NEAR Malaysia Guild

Guild Name: NEAR Malaysia
Guild Leader: Antonio (gonemultichain.near)
Guild SputnikDAO Address: soon™
Guild Location: Malaysia
Guild Details:

1. Mission:

Win the minds and hearts of all 32 million Malaysians, spreading the adoption of NEAR and blockchain technology in the country along the way.

2. Who is this Guild intended for (the kind of membership you’re looking to recruit / the intended audience you’re looking to reach with your activities)?

Any Malaysian is welcome to join the guild and be as active as s/he wishes. A more complete list of skill-sets sought will be published in the near future (pun intended).

Other non-Malaysians are welcomed to collaborate, advice, and support the project. We are aware of dozens of existing country-level guilds out there, and we will benchmark and look for synergies as much as possible.

Here is a brief socio-demographic study to understand why a Malaysian guild is imperative for NEAR:
Malaysia ranks #12 in terms of % of population aged 16-64 with cryptos.


As you can see in the graph above, other South East Asian (SEA) countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Philippines rank very high too. All these regions have well-established guilds already:

Thank you to the wonderful @derymars @orvardjam @rileytran and your teams. Your previous work is our inspiration.

The SEA region has history of weak currencies that steadily devalue themselves against the US Dollar, plus elevated levels of corruption. Add to that the fact that all these nations’ population pyramid are very young, and you have the perfect cocktail for mass crypto adoption.



Zooming in, the biggest age brackets (16 to 40 years old) are those best positioned for fast crypto adoption. They will be our main priority:


It is therefore imperative to position NEAR in the region!

3. What kind of value is your Guild planning on delivering / Why should someone participate?

  • For beginners / newcomers, we will be the nudge they need to get started in NEAR and in the blockchain. We will mainly rely on

    • the great work done by NEAR University…
    • social events
    • art
  • For experienced crypto enthusiasts (there is no shortage of crypto communities in Malaysia, we will be the empowering launchpad to foster innovation in the country. See screenshots below:

Lunatics Malaysia TG

Cardano Malaysia TG

Fantom Malaysia TG

4. How can community members join your Guild?

Twitter account:
Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Malaysia

4. About the Guild leader

I will present myself before giving more details on how I intend to carry this expansion.
In crypto, everybody can have an idea; what matters is the execution. I am doxxing myself here and now, to make very clear I am serious about this undertaking.

I am a 28-year-old industrial engineer with a double degree in engineering and economics, having worked in the aeronautical industry in France, USA, and now Malaysia.

I am member of different organizations: Toastmasters (Communication & Leadership training), Project Management Institute, MENSA Malaysia, Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN)…

This is my boomer profile / CV in Linkedin :

Moving to blockchain, I collaborate with several crypto projects in different fronts:


To affirm this love relationship with NEAR, this St Valentine’s day (a.k.a tomorrow !) I will be participating in two NEAR certifications :wink: :


I therefore believe I have the good blend of technical skills, communication, leadership, and connections (both on-chain and off-chain) to make this Malaysian guild succeed. Most importantly, I have the will and the motivation :blush:

5. Next steps & Guild Goal KPIs

Here is a rough roadmap, with what has been done yet and what is yet to be done:

• Create Twitter account:
• Create Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Malaysia

• Onboard more people into the guild (designers, devs, community moderators…)
• Organically grow Twitter & TG groups
• Benchmark other guilds around the world (Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Hispano, Turkey…)
• Leverage on the existing Malaysian crypto-related groups in TG and FB, see screenshots below
• Get advisors (currently: @FritzWorm and @Mayur)
• Collaborate with Open Web Sandbox (OWS) together with @Sofia_Alum and team.
• Run a contest + poll to choose a logo for NEAR Malaysia
• Run a poll to change the name (NEAR Malaysia, NEAR2u, myNEAR… ? )
• Get a website
• Explore together with NearPacific the opportunity to launch a HUB for Malaysia
• Register our Guild in SputnikDAO
• Collaborate with @vandal @judeKIL @netunoblu in its LIVE event in March
• Collaboration / AMA / gathering with Octopus Network, whose founding team is Malaysian.
• Collaboration / AMA / gathering with ACCESS (Association of Blockchain in Malaysia).
• Launch a live event with the purpose of increasing the KPIs below:

