NEAR Vietnam - Jan report

After 2 month partner with all big crypto group in VN to promote for NEAR Protocol and do many AMAs/ Live Video. NEAR is now supper hot in Vietnam and most of community have a long-term about NEAR

1. Website translation:
The First NEAR Community Town Hall (Monday September 28th):

Community Update: MainNet Phase I :rocket: , Hack the Rainbow :rainbow: , OWC Demo Day:

Transitioning NEAR MainNet to the Next Phase: It is Time to Stake, Delegate and Vote:

Community Update: ZEST & Flux on MainNet, Hack the Rainbow, EDU@NEAR:

Announcing NEAR Validator Advisory Board:

Dragonfly Capital Joins NEAR Validator Advisory Board:

Introducing the NEAR Foundation:

2. Facebook update:


  1. Trade Coin Viet Nam
  1. Sai gon trade coin
  1. Blogtienao
  1. TAG Group
  1. VIC Group
  1. CVC
  1. Coin98
  1. GFS Group
    Overview NEAR Protocol:
    Announcing The Winning List of AMA NEAR with TAG Group:
    Near Protocol Stands In Top 10 Projects In 2020: Sale Off 50% on NEAR Protocol (NEAR):
    NEAR Without the Noise: Episode 7 with Paras:
    NEAR AMA with TradeCoin Viet Nam:
    NEAR Deloy ERC20 Contract:
    Top 15 Ethereum Competitors under $500M Market Cap:
    OWC Batch 2 Kickoff Event:
    Trade NEAR:
    Warning fake NEAR Protocol:
    Q&A with NEAR Protocol Event:
    Dragonfly Capital Joins NEAR Validator Advisory Board:
    Q&A with NEAR Protocol Event Ended:
    NEAR without the Noise: Episode 8 With Matthew Graham CEO of Sino Global Capital:
    Instructions for Staking NEAR:
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