NEAR Venezuela Guild Translators Staff Introduction

Hi NEAR Community,

It is a pleasure to greet you once again, wishing the best vibes to the new projects and Guilds !

In this opportunity we would like to introduce the Translators Staff from NEAR VENEZUELA GUILD. They’ve been doing a very neat and coordinated job, working in teams of two in the roles of translators and reviewers to guarantee a high quality translation of documents and contents into 5 different languages, which are: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Arabic.

They are ready to offer their services in translations of any document, audio files or video files, that you, your project or Guild could need in order to import or export information and expand the number of people you can reach.

Here you have a list with their Discord handles and languages they can work with, followed by a self introduction of each one.

Name Discord Handle Languages
Aleida Castillo AlexChateau#5142 Spanish - French - English
Luis Aponte Luis Aponte#4656 Spanish - English
Juan Peña JuanEnriquePH#8461 Spanish - English
America Castro ame99#5610 Spanish - English
Ignacio Marchesini Nacho.near#7912 Spanish - English
Tagrid Zebian Tagozz#0416 Arabian - English - French
Rodolfo Agustinho RodoBossa#6709 Portuguese - English - Spanish
Ulises Marin ramgor#0255 Spanish - Portuguese - English


Nice e-meeting NEAReans,

I am Aleida Castillo, better known as Alex Chateau, Venezuelan by birth, settled in the beautiful city of Repentigny, Québec, Canada. I studied English and French at the Venezuelan Army Forces Languages School by the 90’s. Since that time I have been involved in environments where I could develop my languages skills working as Guide at Teresa Carreño Theater and as a teacher in Alliance Française du Venezuela, Metropolitana University, E.S.L. for Kids, until I owned a Language School called Escuidiomas A-B. Later I sold it out and I joined the teacher’s staff at Loscher Institute and The British School Caracas just before coming to live in Canada.

Years ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Stocks and Forex Trading by @Jloc, my nephew, who teached me technical and fundamental analysis and together we attended an advanced Trading Course with Tecnología Financiera Team.

@Jloc began with the NEAR Community and talked to me about it. He guided me during my first steps and since December 2021 I joined the Guild NEAR Venezuela as a Translator, where specially @FritzWorm and @LuisAponte99 have been a great support for me. I have organized a translators team for the Guild and set standards and guidelines for the development of translations, reviewing each one done before publications. I should also mention @sasha who gave me the opportunity in LearnNear Club, working with great people like @abdelillah77 in French and @jeph in Spanish and I am delighted with everything I have learned all this time through the translations about this universe called NEAR.

Now I just began the Twitter @NearCanada to reach as many French speakers as possible and present what NEAR is about to my country home, Canada. I should thank @yehosua.near for his awesome job designing the logo for Near Canada!

Also I am working on the NEAR ES-Wiki Project that soon will be available for the Hispanic community.

Always giving the best of us to all NEARians,

The best is yet to come!!!



Hi @FritzWorm Hi NEAReans

Hope you all are doing well

Thanks for creating again this space for everyone involved in the Near Community, his gov, and the different Guilds we are participating in order to know and meet each other and to express the valuable work that we have been doing for the NEAR ecosystem.

Without further ado, let me introduce myself and talk about my experience/duties/responsibilities/main activities:

As I exposed previously in a post in this forum, the way NEAR has impacted my life is huge full:

