Proposal NEAR WIKIS ( Spanish - French - Portuguese versions)

Hey NEARians,
@FritzWorm @Jloc, It is a pleasure to e-greet you again and announce in this opportunity that we continue giving our talents from NEAR VENEZUELA GUILD to develop a WIKI that allows people of other languages than English, to have access to valuable information. We have grown our team and now we are offering this WIKI not only in Spanish, but also in French and Portuguese.
Here is our proposal:
NEAR-WIKIS: ¡Bienvenidos! - NEAR WIKIS


  • In our early stage, translate NEAR Wiki content to Spanish, Portuguese and French as initial languages, and later other languages will be added.
  • Create content about development and use-cases that we know are very necessary, for example: a path for beginning developers that explains: How do we create in NEAR?, Why do we do it this way?, etc… and for users : Properly document the existing tools and dApps in the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Integration of content and links for developers in NEAR Wikis (information, tools for UD and developers)
  • Create an easy-to-navigate electronic encyclopedia
  • Onboarding of new users through a website with the most common NEAR questions


To orient and guide the reader in their native language, with information about NEAR according to their knowledge and interests such as:

  • What is NEAR?
  • Glossary and terminology
  • What can I do with my NEAR?
  • How does NEAR work? (account/token model etc. - link to White Paper)
  • Why NEAR?
  • What is the NEAR ecosystem?
  • Brief overview of what it is and what it offers
  • Links to dApps
  • Instructions on how to start building
  • Frequently Asked Questions: a collection of the most frequently asked questions

To connect with NEAR: more detailed article on what the NEAR community is and its bases:

  • What is the NEAR Community?
  • How can I join?
  • Why should I join?
  • Guilds in NEAR
  • What is a guild?
  • Why should I join a guild?
  • How can I join a guild?
  • How can I start a guild?
  • Guild guide
  • Funding requests, etc. Details on grants and funding, as well as relevant technical documentation (or redirects to specific parts of Wiki/technical documents).
  • Legal Considerations (Developed by the NEAR Legal Guild and NF’s internal legal team)
  • Technology (collect all existing information): How NEAR works
  • Overview of the protocol and how it works. (Mention and explanation of Sharding)

To link to:

  • awesome NEAR
  • meta pool
  • dawn
  • Ref Finance
  • White paper
  • posts

Target Audience

Our target audience will be the Hispanic, Francophone, and Lusophone people (at the beginning), which is a significant segment of the total population that gives value to our NEAR community.

Expected Results

We want our audience to learn more about the NEAR ecosystem in their native languages, facilitating their education and integration into the NEAR protocol, to encourage them to join our community, through participation within the ecosystem as developers, holders, builders, or enthusiasts.

Success Metrics

It can be measured by evaluating factors such as the increase of participation by communities that make up our target audience, The Level of satisfaction through pools, regarding the availability of information in their languages


To reach as many people as possible according to our audience, to build a solid community within NEAR Wikis, which can be followed by its users in the RRSS.


Taking our target audience into account, the current population and countries available that we can potentially reach are enormous, around 80 countries and territories, covering close to 1 Billion people speaking those languages directly (natives), without counting other people speaking them as a second language.


Due to our scope of action, all content information generated for the NEAR Protocol may be covered, this means we won’t have any geographical limitations on the ecosystem.

Project Members

  • Samuel Navas: (Samuel Navas#2392) Blockchain Experienced, Chainlink, Binance and NCD L1. Located in Argentina.

  • Aleida Castillo: (AlexChateau#5142) Languages Teacher, Translator, NCA, Forex trader. Located in Canada.

  • Juan Enrique Peña: (JuanEnriquePH#8461) Translator, developer, NCD L1, NCI. Located in Mexico.

  • Luis Aponte: (Luis Aponte#4656) BA International Affairs / Experience in Security, Defense and International Trade. Project leader. Located in Venezuela and soon in Spain.

  • Yehosua Guarata: (yehosua.near#2055) Consumer Conduct, Personal Marketing, Digital Marketing, Electronic Commerce. Located in Venezuela.

  • Ulises Marin Diamante: (ramgor#0255) Linux System Admin. Blockchain enthusiast, Translator EN-PT-ES. NCA, NCP, Crypto-trader. Member of the translation team. Technical assistant. Located in Venezuela.

  • Valcer Rodolfo Agustinho: (RodoBossa#6709) Translator and interpreter specializing in Brazilian Portuguese. Brazilian. Located in Venezuela.

  • Taghrid Zebian: (tagozz#4656) Translator, experience in Administration, languages Teacher. Lebanese, native languages French, Arabic and English. Lives in Venezuela .

