[Report] NEAR VENEZUELA [March]

Actividades del mes de marzo 2022
Onboarding y Vector Outreach de apoyo para los Bootcamps
Junto al equipo: @Franciscogonzalezn @Albanyher @Nicoleadames l

(1 Reunión de enlace con diputados del Consejo Legislativo, 2 Talleres de inducción, 3 Webinar, 1 entrevista a medio de comunicación)

✓ 4463 Personas alcanzadas en redes

✓ 50 participantes en reunión online

✓ 44 wallets creadas a los participantes:

  1. mariamaniglia.near
  2. gustavoamaniglia.near
  3. gustavomaniglia.near
  4. lourdescuicar.near
  5. jenifferapitz.near
  6. millyrodriguez.near
  7. yolivillegas.near
  8. elianagarcia.near
  9. alejandrasambrano.near
  10. eliezerruiz.near
  11. endettraidi.near
  12. emiliaguillen.near
  13. josedaular.near
  14. renzoaular.near
  15. sughilmgonzalez.near
  16. annyasuaje.near
  17. elenarodriguez.near
  18. luisbaute.near
  19. dayanaschwarck.near
  20. moisescontreras.near
  21. carlossmolina.near
  22. jesusmolina.near
  23. dariogarcia.near
  24. jesuschirinos.near
  25. beatrizb.near
  26. jennyrodriguez.near
  27. nerisramos.near
  28. isaachenriquez.near
  29. raquelrodriguez.near
  30. erwinpadron.near
  31. mireyagil.near
  32. douglascontreras.near
  33. douglasdamez.near
  34. danielgutierrez.near
  35. alfloricioorozco.near
  36. sagmigomez.near
  37. sonygomez.near
  38. mapara77.near
  39. lcuicar.near
  40. alejandromarrero.near
  41. jesusdiaz.near
  42. sehfp.near
  43. luiscuicar.near
  44. profeisrael170.near

✓ 40 participantes inscritos en el bootcamps NCA 04/04/2002 .

✓ 4 videos y 20 diseños simples publicados en redes sociales.



Excellent Fritz,

As Developer in Residence we are closing this month of March with the delivery of the NEAR P2P Dex application placed on Testnet for testing according to the report
https://gov.near.org/t/report-week-16-p2p-near- dex-week-and-month-summary/17852

Within the NEAR Venezuela Community we are working on mechanisms that encourage developers who are Certified to think about and shape projects to develop and integrate the NEAR ecosystem


@Arturoahs, awesome report: complete, detailed and congruent…Congrats! Many thanks for your talent and support to our Guild NEAR Venezuela. The fruit of your work is one of the most valuables. Please keep working on, and don’t give up. :grinning: :muscle:t4: :muscle:t4: :rocket: :rocket:


Hey NEARnauts!
Thank you @FritzWorm @Jloc @LuisAponte99 @user1 @jeph and all of you members of Venezuelan Guild Council, Project leaders and enthusiastic community. It is great to report you all again what has been done most recently, always considering that the size of the contribution does not matter, but rather the great value it adds to the Ecosystem. Here, my grain of sand of contribution during the month of March:

  • Near Token uses case
  • About Communities
  • About Guilds
  • About the Ecosystem

Thank you very much to @LilianPS @AnaNastya @sasha @vrdoingthings @Sofia_Alum… I feel privileged in my capacity as a translator of the trust placed in me for the delicate task of transmitting the information in a reliable manner so that the largest number of users (Spanish and Francophones) can enjoy and dispose of it and use it when they require it. It is my most sincere wish to continue adding value by offering this opportunity to those whose language is not English so that they can in turn offer their talents for the growth of the Great NEAR Family and continue building in this wonderful NEAR Universe.
Always ready when you need me,

Alex Chateau,
The best is yet to come…and is very NEAR!!!


HELLO TEAM. On Near Venezuela’s Instagram, we made a change in the backgrounds; we decided to use images of the country (Morrocoy, Angel Falls, etc). It would be interesting to add to all social networks of different countries’ some emblematic images of each one. Doing this, we would show that there is a sense of belonging on both: Near and the country where the community is being created.

