[Approved] NEARWEEK Guild August 2021 Report

August was a great month for NEARWEEK here are the details:


:ok_hand:Nice Work…Loving the Newsletters :heart:

Keep up the good work @JPALHUMAIDAN, looking forward to the collaboration… September is going to be the start of a solid NIA x NW partnership!

Hi @JPALHUMAIDAN thanks for a great monthly report on NEARWEEK activities. Looks like you are building out nicely :slight_smile: Great team effort!

I notice you have posted a payout proposal for 250N to the Marketing Vertical DAO which links to this post. Could you add more details on the explore the NEARverse campaign and how the funds will be used? Thanks


Yes, the funds have actually already been spent (was taken from another budget) in the following way:
Part 1) 100N give-away (https://twitter.com/NEARWEEK/status/1433734996842459164)
Part 2) Was paid for by AwesomeNEAR (https://twitter.com/awesome_near/status/1438797388664094723)
Part 3) 75N to @Samtoshi_F_Baby for artwork + 40N to Swagger designer + 35N for high quality poster print (https://twitter.com/NEARWEEK/status/1439938209899847683)

So far this campaign has got:

Please let me know if you need any further information :cowboy_hat_face:


Great campaign! Created a lot of engagement for our ecosystem; the people LOVE those NFTs :fire::fire::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

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@JPALHUMAIDAN Well done guys!

All looks good to me @David_NEAR @jcpacion @satojandro

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I :heart: NEARWEEK!

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Can we please keep funding denominated in USD (unless awards were given out in NEAR of course) for future proposals?

Awesome stuff guys, as always :muscle:



Thanks guys!

Will do going forward! This campaign was fully operated using $NEAR.

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should the target of this proposal be “news.sputnik-dao.near”?

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The news.sputnik-dao.near is solely used for paying for news contributions.

The target should be nearweek.near as this is the main stakeholder and delegates all funds to the projects that NEARWEEK is involved with / running.

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tyvm for the clarification <3

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