  • Firstly, I’m Luis Aponte, BA in International Affairs, living in Caracas (Venezuela) for the moment and with a huge experience in different fields. I have been working in cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2017 with the company of @FritzWorm about the mining process of crypto that was a huge rush back then. By that moment, I moved to Medellín (Colombia) and I worked in different jobs but I aimed for the target when I started working for the City Hall of Medellin in a Tax Intelligence Project to avoid evasion of taxes, money laundering, and fulfillment of guarantee of the execution of fiscal policy. I met @AndreaB794 that was when I learned the importance of Social Worker and the impact this job has on society and minorities in Medellín and expanded my point of view as I’m passionate about governmental affairs.
  • Currently, I’m working in two different fields but with deep influence in the digital industry and international trade. I’m Director of Governmental, Political and Social Affairs of the Multilateral Chamber of Commerce and Cooperation between Israel and Iberoamérica (that includes Andorra, Spain, and Portugal) and I’m also a Supply-end Manager in (the #1 booking platform for coliving spaces). This part of me excites me so much as at these two jobs I have been able to execute what I studied.
  • As the icing on the cake, I found the excellent community of NEAR and its ecosystem that has achieved in me the opportunities in some many roles to earn deep-related knowledge and to build a strong work-squad:

. Leader of NEAR Venezuela Guild: I’m responsible for the execution, organization, delegation, and direction of all projects, development, leadership, and decision-making as well as long-term vision of the guild’s objectives

. Researcher/Investigator and Content Creator in Sankore 2.0

. Coordinator and Manager of Operations in NEARMUN Project.

. Coordinator of Operations and Onboarding New Members Manager in Palmeros de Chacao Project.

. Collaborator of Cryptobeer, P2P, and other development projects and tasks within Near Venezuela Guild.

. Creation of a Translation Squad including more than 5 languages for the content of NEAR community, Near Venezuela Guild, Near ES-Wiki, etc with @Alecaseg @user1

  • As the last point, I’m a big fan of motorcycles, bikes and I’d love to do motocross again. I’m training with bikes focused on MTB and cross-country. Also, road training takes more time. I love music but I have a little weakness for rock music, as I’m a current freelance guitarist. I read a lot about geopolitics and security/defense stuff and I’d love to involve and integrate blockchain and NEAR within international trade, security defense, governments, etc.

Hope this works for what this article meant to be. Thanks in advance.


Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Hello my friends from NEAR Venezuela and NEAR all around the world, my name is Juan Enrique, NCD L1 and NCI.

I am a Systems Engineer, Full Stack programmer, I have experience in Unreal Engine/C++, Unity2D/3D/C#. I have done projects in Python, Kotlin, JS, but currently I am focused on Typescript, Assemblyscript and Flutter/Dart.

In the same way I am in a Rust Programming Master, because I have several ideas for the ecosystem.

My level of written English is quite good and my Spanish grammar is great, so I have worked with several translations with @FritzWorm , @Jloc , @Alecaseg , @LuisAponte99 and @nacho.near .

I extend congratulations for being a great team, because we have generated an efficient and very well coordinated team.

Translations Spanish November update

Learn Near Club Translations ES December

I have experience in staff training, so I have made 2 videos for Mintbase about how to create the store and how to mint nft.

Mintbase Youtube - Como Crear tu Store en Mintbase y mintear tu primer NFT

Mintbase Youtube - Cómo mintear tu primer NFT & como desarrollar las ventas (versión corta)

I also translated some Mintbase Medium articles from English to Spanish.

[Bounty in STANDBY] Translation of existing articles about Mintbase. 20 to 30 USD in NEAR

I made the translation of Paras from English to Spanish.

GitHub PR Paras Spanish language added

I have been in the crypto ecosystems for a couple of years, mainly learning how to create in the various chains, and which are the best chains for users. I think there is no need to comment on the answer, but I will say it, so that there is no doubt, NEAR obviously.

A little personal information, I have been an administrative supervisor and manager in physical stores, I have extensive experience in customer service, so I always focus on the user having the best possible experience and on staff training, so I am very interested in creating guides to develop in the NEAR ecosystem.

I am sure that we never stop learning, and that we must continue updating ourselves day after day and growing personally and professionally.

I am confident that we can help scale the blockchain to be used in everyday life around the world.

Your friend…



Hello NEAR Community.

Hoping you are doing great and safe, I am very thankful for the opportunity of meeting all the NEAR Venezuela members, their dreams, and expectations in this community.

My name is America Castro @ame9986. I am from Venezuela and live very close to Caracas.