We have been present in all the Twitter Spaces that @Nativo has carried out, having as a goal to be up to date with projects that are being developed and encouraging community participation in these events through Instagram stories.
At the beginning of March, through Twitter Space, our DEVS leader Andrés Dominguez was talking about the progress of the P2P DEX. We recorded the interview; it can be found on Instagram. At the same time, we have dedicated ourselves to participate in certifications to record them so the community can observe which are the topics and benefits of carrying out the certifications.
Also, we were at the talk that Fritz Wagner gave at the Metropolitan University, located in Caracas. All videos and entries were live posted on stories.

We made a video with Fritz Wagner about how to deploy an smart contract, so people can see that it’s not impossible to program in web 3.0, it only requires a little knowledge of the subject.

In addition, we have a reel that explains the Near University certifications through a didactic and easy-to-understand way.

This month we will be following Near Venezuela’s projects, sponsoring events, and showing where Near is accepted. Additionally, using reels, we will explain the benefits of all applications that you can find in Near, so the community can get acquainted.
To conclude, Instagram works by interactions. However, if we want to position ourselves, we need to make a paid Campaings to reach new followers interested in certifications for this reason a test will be applied this month to achieve an estimated reach between 5.000-10.000 accounts.

In summary, our goal this month has been to promote Nears University certifications. Because of that, we started in March publishing a calendar with the dates. We were present in dapps’ showroom and a video was made by @andresdom and María Eugenia Arevalo explaining the progress of P2P DEX.
At the same time, we have been attending Nativo’s twitter spaces and we did reels about Burrito Batles Project, Metapool and P2P. We did a teamwork with Nativo that had the purpose of making a shared post which would be beneficial for March 23th Twitter Spaces.

With the objective of promoting the Near Wallet’s benefits, we shared a reel where we taught about how to transfer an NFT from the Near Wallet quickly.
We made a collaboration with Near Venezuela, where Fritz Wagner teaches about smart contracts. Purpose is people can see that is not impossible to program in WEB3.0.

Through stories we transmit the NCA of March 14th. Every day we connected and explained what the instructor said, we taught that they could attend class from their phones or computers without problem. Also, we invited the community to attend Twitter Spaces.
Besides, we can see Fritz Wagner’s stories talks. People have been receptive to stories and have asked about certifications. We are grateful to @cristinavlous y @Cristian for their participation and help.

What’s next for instagram accounts?

  • Prepare a calendar with all the activities that will be carried out in Spanish.

  • Transmit all the events through the stories.

  • Carry out weekly live

  • Test paid campaigns to demonstrate their reach.

  • Start tiktok campaign.

This is the work that was carried out throughout the month of March for OWS and the Near community, the videos and accounts will focus from another point of view to publicize all the near educational systems, including that of MV-TRADERS.

To close this report I include the twitters that are created in Spanish and English to spread, under flying rhino, content related to near and the applications that you can use and the best projects that are currently circulating on the platform.

What comes with twitter?

We will use these two accounts and those of all the participants of our teams to spread the word about what can be achieved in NEAR PRORTOCOL, seeking to generate more interaction in events such as twitter spaces that are held directly in Venezuela and throughout the NEAR HISPANIC community.


It great what you do guys!!! I enjoy checking the live chart and trying to follow your trading ideas!!


I am anxious to see that many people can use this new platform, P2P promises a lot for the future :muscle:t4: :muscle:t4: :muscle:t4:


I say this in French: J’ai hate de voir tout les nouveaux project actives!!


Hello my dear family, I leave you here a little bit of the movement of the month of March of our beautiful community that continues to grow.

I share the growth that we have obtained in the discord in terms of users and interaction, it has not been significant but it is positive, which is very important, we will continue betting on the coming months to continue adding people and growing more and more .


Community messages:

Members with more interaction in messages and voice:

I also want to share Telegram statistics from NEAR Venezuela where this month we have had significant growth, especially in user interaction, which makes us very happy because it tells us that the broadcast message from NEAR is clearly coming through.


Message interaction

With these metrics I say goodbye wishing all of Near a good month of April and especially my Near Venezuela team, Let’s go for more …!!!


Personally I also wanted to share here my happiness of obtaining the Near Certified Analyst. We continue to add knowledge in this beautiful community.


