[APPROVED] Lisbon City Node onboarding sessions for NFT Gallery in Mintbase and display at NEAR//CON

This proposal was developed by @tabear and me to create 2 onboarding sessions (Lisbon & Almada) with the purpose of opening a store at Mintbase for the Lisbon City Node, giving also a workshop on how this artists can mint their own NFT’s, add them as Minters and create a open call with winners that will have their own work at display in NEAR | CON.

Each participant receives 15$ (currently around ~ 2N) for the participation. At the end of the month we (council & orga) pick the 40 most representative NFTs which will be displayed and we will have a poll in the city node community group for people to choose the 5 best ones, which will be rewarded with 20$ each.

The venues contacted to have this onboarding sessions are Arroz Estúdios (contact: @StevenR) and A Casa do Burrikórnio (contact: @jesuscrido). Having each their own a staff member that will be producing the onboarding Session with me. We will pay the Venue costs of 15$/hour for each of this venues. Also each of this venues will have a staff member producing the event for 20$/hour.

Deadline for the NEAR | CON submission is 30.9. and given that this would have to happen within the next days, also including a position for the visual artwork, the funds would need to be allocated a bit faster then expected. @norah.near

Budget Summary:


  • (15$ x 15 participants) x 2 Onboarding Sessions = 450 $

Venue Costs: Arroz Estúdios & A Casa do Burrikórnio

  • (15$ x 4h Session) x 2 Onboarding Sessions = 120 $

Onboarding Staff: Arroz Estúdios (Staff TBA) & A Casa do Burrikórnio (@jesuscrido - jesuscrido.near)

  • 20$ hour x ( 4h Session + 2h Preparation))) x 2 Onboarding Sessions = 240 $

Onboarding Management:@TRosario - rosario.near

  • 20$ hour x ( 4h Session + 2h Preparation))) x 2 Onboarding Sessions= 240 $

Winners of the Contest:

  • 20$ Prize x 5 Winners = 100$

Mintbase Store Open:

  • 56 $ (7 N x 8$)


NEAR requested with the price of (Coingecko $7.79) at moment of post = 155 N

The payout adress is: lisboa-node.sputnik-dao.near

If there is any doubts or questions about this proposal please let me know.

target: lisboa-node.sputnik-dao.near


hello all,

this funding is obv depending on @norah.near ans @Grace , but, as a council of the Lisbon City Node, I applaud this initiative.

Thank you @TRosario , @StevenR , @jesuscrido and @tabear :100:


Thank you for the detailed proposal. As a council member of the Lisbon CityNode DAO. I approve. Thanks for the work!


hello @Grace what do you suggest we do regarding the payout?


This is a great one.
Perfectly outlined and focused on archiving your goals.

Happy Monday @Grace !
Are there any updates regarding the funding so we could start with the onboarding session this week?