I have a degree in International Affairs with a Human Rights specialty. Though I did not practice for long my profession, it was a time of knowledge and growing.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I try to fulfill this passion every time I can, but as you know, money does not grow on trees, so I had to figure out other ways to earn money while I kept traveling.

That’s the reason I self-learned how to build and design websites and trade with crypto.

My path through trading taught me a little about blockchain, but I always associated it with financial matters only. How wrong I was!

By the end of 2021, I met @Jloc at a craft beer event, where he explained how NEAR Protocol is the future :sunglasses:. Since then, my awareness of blockchain has changed.

In these few months, reading and learning about NEAR Protocol have made me more aware of the possibilities of this blockchain and its scope in different areas.

For me, it is such an honor to be part of this community, learn from everyone, and help to grow NEAR Protocol in Venezuela and Latin America.



A thought on Life: A Journey towards the unknown

No one tells you what to do with your life. No one really can give accurate advice on which paths to follow. Plain simply it’s a road with no signs and really not much besides a long journey ahead, which is being molded by you when you travel through it.

This was my life back then, and I had all the correct advices.

At eighteen years old I graduated from high school and had to choose a career path. I was at the time a professional tennis player and my parents didn’t want me to gamble the best years that I had to achieve my full potential, or whatever the hell that is.

I got into engineering school, and in the second year of the career I knew that was a complete mistake. In an Algebra II class I just said, okay well that is just not for me. In front of the class, I got through that door and never came back.

Later after that I got into Business school, still didn’t think that was for me, but ended up studying three years either way. Got a secondary degree that allowed me to work or at least get a decent knowledge of economics in general. I Still have to finish that career.

On March 9th 2020 I decided to travel abroad and work outside. I have done everything by the book, got the required paperwork and documents to present and enough money to get a working visa in Denmark. On March 10th immigration offices in Copenhagen closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Had to return to my country (I am from Argentina) and later in August that same year I got the chance to work abroad in the United Kingdom (London) and what would you know? November 5th they would close the entire country, once again had to go back.

At the beginning of 2021 I had nothing, I was back to square one with no studies, no job, and living with my father. Heartbroken by what I thought was the end of my good years and that I had become a wash up and no good for anything because I “didn’t follow the steps that everyone does” and because of that I have nothing and I don’t have a proper job… I went all in on crypto. With just 600 dollars which was the money I got from selling my phone.

Thanks to a friend of mine I was introduced to this incredible world, in which there are new technologies everyday. I was baffled with the information that was circulating and how far we have come building lots of functional chains and new bridges onto a new world

I got into a project as a Community Manager (Apexit Finance) and learned a lot from it, when it was my time to depart I gave my gratitude and looked into new projects. A lot were really useful, others had a very friendly community, others just fun to hang around.

And then came Near.

@FritzWorm gave me the huge opportunity to take part in it and right now I’m trying to do anything I can, to give back and create more connections and get as many people as I can into this incredible ecosystem that is Near and that is Blockchain in itself.

Thanks to that crazy and wise year that 2020 was, from the rock bottom down below I could reconstruct a new version of me. I managed to get really good calls on crypto and make a living out of it (surely it was a little bit of luck and some knowledge on economics). And I learned an important truth about life based on what was my worst moment which I had transformed me and granted me the possibility of living a new life.

That there really is no correct path. There really are not correct advices or something that can assure you that you will succeed or that you will get a safe future. Or even that you will at least like it. I had the best advice where there could be and (luckily of course) I could do anything it was supposed to be done. And that got me nowhere as planned.

And the best thing I could have done is risk it all. Never let any advice or someone who is not yourself decide what would be better for you. You have to ride that road that is meant only for you. And only you will fill that journey with memories that will decide where you are headed.

That is the best way to live this Journey towards the unknown.

