NEARWEEK Q3-Q4 updated roadmap

Dear all!

A small update from NEARWEEK’s side, an envisioning of the coming months.

We are ambitious and working towards achieving our objectives for Q3 & Q4 from the NEARWEEK news guild announcement. In order to speed up the process we need more people. We are looking at onboarding up to 5 NEARWEEK Agents (job description tba) to the team who will be helping out in the daily operations of NEARWEEK and focus on the future of the guild. Are you interested in joining or helping out you can book a 30min meeting here.

Revised roadmap

From October - January 2022 we want to accomplish:

Release new website identity and newsletter template:

  • WIP

Increase # subscriber and visitors on to 10,000 unique visitors

  • WIP: the numbers are going up! +500 subscribers and 1500 unique visitors each month.
  • Doing a collab with NIA (@chronear ) in Sept. and Oct. to speed up further.
  • Doing “NEARWEEK State of the Art

Develop, test and implement peer review model and contribution incentive structure (currently every news link posted in the NEARWEEK Telegram is rewarded with $NEAR via the tip bot)

  • WIP: all contributions have been moved to SputnikDAOv2. There’s a huge need for utilizing the coordination mechanism offered by Sputnik v2 to launch a fully fledged NEARWEEK News DAO.
  • @jlwaugh @starpause : we need help to programme and test the next step in our DAO development journey:
    • Governance structure
    • Editor and contributor structure
    • Defining payment model
    • Curation bot integration (currently a part of the ongoing MetaBUIDL)

Increase the volume and distribution of NEAR related content across media channels in order to increase public awareness of the NEARverse

  • WIP: Doing a collab with NIA.

Become the leading go-to news and “discover/educate NEAR” community

  • WIP: Ongoing

Setup translated version of NEARWEEK in the most demanded languages

  • Been testing with Chinese - looking to implement, next up is Spanish.

In short we wish to utilize the core tools within the NEAR ecosystem to empower our news crowd-sourcing model. The long term strategy is for NEARWEEK to become a fully autonomous News DAO based on an ecosystem relying on a peer-reviewed, community-driven model of fact-checking, publishing and news dissemination.

We need help on the core development work for extending Sputnik v2 as a NEWS DAO MVP. This will allow us to experiment with the DAO contribution model and simplify the contribution process.

We don’t have all the answers, please share your thoughts and ideas - feedback is much appreciated.

On behalf of NEARWEEK,

/ P3ter


Hope you get some solid ecosystem news junkies to become your NEARWEEK Agents (love the name!), @JPALHUMAIDAN, and good to see this snapshot of your plans in the coming months! When you have a JD for these agent roles do pass them on and we’ll help get the word out so you find folks ready to take on this great mission.

@claudioac @FritzWorm and the rest of the NEAR Hispano team I imagine have already been talking to you about Spanish-language translations of NEARWEEK - but just in case things have not progressed that far, I’ve tagged them to get the conversation going :wink:

Can’t wait until the day when I can login with my NEAR wallet into the NEARWEEK d’App to get my news :newspaper:

@humanman FYI


Thx for the comment! JD is in the making, will share it once it’s done.

The NEARWEEK d’App is the goal!! - Fully owned and operated by the community for the community :cowboy_hat_face:

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Will discuss this with @FritzWorm and see what is the proposed timeline to start executing on this activity.