Guild Goal KPIs

    • Number of Malaysians registering a NEAR wallet.
    • Number of Malaysians registering to a NEAR University course.
    • Number of Malaysians participating in the ecosystem (as developers, entrepreneurs, etc).

Feel free to share any feedback with us!


Sorry OWS team, couldn’t tag you all: @Sofia_Alum @mecsbecs, @vrdoingthings, @AnaNastya, @Samtoshi_F_Baby, @Jacopo, @videvidts.

Looking forward to collaborating soon :wink:


@vandal @netunoblu @JudeKIL if you are based in Malaysia, I would love to have you as Guild founders / team members. With all the excitement, I forgot to add “ART” as one of the many drivers to foster NEAR and blockchain adoption in Malaysia!


I’m not currently living in Malaysia, but I’ve spent over 15 years there as a Hip Hop artist and community leader. From 2017 I also got heavily involved in the crypto community, participating in meet ups and conferences and spent 2 years on the board of Access Malaysia, their official Blockchain Association. Happy to help from the interwebs!


Well done on this post @gonemultichain! It’s superbly well done! I’m looking forward to supporting you and creating a hub leaders community as well.

Btw, your post has inspired me to do a post about NEAR Pacific on the forums as well!


Hey yo @gonemultichain

Welcome to the club! Excited to work together and explore new horizons:)


Hi there! Thank you @gonemultichain for the invitation to join this Near community!

Looking forward to participating in your Malaysian events and lending a hand when possible :heart_eyes:

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What a nice post ! :star_struck:

@simeon4real @Jloc @jiten123321 Partners, let’s guide Malaysia Guild, first we can invite him into our telegram group ? :pray:

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Hey @gonemultichain this is great news!!! As @vandal mentioned, It’s about time we build a NEAR community in Malaysia. I would love to be a part of the council and to also support your events. Let me know if i can help with anything else. We can connect in person as well since we are both based in Malaysia. Looking forward to this!!

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Hi @JudeKIL, what a wonderful news. I am sending you a DM :slight_smile:

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Hey hey, nice to see how the ecosystem is growing every day! Welcome :slight_smile: You can reach out to me as well to discuss what support you can get from OWS :slight_smile:


Wow! Welcome to NEARverse :pray:
Nice to see you guys with your Guild and we are Guild ops here. Please feel free to connect me, @FritzWorm @Jloc, and @simeon4real.

First of all, I would like to request you please send me your Telegram Id so I can add you to the Guild leaders group and want to set up a 15min call with you to understand more about your Guild.

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Welcome onboard, let’s create more values~

@gonemultichain , nice to meet you, I’m a software developer living in Malaysia as well as a Toastmasters member, I’m President of Kluang Lambak Mandarin Club.
As 20 years of experience in the software industry and entrepreneur, I would like to contribute something to the community. let’s work together.


Hi @gonemultichain :wave:

This is great, looks like a very exciting community! Would love to help with your KPIs through NEAR Meet(more info here: NEAR Meet | NEAR Wiki) :heart:

@theChosenOne and I would love to talk with you about your plans and how can we help with anything you need. :smile:

much has happened over the last 10 days!
The roadmap, leadership, and guild proposal have been merged with that of @kelsontoh, and team has grown to 5 members! :star_struck:


You can follow our latest Guild Proposal here: (NEAR Malaysia Guild - Google Docs)


Hey family! NEAR SG is here :blue_heart:

Check out here: NEAR Singapore Guild

Thank you all for your endless support, can’t wait to see you in Singapore!!!