[REPORT] September monthly report - CUDO DAO

Project Name: CUDO DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 197.11 NEAR

DAO cudo.sputnikdao.near

Updated Project Timeline:

** Design Postal payouts pending (15 N , they will ask the payouts during the next days)

** Bounties payout pending in Vertebra and Postal (6x 18N) The artists will ask for the payments during the next week as we receive the jobs.

** Bountie of 50N for @lenonreis about Postal August

** Vértebra Mintbase management payout pending (4N)

** Writer Algo me Diz payout pending (12N, the artist will ask the payouts in the end of work)

** Translation PT-EN Historia de Bagagem pending (6N)

Postal - Urban Photographic Project

  • After the new open call, we received the registration of 3 new photographers from different cities and countries (@Ronald, Santa Luzia - BR, @Guilhermefoto, Ibirité - BR, @lena_rchive (from Mexico, but living in Berlin - DE). Some photographs are already available at our Mintbase and will start being posted on our Instagram page one per day from October 1st.

  • On 29th September we realized on our YouTube Channel a live with the 3 photographers that we published during the September. There we talked about the photos and the experience of each one doing a project with us supported by NEAR.

  • During the transmission, we invited our audience to create Wallets and 11 new wallets were created with all airdrops that we asked for in our last proposal: wantedxff.near, cintiad.near, comofas.near, franciellealexo.near, nildacardoso.near, deyviddotling.near, thelouis.near, yagolaredo.near, bianchiisrael.near, danielb.near, gabrielh.near.

  • We will launch a new Bounty for 3 new photographers on 10th October keeping the challenge to connect Photographers around a subject in different parts of the world.

  • At the end of October we’ll do a new live with September’s photographers.

  • Through this project we have created 3 new wallets: ronaldnascimentonear.near, elenaaldananear.near, guilhermedias.near.

  • After the oppen a bounty looking for a designer to create a logo for this project, we received some options and, now, we’ll ask for some alterations on this logo:

Vértebra - Ilustration Project

  • At this new open call, we received the registration of 3 new artists from different styles, @Priscila, @RenanMonte and @Mailza. Some artworks are already available at our Mintbase and will start being posted on our Instagram page one per day from October 1st.
  • Through this project, we have created 3 new wallet: priscilaazevedo.near, screamboy.near, mailzabernard.near.
  • The logo of this project are being created by our council member and designer @lucterra and soon will be available on all of our channels.
  • The Vértebra Instagram page is already being followed by 60 accounts.

Algo me diz:

  • We have already published all the first 4 films of this project and all are available on our mintbase. In September, this project was submitted on the bounty of MarmaJ.

  • In September we invited a new writer (Talita Calisto) to create 4 new scripts that will be covered with our images on 4 new videos on 4 new places (Belém, Chiado, Sintra historic center and National palace of Queluz).

  • The first video of the new season will be posted on October 1, and the others will be posted always on Fridays (8, 15, 22). On the same day, the NFT version will be made available on our MintBase.

  • The logo of this project was designed by our council member and designer @lucterra.

  • In our Instagram Page the Algo me Diz already has more than 500 views.

  • Through this project we have created 1 new wallet: talitacalisto.near.

História de Bagagem:

  • The Youtube Channel already has 40 subscribers and over 340 views.

  • On the Instagram Page this project has more than 400 views.

  • During the September we recorded 5 new videos: Bruno, María, João, Sara, Nathália.

  • Through this project, we have created 5 new wallet: joaopeggion.near, mariaaguilarpavon.near, brunomiguel.near, nathscoriza.near, saraplaza.near.

  • 2 videos already are available on our mintbase and our YouTube channel.

  • The others 3 videos will be published on 2th October on this two channels

  • Every monday one of this videos will be published on our Instagram page.


  • Our Mintbase earned over 18N in less than 3 months with the sale of 19 NFT’s.
  • Our logo was created and now, we have a special logo to differentiate CUDO DAO from CUDO FILMES:


  • Our council members have created arts for bounties opened by Incubadora.
  • Our council member Heverton finished his Planting Air at Arroz Studios finishing his album.
  • Our council member Talita is also managing the social media from VR DAO and Incubadora.
  • We are working on the short videos about Poliedro to better publicize it on social media.
  • We are in advanced negotiations with the Near Coin council to give support with Photographers and Video editors during the event.
  • We created a short tutorial in portuguese to help our community on the first steps (like how to activate the wallet, how to do a Payout and how to change the NEAR if necessary).
  • We Launched our Twitter account:


  • We are discussing how to be more present in the NEAR Ecosystem and we realize that we need more support from an English speaker for that, so in October we will open a bounty looking for someone who can help us with our communication in meetings and texts.
  • We are losing our fear of asking for help from people in the community who speak English, using new strategies to communicate, and accepting that we are in a stage of evolution.
  • We have learned that with short tutorials we can make the onboarding process easier for new members of our community, and in this way we spend less time on onboarding. With these videos, people feel more motivated to understand the whole process.
  • We understand the importance of having a more professional consolidated portfolio, so during the month of October we will open a Bounty to finish our website.
  • The sales of NFT is a good way to keep supporting our artists and community.

Next Steps:

  • Launching the new open calls for the Postal and Vertebra projects.
  • Launching the open calls for writers interested in contributing to our “Algo me diz” project.
  • Planned the new sessions for "História de Bagagem”
  • Launching our official website.
  • start planning a new project called “Retrato Falado”.

We hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been working on and what we still intend to do. If you have any questions, please talk to us.

Thank you! :star_struck: :hugs:

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.


a wonderful job the cudo dao community is doing.


great! :clap: :clap: :clap:
i am very happy to be part of the cudo dao community.


I love being part of this community, thanks @lucterra e @SaraMosli for introducing me here.

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Great job and great community! Love being part of this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: