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NEARWEEK is hiring!

Yes, www.nearweek.com is happy to announce that we are hiring 3 NEARWEEK Agents as part of our expansion drive. In the news industry context, think of a NEARWEEK agent as a correspondent or expert within a certain field(s) (DeFi, Dev, DAOs, Gaming, NFTs etc). We are looking for individuals who want to supply NEARians with their weekly dose of news from the NEARverse and are passionate about NEAR Protocol and its community - this is your opportunity to be a part of a technological renaissance by helping us spread the word about NEAR Protocol and build a strong, informed and loyal NEAR Community.

NEARWEEK has been at the forefront of news dissemination and information sharing to the community. Our weekly edition has been the go-to source of all ecosystem highlights and protocol updates for readers all around the world. Now, we are expanding. At NEARWEEK, we have always believed in true community ownership and service, by delivering the most comprehensive, lucid and well-researched content every week, to enable the NEAR Community to be better informed and stay up to speed with all that is happening in the ever expanding NEAR network and ecosystem. With such a fast growing ecosystem and the launch of another site: NEARWEEK State of the Art (a NIA @chronear x NEARWEEK project), we need more hands-on-deck to serve the community better, hence we have decided to recruit 3 dedicated NEARWEEK Agents.

Expected workload 10h/week

Compensation 100 $NEAR/month

NEARWEEK Agents Responsibilities:

  1. Collect information/news about significant updates (underway and upcoming) in the NEAR ecosystem from community managers of various projects, their social media handles, projects and documentation. Depending on interests or prior experience you will be given specific news areas to cover and specialise within.

  2. Compile all relevant information (news links) and categorize it into reports weekly.

  3. Help out with validating / assessing incoming news contributions.

  4. Communicate with the community contributors regularly and always be responsive to their feedback, suggestions, critique and queries.

  5. Reach out to the NEARWEEK Core Team in case of any doubt and make sure the Core Team is always briefed on community feedback.

  6. Participate/engage with the community on Discord helping NEARWEEK expand its digital presence across platforms.

  7. Prepare monthly category reports / wrap ups.

Knowledge/Skills essential for NEARWEEK Agents:

  1. Good and coherent understanding of NEAR Protocol - the network, NEAR ecosystem projects and community. Should be interested in events/updates happening in the larger blockchain space as well.

  2. Bilingual, with decent command over English.

  3. Attentive to details and willing to do research.

  4. Good computer skills in Google Docs, Word and Excel Sheets.

  5. Sufficient experience as a social media user.

  6. Ability to organize and collate data/information.

  7. Taking the community along instead of working in silos.

  8. Not afraid to lead initiatives and consistently in the hunt of opportunities, to foster the growth of the NEARWEEK brand.

To be eligible for the Agent’s role please submit a week of news from a specific NEAR category(ies) to news@nearweek.com.

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to reach out to P3ter_from_NEARWEEK on Telegram.

See you in the NEARverse!

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Yesss, fast and steady with the expansion, love it!!


:fire:Nice Expansion of NEARWEEK, Loving Weekly Newsletters & now it will be much more interesting with new Agents joining in​:wink:


Looking forward to participating!
I sent an email with my submissions!


Looking forward to participating, wishing the team to grow stronger and more developed :+1:

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Such a cool project, NEARWEEK email and website is the place for easy-to-read news about the NEAR Ecosystem. I get always excited when I recieve your newsletter.

I sent an email with my submissions.

Keep the good work!

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Thanks very much for your awesome project :+1: