MetaBuild Hacker DAO

Collective Participation

Are you hacking with NEAR in the metaverse? Keep reading to learn how you can join the MetaBuild Hacker DAO, and help our community experiment with Pingbox, a notification system for DAOs and other applications running on NEAR!

Each member of this MetaBuild council will receive a special NFT (courtesy of @Samtoshi_F_Baby), which represents valid hackathon participation. Also, we might create more NFTs and even launch a social token, $HACK, so DAO participants could vote on rewarding hackers from the DAO account.

Guide for Hackers

Join the DAO:

Step 1 ~ Navigate to MetaBuild DAO

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 2.05.47 PM

Step 2 ~ Click “Add New Proposal”

Be sure you are logged in!

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 2.09.30 PM

Step 3 ~ Click “Add” Under “Council Member”

Step 4 ~ Enter Account ID + Proposal Description

Step 5 ~ Allow Transfer of 0.01 NEAR Deposit

Optional ~ Set Up Notifications:

Step 6 ~ Navigate to

Step 7 ~ Register with Council Member Account

Purchase Subscription → Verify Account → Configure Preferences

Step 8 ~ Turn On Sputnik DAO Notifications

Hackathon Team Formation:

The illustrious @zavodil created this amazing, open-source platform, where hackers can discover projects, join a team, share ideas, and start building!

Join the NEAR Discord:

Connect with potential collaborators in the “Hackathons” category, share ideas, and get your questions answered. Be sure to add roles to your account in order to access more channels with opportunities matching your skills and interests.

Explore Challenges:

Responding to this open call, partners introduced specific bounties for solutions they hope to see built during the hackathon. Each offering $5000 worth of NEAR, these challenges are intended to reward hackers who address real needs in our ecosystem.

Hackathon Guild

Recently, members of the NEAR ecosystem proposed the formation of a Hackathon Guild, which supports community-driven organizations producing events for developers. Learn more and keep an eye out for opportunities to contribute!

Hack Nodes

Local / regional communities are starting to coordinate their own events around global hackathons like MetaBUIDL. NEAR Foundation and the Hackathon Guild provide financial, operational, promotional, technical, and emotional support <3

Hacker DAOs

Once you have a team, you might want to experiment with a DAO to coordinate and cooperate with other hackathon participants and members of the global NEAR ecosystem. Transparency makes it easier to gather feedback and invite more people to contribute.

For example, hackers could submit proposals to fund their DAOs in order to reward contributors for incremental developments. These project-specific “Hacker DAOs” may continue growing after this event. Who knows ~ maybe judges will appreciate thoughtful approaches to governance?

Create a v1 Sputnik DAO

Create a v2 Sputnik DAO

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Test App:


Hacker DAOs

We are growing a v2 Sputnik DAO that includes any / all registered hackers who submit a proposal. Follow the instructions below to create your own “Hacker DAO” with a metacouncil or another type of role!

export NEAR_ENV=mainnet

near login

export ARGS=`echo '{"config": {"name": "<example>", "purpose": "Example DAO", "metadata":""}, "policy": ["<your_account>.near"]}' | base64`

near call sputnik-dao.near create "{\"name\": \"<example>\", \"args\": \"$ARGS\"}" --accountId <your_account>.near --amount 5 --gas 150000000000000

near call <example>.sputnik-dao.near add_proposal '{"proposal": {"description": "Change Policy", "kind": {"ChangePolicy": { "policy": { "roles": [ { "name": "all", "kind": "Everyone", "permissions": [ "*:AddProposal" ], "vote_policy": {} }, { "name": "council", "kind": { "Group": [ "<council_member>.near" ] }, "permissions": [ "*:*" ], "vote_policy": {} }, { "name": "metacouncil", "kind": { "Group": [ "<your_account>.near" ] }, "permissions": [ "*:*" ], "vote_policy": {} } ], "default_vote_policy": { "weight_kind": "RoleWeight", "quorum": "0", "threshold": [ 1, 2 ] }, "proposal_bond": "10000000000000000000000", "proposal_period": "604800000000000", "bounty_bond": "1000000000000000000000000", "bounty_forgiveness_period": "86400000000000" }}}}}' --accountId <your_account>.near --amount 1

near call <example>.sputnik-dao.near act_proposal '{"id": <ID_from_previous_call>, "action": "VoteApprove"}' --accountId <your_account>.near

Start Building!


@jlwaugh Is it still possible to be added for the council and join the experimentation with Pingbox?

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Definitely! And the special NFT drop will go to anyone who submits a proposal to join by end of closing ceremonies, which begin 2021-09-24T13:00:00Z :partying_face:

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