[Proposal] Sponsor BlockathonDAO Learn2Earn for Asia-Pacific NEAR community

Proposal: (link available here: Near application - Google Docs) Blockathon DAO pilot - Public goods learn + built 2 earn

Proponent: Paul Pounendis ([twitter.com/paulpounendis])

Have come here highly recommended by Alejandro who is based in Melbourne and been heavily involved in the NEAR community for the last couple of years.

Address: blockathon.near

Date: 1-20 March 2022

Requested: NEAR worth 5k USD

Short description: Public goods initiative: Learn 2 Earn Open Source NEAR track in a 3 weeks long learning program with a final competitive Blockathon ([Blockathon.xyz]

This will serve for NEAR teams to identify talent, for talent to find opportunities in the NEAR ecosystem projects who are looking to hire, increase awareness to NEAR amongst high quality curated audience.

EDIT: I have updated the proposal based on feedback received. We hope to commence a relationship with NEAR so NEAR may be able to benefit tapping into talent from our growth and coverage of the APAC web3 ecosystem.


Really excited to see Paul and the Blockathon DAO team finally come over to NEAR!

I met Paul and the other team members back in 2018 through a range of Meetups and a Hackathon in Sydney. The Australian crypto community is actually quite strong ad growing daily, and much of this success has to do with the work of Paul and other organisers (Adriana, Daniel, et al)

Some of the specific reasons why I really like this proposal:

  • Targeted, highly relevant community. By holding an event aimed at existing crypto communities we are reaching a high-value group of people that can more easily engage with the NEAR value proposition, adopt the technology
  • Learning, Building, Earning. Ticks all the boxes for an immersive, supportive on-boarding experience. NEAR branding is strong, but some things need to be experienced to be fully understood. This has been consistent across most people I’ve onboarded to NEAR - give them a try and they’ll never look back.
  • Focus on UX. Playing to our strengths; NEAR enables unique advanced user experiences, we must continue to amplify this message and invite brilliant, playful minds to take advantage of this.

I am happy to support this and put it through the Marketing DAO. Would equally give my full support if this is routed through any other funding avenue (Grants team or otherwise)


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This cools really interesting- the only questions I have:

Which channels are you using to promote the hackathons, other than the meetup?
With more reach, you may get more participation.

What is the process of evaluating the submissions?

Is there only 1 prize and that’s first place?

Hello @Klint.
We are using Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Meetup.com, Discord and word of mouth to promote the Blockathon!

We will be having judges and mentors from our sponsors and collaborating projects evaluating submissions.

Prizes are dependent on the nature of the idea hacked on and what project/blockchain a particular group intends to build on. For example, a sponsor may want to issue bounties only for groups building on their blockchain/protocol.

At the end of the hackathon, there will be general prizes for the teams with the best ideas and execution, and then additional prizes/bounties for teams who fit particular bounty requirements.