NEAR Vietnam - DEC report

Bi-Weekly Report

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    Total member: 1381
    Keep active group and update new notifications everyday
    Answer questions of community 24/7
    Discuss in market information

NEAR Without The Noise #4

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NEAR Without The Noise Lists NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

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2020 NEAR In Review & Ecosystem Tour

NEAR AMA with TAG Group


Nice work, Riley!

Thank you for building and growing the community in Vietnam. Excited to see more.

Can you share more about the AMA? How did it go? What were people most curious about? :slight_smile:

I was on behalf of NEAR to join the AMA and answer community questions, I focused on the information about OpenWeb and What is NEAR working.
This is the recap, but it’s in VNese. Plz let me know if you wanna translate it to EN


@RileyTran your hard work is inspiring!

We are just announcing a neighbor guild for Malaysia! Excited to be collaborating in the future to help advance NEAR in the SEA region !