[Open Call] Challenge Partners for MetaBUIDL (Aug27-Sep12)


Bring your idea for hackers to tackle and get $5,000 of NEAR as prize co-sponsorship!

Co-sponsorship is first come first serve. NEAR Foundation has a prize pool of up to $100,000 for 20 partners.

Submit your Challenge Proposal here

Browse approved challenges for inspiration


NEAR is putting together a series of Global Hackathons with up to $1M prizes lined up. The series kicks off on August 27th with MetaBUIDL.

To ensure the hacks are meaningful, NEAR is partnering with ecosystem partners. You bring an idea related to your product. NEAR brings the prize. Together we will present exciting challenges relevant to our shared vision of an open web.

Challenges can be bounty-small or startup-large. Check out some live examples. Let’s collaborate if you have a great idea but aren’t sure on how to frame it up.


Challenge needs to be well defined with…

  • description
  • submission requirements
  • judging criteria
  • organization logo & link

You’ll also need to be available to judge the submissions to your challenge.


There are opportunities to mentor hackers, speak, lead a panel, and run workshops. The more touch points you create the more engagement you’ll have on your challenge.

Add your own funds to the prize pool, making for a juicier challenge :star_struck: NEAR will sponsor $5,000 in token as the baseline.

Interested in running a physical event during the hack? Check the Hack Node program!

More questions?

Ask in this thread or reach out to community@near.org.

Submit your Challenge Proposal here!


Is the NEAR sponsor amount $5k for all, or that amount per-sponsor?


Per sponsor! Thanks for the question, I’ll update the text for clarity.


Will the proposals be announced? or proposal creators be informed directly? If so, when?


Proposals will be approved in real time as they are reviewed, visible here:


We will definitely be in touch regarding approved proposals to see what activations we can plan around them to encourage participation :grin:


Excellent, thank you!!

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Can a partner not add to the $5,000 prize pool, so the prize will be $5k from NEAR only?

“There are opportunities to mentor hackers, speak, lead a panel, and run workshops. The more you put in the more you get out” - are there additional bonuses for extra activities?

Partners can supplement the $5,000 prize pool to make their challenge more attractive to hackers.

“The more you put in the more you get out” is the idea that a partners involvement will inspire hackers and contribute to their success. It’s not about additional funding for participating in those activities. If you have an activity which would require funding we will consider it, please share your ideas :grin:


Can a partner submit two challenges?

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Yes, it is possible for partners to submit multiple challenges, as long as they have the capacity to also judge/evaluate submissions.



Just to clarify, there is only one team or person as the prize winner for each of these challenges? Or it is distributed in parts to all the successful submissions?


Hi Yassine, the idea is that a single team would take home the full prize amount.

If a project shows promise but doesn’t win a challenge prize (judged by each sponsor) or the grand/track prizes (judged by a panel) then they can still apply for a grant or community funding.

Hope to have a full rules page explaining all the mechanics up shortly, we have had a few questions about them :sweat_smile:


Hey Starpause, hope you’re well - do you know if there is still space for a co-partnership for a Hack?

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Hi Orageux, please submit, would love to hear what you’re thinking.

Republic Realm would like to be involved in future hackathons (or this one!) @j9aurora on TG

I am hosting a hackathon on a HBCU campus. I am interested in collaboration with others in the NEAR ecosystem who are also doing hackathons.

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