[CHALLENGE] Brutus, an experiment in governance

Hello all!

In response to this open call [Open Call] Challenge Partners for MetaBUIDL (Aug27-Sep11) Incubadora DAO has submitted a challenge for the community to engage with some of the ideas we have been messing around with.

Our challenge and others can be seen here: Airtable - Live Gallery

The document: brutus.pdf (58.1 KB)

August and September will be very busy and interesting months!! Lot’s of great ideas flowing around :robot:

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects :hugs:


From the first time I heard about Brutus, I felt that it could be a very interesting and radical form of governance and democracy in a way. It has challenging philosophical aspects and I’d like to see this happen in the real life! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Awesome Governance hack! This would be useful for a curator/collector/critics guild. I have found an initial group but would like to rotate the leads on a quarterly basis or so.

Tagging @jlwaugh and @thelastjosh in case they know any hackers to share it with.


Thank you @starpause :slight_smile: I would love for people to join us and tinker with this idea :blush: