[closed] INA Supports Your Super Powers DJ Bounty

Calling all Female DJs. INA will be having it’s first gallery opening for a while and we are having a party. For this, we need you Ms. DJ!!!

If this sounds like you, please reply in comments with your social media profiles and links to your work. We’ll prioritize artists that identify themselves as female and/or include the feminine in their work, in accordance with INA’s values and identity .

If you’re selected, we’ll ask you for a pre-recorded set with good-quality sound, so that we can stream it in the show. It should include audio and video, with a duration of about 40 minutes to 60 minutes to be shown either on YouTube or Twitch.

As per the reward, it will be 100 USDCe (stable coin).

Please note, the deadline for submissions will be May 22nd and we will let you know by May 27th so you will have time to prepare. The gallery opening party will be June 1st.

Please feel free to drop a message in our Telegram in case you have any queries. You can also find us on our Instagram and on Twitter.

Looking forward to your submissions :purple_heart: :notes: :headphones: :notes: :purple_heart:


I’m Dj Stella, an active member of the Dj DAO, Multi DAO, INA DAO and others. I have participated in some visible activities around the ecosystem. Here’s the link to my socials;

TWITTER; https://twitter.com/I_am_djstella/status/1564739979363991555?s=20

INSTAGRAM;djstella on Instagram: "Catch me@live on d 6th of September @ina__dao"


Here’s a link to my live performance; SEED GALLERY OPENING AND PARTY - YouTube;

I’ll be glad to get positive responses.


Hello… I’m Dj Sherin,
I want to participate in INA DAO…


Introduce her my friend named @Dj_Sherin @GeminiRising

Because DJ Sherin account is still new, she can’t mention it, can’t include media items, can’t include links in posts

DJ Sherin Instagram

Her usual music genres are EDM, Hip Hop, RnB, House, Ama Piano, Afrobeat, Dubstep etc. DJ Sherin career spans more than 10 years


Hello darlings, how are you today?
Hope you are doing well

Would like to propose myself.

I’m a brazilian trans girl, dj and sound artist.
My sound envolves electronic composition, with focus on breakbeat, brazilian funk, jersey club, techno and other compositions made by trans and periferic bodies.

Have already play at some NEAR DAO’s, as gambiarra dao in this event; "EAT + Chá com Bolo - Physical Event - Transdisciplinary Tech-Arty rendezvous”
Also, idealized the project Radio PANTERA with FEMINU DAO, a radio project focused on sound production and DJing produced by trans people in Latin America;

Also have a lot of experience with projects in NEAR protocol ecosystem, being involved already in projects with Nomade Label DAO, Gambiarra DAO, INA DAO, Feminu DAO, Incubadora DAO, Creatives DAO, MUTHA, and others.

It will be an honour play in this event.

Could check my works here;

Thanks for your Listen!!


hey community

I wish you all doing well

i would like also to submit my ongoing process of DJing on meta-means:

we have songs from me and some #nomadelabel-dao friends as @estheriorizada #apedraqueronca and Hugo and Zoe [cz].

this video was recorded at @casajapuanga

hope you all enjoy the vibes

see around sister :wink:


Uru played a killing DJ set at EAT+Chá com bolo last year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i wanna more of noise sista!


yaaas ! :rocket: rock it :heartpulse:

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Hi Ina Fam :slight_smile:
We picked our favorite DJ for this edition. We’ll go with @Dj_Sherin @Wiswiz , we loved it ^.^
If you’re uploading the set to your Youtube please share the link with us until May 31st :slight_smile:
If you prefer that we post on our channel, please send the file to us until May 30th so we have time to upload

Thank you for all the submissions it was great to see them all, hope to see you on our gallery show!

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@Dj_Sherin please join our Telegram group and Astro DAO to join our DAO ^.^


@Wiswiz can you let her know in case she doesn’t see it?


I will definitely tell you and her has joined the INA DAO telegram

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I’m ready to perform at bounty :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:


That’s awesome @Dj_Sherin :purple_heart:

Please record your set and send the file to us to us by May 30th to publish on our channel
the link to your recorded set on your Youtube channel by May 31st
Let me know wwich option you prefer :slight_smile:

My best wishes, peace, love an light :raised_hands:


Thank you!
Peace and light fam!

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