[Report] INA DAO May

Hi, community!

Project Name: INA DAO May

DAO: inav2.sputnik-dao.near


And 25+ community members!

Thanks for approving our Budget for May. Below, you may see INA’s updates for the month:

Project Accounting: 8.4 N + 955.25 DAI + 89.90 MARMAJ / currently
1,497.96 USD

Still to be paid out/claimed:



  • We didn’t have the audience we expected for our AMA Sessions. While it’s obviously useful to make recordings available, we’re thinking of channels besides Telegram that can have a bigger reach. These could be Twitter Spaces or Instagram Live.
  • Sadly, one of our council members was the victim of fraud while asking for help to upload our card collection to Paras. Details of the case can be seen at this post. Other users have been warned about the issue, and prevention strategies have been discussed in different channels.

Next steps

  • Continue with the AMA Sessions, which have been a useful way to get the community involved, and raise visibility of female artists in the ecosystem.
  • Create more projects that encourage artists participation, like The condition of a woman’s body.
  • Follow-up on the progress of the artist residence INA Supports your Superpower, and run an exhibit with the outcome.
  • Make a smooth transition between myself and the new council member @klarakopi. More information about the council update can be found at this post.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. :blue_heart:



What an inspiring report, @Belen_Zuazo. :100:

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