  • Nabiaska Garcia (nabi22#6454) Translator, personal marketing, Blockchain enthusiast. Lives in Venezuela

Tasks and hours of work per Member

Yehoshua Guarata Graphic designing, Social Media 100 h/month
Samuel Navas Communicating, channel moderating, technical manager 80h/month
Luis Aponte Programming and planning, content creation validator, SP-Proofreading 100 h/month
Juan E. Peña Main content creator about Developing. ES-Translator and Space Editor. 80 h/month
Aleida Castillo Translations coordinating, FR-Proofreading and Space Editor. 80 h/month
Taghrid Zebian FR-Translator and content creator. 80 h/month
Nabiaska Garcia Fr-Translator, content searching. 80 h/month
Ulises Marin Pt-Translator and Pt-Proofreading and Developing content creator assistant. 80 h/month
Valcer R. Agustinho Pt-Translator and content creator 80 h/month

Milestones and Roadmap

What do we expect in a month?

  • Collect as much information as possible
  • Design the user experience
  • Define weak points: Different schedules?
  • Translate information from English (mother language source) into proposed languages
  • Create social networks: IG, Twitter? (done)
  • Design an es-wiki logo (done)

What do we expect in 2 months?

  • Create guides for end-users and new members of the community while educating and encouraging the UX
  • Generate development content, education, projects, activities, guilds, etc. Focused on all levels of impact of Near.
  • Publish updated content in RRSS

What do we expect in 3 months?

  • Continuous translations of information and documents from other languages.
  • Content creation (any topic)

What do we expect in 4 months?

  • Test and review

What do we expect in 5 months?

  • Checking and improving end user’s experience with feedback.

What do we expect in 6 months?

  • Evaluation of fulfilled goals
  • Update content, guides, documents, links, etc.
  • Update of the road map for the next 6 months
  • Integrate the content into the new guild/members/users of the ecosystem.

Social Media

Twitter: @NearEsWiki (

Telegram : Near Es-Wiki



Based on the experience and previous requests, we consider funding for funds by the amount of USD $5,000 per month



Awesome proposal, however the Wiki is currently undergoing a bit of a face lift and that includes and overhaul (and creation) of content.

Expect a post from me on the forum sometime soon regarding crowdsourced translations, too. With this in mind, I think we should hold on this for now - but we can definitely work to redirect the energy :muscle:


Nice one, this would increase our community reach and enable other with language barrier benefit and see a new world in our wonderful Near community.# Near community up we go.


I dont know what this is, (Edit: now I know, it was related to activities from Guild members helping this project)

but I do support the content creation for a Spanish Wiki, not necessarily correlated to the Wiki that David is leading.

We from Near Venezuela Guild supported 2 months ago with funding for the Wiki to @user1 @Alecaseg @LuisAponte99 and we hope we can keep doing that for you, as the Wiki you created may worth for Nearcomers from Near Venezuela and other Hispanic communities.

Just to clarify, from Near Venezuela we dont ask for funding for council seats on our DAO, I mean, being a council and collaborate with the maintenance of Near Venezuela Guild is a volunteer activity.

Finally I will recommend you to focus the funding request for this educational activities into an Educational Grant or fellowship from Near University


Not really sure about this.

Good proposal but I think is kind of hard to understand.

Please remember you can review proposals with @FritzWorm or myself before posting in the forum.

Let’s restructure the proposal so it’s more clear and avoid confusion. That might be the reason why @David_NEAR is putting this on hold. Is not clear is a different wiki!


Excellent proposal

I’m glad to be part of this project that we have been working on since Jan and we are stretching more ties within the community

I’d like to be advised for anyone in here to know how to receive support and to avoid any kind of misunderstanding even though we have been clear about it.

Luis Aponte


Thanks @LuisAponte99

Indeed, great proposal. As you know, full support from Near Venezuela.

From the conversation on the Wiki Discord your team help me understand.

I will edit the proposal a little, to help with the table and clarification on the last breakdown. @Alecaseg


thanks @FritzWorm @Jloc for your orientation to improve and correct our proposal! appreciate your support! :smiley:

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Thank you for your comments @David_NEAR. We will be happily eager and willing to contribute to our community!


Ah yeah, my bad.

What’s the reasoning behind developing a brand new Wiki when efforts could be made to translate the existing one?

As well as the docs and nomicon

+$30k and 6 months to create an information repo?

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would love to work with content creation team for NEAR Hacker House, please dm

Hey, Cameron is heading up the NEAR Hacker House in Miami - he’s contactable on Telegram on @CameronDennis


Great project, and I believe once clarity is ensure it will make the near community a better place for the Venezuelans. Adiós # near up we go.