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On the google map, we now see pioneers, discoverers of a new world, doing things that no one has ever done before. The situation cannot be considered as a basic one and I suggest that we need to reward each of the participants in this process. I propose to reward participants in this unique process as follows:
Whoever negotiated with the business, gave important information about the NEAR protocol and inspired to work with NEAR, for each place on google map - 10N.
Anyone who has agreed to work and accept NEAR as a medium of exchange for a product or service is also 10N.

In total, there are already 13 places on the map, this is 130N + 130N to organizators (I think after this awards business owners themselves will want to increase branding of their businesses with NEAR advertising) + i ask 100N for opening new places that i have in my mind for next month.
Grand total: 360N (unexpended budget of 100N will pass to next month).

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Hey! I am the Lisbon City Node community manager, I had already seen this project and love the idea.

We would be really happy to colaborate in this and even trying to get it bigger and broad with the participation of Lisbon Area in it. Maybe even more City Nodes joining in.

About the funding for integrations, which I believe is very rewarding and engaging. Kinda like the Open Sandbox project.
I think it would be necessary to have a delivery of proof of use of the NEAR Protocol between the “embassadors” and the “services” for each of these integrations, so the funds are properly allocated.


Dear Valentine, nice idea, but does it legal to pay in crypto (Near) in your country? As you remember, we have discussed about it with you.

Do you have a legal written agreement or draft of it for vendors ?

Hi, with great pleasure I would place your city node on the map, I can give you access to editing, or add it yourself. As it is convenient for you. I think it would be useful for us to establish closer communication and exchange ideas.
Regarding the places located on the map, I can provide you with any evidence, in addition, each person can obtain them independently, linking them to the nodes on the map. All contacts are there.

Also here is a video about our city, where you can see something live.
What the final of this film will be now depends on the entire NEAR community)))

Can you contact me via telegram? @INF_INI_TY