Thank you very much if you read all the way through, hope it brings some clearance to whatever it may clear :blush:

Special Thanks to everyone along the way. This part of my journey wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t been here alongside me @FritzWorm @Butneversaved @Alecaseg @Jessica




Nice to meet you all …

I am Taghrid Zebian @Tagozz, Lebanese so I am Arabic, French and English because they are my primary languages. Then I got married to a Venezuelan in 2006 and I live here, so I speak Spanish as well. That’s why I like to translate and explain words’ meanings to many languages.

Graduated from MUBS (Modern University of Business and Science) with Business Administration in 2000 and education in 2004 …I worked at many institutes in Beirut Lebanon, and as a marketing in coop hypermarket and as a teacher in SNC school …

My friend @Alecaseg gave me the opportunity to join this community and I am so glad to be a member of NEAR.


Hi everyone

I’m Rodolfo Agustinho.

A Brazilian musician who has been living in Caracas, Venezuela for more than 35 years and thanks to my studies, English-speaking friends, my work and my life in Venezuela I was able to learn English and Spanish languages (and some others that I’m not as fluent as I would like to be but I’m still learning). It was a little late when I discovered (I’m a newbie) the translation jobs in this community and I only could just do a small translation to Portuguese.

It’s very nice to be part of this community and I’m very glad to introduce myself here!

Be good, be happy, be Near!


Hello my NEAR Friends!

Who would have thought that finding a good craft beer would take me to the NEAR world?

  • A Brief story of how I got here

I’m Ulises Marin @ramgor. Some time ago, I was searching where to drink a good craft beer in Caracas. Looking for it, I visited Cheers factory craft beer. Time before, NEAR was just one more Token to speculate within my trades. It was there at Cheers Factory where I heard about NEAR protocol as the tremendous ecosystem it is.

This is how I started my journey into the NEAR world. By discovering how a blockchain-powered project can be much more than the sum of its parts, a whole wide universe of possibilities where I found not only a decentralized way to give and to receive back for your contributions and efforts in the system while everybody build it together, but I place to share ideas, creativity, initiative, and make new friends!

What I Like?

Traveling of course! (who doesn’t?). I also like Brazilian Music a lot. This took me to start a MPB (Popular Brazilian Music) band which has been active for more than 30 years, it has been the best paid hobby to me! We are still playing!

This activity gave me a deep knowledge of The Portuguese (Brazilian) Language. Now I can speak it with just a little accent and using even the local slang according to the region in Brazil.

Relevant skills for this ecosystem and knowledge in Computing and Technology Area

  • I am a Computer Analyst by profession, and an eternal self-taught student.
  • Free Software Specialist
    • GNU-LINUX Server Administrator: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP), multipurpose Web servers (Wordpress content generator, MOODLE online teaching tools, and others), Database servers (MariaDB, MYSQL), Mail servers, DNS servers, or any service under GNU-LINUX.
    • Workstation Administrator under GNU-LINUX: Development, graphic design, office suites (LIBREOFFICE, OPENOFFICE) etc.
  • Trilingual
    • Fluent (speaking/writing) in English, Portuguese and Spanish (Native Latino)
  • Trader: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities, index.
    • Solid knowledge in technical analysis.

My contributions in NEAR

It’s been a short time since I joined NEAR (mid-December 2021), my activities have been so far:

Promotion in social networks:

  • Creation of twitter account @NEAR_Alerts to promote the NEAR PROTOCOL (+100 followers)
  • Translation from English to Portuguese
  • Near Academy WEB3 introductory course (approved)

Appreciate your interest and your time for this reading.

Wallet: ramgor.near


Amazing :rocket: :goat:
We will bring more value to the NEAR community and ecosystem.


@jiten123321 Hello friend, so it seems that Near Venezuela is offering Translations, we can add that to the Guild list you have in NOTION.

Big hug, and cheers :beers:


Buenos día equipo wilmer barico soy de valencia y estoy incursionando en mundo de la blochain,NCA y profesor de la Universidad de Carabobo, Especialista en tecnologia de la Computación y me integro al equipo de traducciones agradecido porvesta oportunidad y también integrando en buena parte como colaborador en otras proyecto NEAR