🗺 NEAR Community Mapping

My intention here is to provide a consolidated list of the most important links for getting started in the NEAR community. We are creating so many opportunities to learn, grow, and build your own value systems throughout ecosystems of communities. That’s why this forum post simply aims to redirect anyone who is exploring the NEARverse :sparkles:

Please feel free to edit and include more places to go!

:world_map: :world_map: :world_map:

For a map of the whole NEAR ecosystem, you can refer to this content on GitHub:

Dashboard For Analytics


Where does NEAR communicate?

The best sources of truth (other than the NEAR blockchain) are probably GitHub and this forum, intended for governance. As expected, NEAR is a complex ecosystem with many interconnected organizations and communities. To simplify this, we often use terms like “guilds” and “squads.”

NEAR Community

Really, the NEAR community is everywhere! Join to discover opportunities and build momentum toward your goals. Feel free to make a post here on the forum in order to share any ideas or specific projects and proposals.

Engineering Updates

See all posts tagged as #weekly-updates

News Guild ~ @NEARweek

Read the NEAR Daily on Twitter ~ @NEAR_daily





Open Web Sandbox

We recommend you start by learning more about contribution rewards via the Open Web Sandbox community. Here is a great place to find ways to play, learn, and earn:

Sandbox Projects

Join OWS To Collaborate and Contribute!

Need Help With a Project? Request Open Web Contributions:

Where does NEAR collaborate?

NEAR is fully open source, and pull requests and new issues are more than welcome!

Build Solutions

Review Documentation: docs.near.org

Get Started

Ask Questions


Learn Together

Share Knowledge

Where does NEAR coordinate?

NEAR Enhancement Proposals (NEPs)

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Learn about the many potential benefits of governance of DAOs, by DAOs, for DAOs like these: Sputnik DAO: Empowering Communities | by Illia Polosukhin | SputnikDAO | Jun, 2021 | Medium

Forum Discussion

Where does NEAR create?

Guilds and Projects

NEAR Global

Regional and Local Guilds

NEAR Arabia

NEAR Australia

NEAR China

NEAR France

NEAR Hispano

NEAR India

NEAR Korea

NEAR Nigeria

NEAR Philippines

NEAR Portugal

NEAR Russia

NEAR Turkey

NEAR Vietnam

Near York


The above post is an editable wiki, and your contributions would be much appreciated!