer new direction of self-growing and professional development, and in some time he’ll be able to create nearhub room - i’m sure

** @DHARMONY music band is onboarded
-minted their art for charity on uniqart
UniqArt - NFT Marketplace ; UniqArt - NFT Marketplace ; UniqArt - NFT Marketplace ;
-has experienced mintbase
-preparing proposal to NxM under our guidance

** NxM proposal , curating and onboarding new active goa artist and games-developer @INACHE
also 2 more artists are in the process of preparing their proposals to NxM:
1):muscle: :heart:

** work with developer/goadao active member (Roma)
1)dev proposal - to NEAR grants, human guild, proximity (no reply)
2) horses-NFT-collection for yacht club - we’ve met in Bangalore on NFT Summit the owner of yacht and horses club , communication with him from one side and with Roma’s team from another brought all of us to agreement about goadao artists are creating NFT-collection of members-cards for the yacht Club.

  1. welcome-chat-bot is created for our TG channel: @NEARGoaDAObot
    [@ ConciergeTeam would you mind to test? :slight_smile: ]

It welcomes new members and you can get up-to-date information about the price and place of purchase of NEAR by typing commands:
/p - current price NEAR (picture)
/b - best exchanges to buy NEAR
/t - current price NEAR (text)
/h - help

**we’ve started to put more attention and energy to exploring Astro, especially after uprade to V.3 it became more useful, and grateful to AstroDAO member who is giving me support during all the last unstable time on Astro that let me believe stronger in its future

so we study most active artists to add themselves to goadao Astro as members, and how to propose a transfer to those who creates GoaDAO with us.
at the moment there are 16 members , and it’s just the beginning (mostly people now are out from Goa because of moonson/rainy season)

** changes has been performed in DAO in transferring Councils as well. It all has a goal to gather and join decentralization of web3 with Goan Art Cluster(creative community) to grow Meta Art Cluster by GoaDAO
@ NataShi left Council position to make more art and curation work about her own projects (but still with us as artist).
@GoanPsyWaves start to be a Council after several months of being soundproducer of every stream or minted audio-NFTs.
**Together with @MetaArtCluster as another new Council the whole promo agency (Magic Mash®) start to be onboarded on Goa DAO with all their many-years experience in organizing events in Goa, with an amount of artists that agency has been working with forages, and with strong intense to shift the management of interactions with artists and each other to web3, to maintain and grow MetaArtCluster on GoaDAO in decentralized manner , and to spread awareness among artists of all the genres, who lives in Goa, about opportunities on blockchain (through NEAR) : music, sound, cinema, digital art, drawing art, lectures, educational workshops, galleries, yoga and other practices - by the plan all kinds of artists will be manifested in goadao events before season (touristic) starts (October/Nov)
**Detailed description of current Council positions and roles will be included in the next monthly marketing proposal soon

             **Social media stats:**

all the social media links are here : NEAR GoaDAO | Linktree

1. Instagram
our IG got content manager @Crazy_MoT , who’s started to maintain this channel as professional SMM . He has cleaned IG account from inactive users so at the moment it’s

2. Telegram
from 225 followers to → 255 followers ( +13%)

3. Twitter
from 105 followers to → 192 followers ! ( +86%)

4. Discord
from 8 users → 21 members ( +162.5%)

5. AMA-sessions

feeling encouraged to move further :dizzy:

have a wounderful day !


A very well detailed report, that’s a quite lot of work done in mentioned months :fire::+1:


thanks :blush:
we’re following the common NEAR Ecosystem’s goal to reach 1 billion of active members :slight_smile:
feel like India is the best region to achieve that )

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Indeed, huge number if young minds out there ready to seek knowledge :blush:

we’ve noticed that when visiting NamasteyNFT summit in Bangalore and it’s amazing how curious and opened are young people in India !! :heart:

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Thanks for the report

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Thanks for sharing awesome report.

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honestly, would love to ask any feedback about our new TG bot
probably it might need any corrections, we are opened to accept propositions or anything

easy to check it in Telegram channel

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Hello! This guy was the one helping in the Creatives DAO Telegram chat:


I am sure he will be willing to help you @johanga

Big hug!

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hi, sorry for сonfusing mr.@FritzWorm but i didn’t ask help :slight_smile:
bot works excellent by our common innerDAO’s point of view ,
active and smart developer has onboarded, who made it without even payment - just from interest to create useful and good tool for us:)

here i’ve offered to leave any feedback from Community side :slight_smile:

for me it’s valuable to get known other opinions to make things/tools better :pray:


Amazing that’s very nice! Will go there now :wink:


This is the bot right:


Positive feedback:

Telegram: Contact @NEARopenweb pinned message with all the info about GOA DAO :white_check_mark:

Telegram: Contact @NEARopenweb pinned message on how to translate :100:

We should learn about the last one, we have now the translation featured implemented here in the forum and we should also start implementing this on other channels like telegram


Add a verification process when you welcome a new user to avoid bots. Several communities where I belong had received bot attacks like Near Venezuela and Merchants.


thank you! appreciate your carrying for safety of our community very much !!
now we’ll add that for sure !
we’re international community that lives here in Goa , in general, we’re used to speak english but there’re a lot of russian-speaking Ukrainian and Belarusian people as well. first time we were trying to maintain 2 channels both languages and it wasn’t the decision. until Telegram add this function we were in a trouble, so now happy to share such a necessary tool for our Ecosystem )

  • also bot can show other options if to write the command “/”