Hi team! it is my placer to share with all of you my achievements and contributions for this month:

  • I’m So happy to accomplish the NCA and NCE and to receive my certificates



  • I’m currently at the middle of the NCE program (3 months course)

  • I Started been an active member of the Community DAO, with more than 110 votes casted to date. Thanks @FritzWorm for encouraging me to be part of this important segment of our ecosystem.


  • I’m already registered in the forum as a Community DAO member

  • Recently, I joined to the Community DAO council group, with 18 votes approvals, to collaborate building this initiative from the inside.


  • I was actively participating in to the governance forum, getting 18 badges to date

Profile - ramgor - NEAR Forum

  • Started to collaborate to the recently created NEAR TRANSLATORS GUILD, been part of the council members

Thanks to the lyderships for the confidence in me to work with you as a team

Thanks to the whole team for their support on all those activities !


Hi NEAR Venezuela community!

I hope you’re doing great and ready for April’s new challenges. :muscle:

March was quite a busy month at NEAR, with some contributions and lots of learning that I think will help with my future collaboration with the ecosystem.

First, I participated in the mentor and mentee program, where I met veteran contributors who told us about their experiences and taught us a few tricks to help with projects in the future.

It was an OWS project led by @AnaNastya : ‘Mentorship program.’

As an outcome, I was selected by my mentor @LuisAponte99 for future projects as a content creator, currently helping with the NEARMUN project web design.

Check the OWS Mentorship program report :v:

I would love to mention that I helped in the transcription and translation of the interviews of the NEAR Hispano team, along with other colleagues from the NEAR Venezuela translation guild.

As a result, it is online the ‘Web3 Entrepreneurs Guide playbook,’ with the great effort done by the OWS team @vrdoingthings and @Sofia_Alum, among others. I thank them for the opportunity.

In addition to the above, during this month, I completed two courses taught by NEAR Hispano: the NCA and NCP Bootcamp. :rocket: :fire:

To conclude, I have been helping @ramgor plan meetings with educational entities to take the NEAR project to the institutions in Venezuela, thus helping achieve the goals of the NEAR Venezuela Guild.

Our first encounter was in the ‘Universisad Nacional Experimental de las Telecomunicaciones e Informática’ with the speek of @Jloc about the NEAR Education program.

Hopefully, April is going to be as busy and exciting as March. :star_struck:

Greetings to all. :beers:


Greetings colleagues !!!

It seems that I go very fast covering many things, but pressing few. I have neglected guilds where I was interested in working to create written content: Open Forest Protocol, NEAR Writer Collective, NEAR Design Guild, or in the Mentorship program with @LuisAponte99. I haven’t been able to make any progress on it. I am working with rewards that come from the heart and that go to the heart, he he. But I will recover. What happens is that I’m a bit scattered, I like everything in NEAR. Still a lot to assimilate and fix. It’s crazy.

This is what I can report for March (incl., some prospects for the future):

  1. Preparing the “Crypto Beer NEAR Company” whitepaper. Start with an outline and I’m getting ahead of the content. Both based on that post and conversations with chiefs. 60% progress. I’m taking too long, I’m so sorry @FritzWorm and @Jloc

  2. Community DAO
    Having become a member of Community DAO (‘Community’ group) at the end of January 2022 (in the promotion of the NEAR ETH Denver event), I only started to be a very active member at the beginning of March, as part of the ‘Venezuela’ group (approved on March 9, 2022), and so far from the ‘Education’ group (approved March 28, 2022). Here in this post you can see my activity where I accumulated resources for onboarding new members, as well as some interaction in TG and Discord to the seen in the historial, and also being aware of reminding my colleagues from NEAR Venezuela to become members, show activity in the DAO and vote for the proposals in progress. This is my status:

  3. Course NEAR Certified Analyst supported by NEAR Hispano (completed/approved).
    It took me two weeks. I started between March 7-11, 2022, but I never sent the proposal and the questionnaire. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t assimilated the content well to mature my project. So I logged back in between March 14-18, and submitted all the assignments. I thank my instructor @joycelozano for the attention given. My project proposal was an educational and research program to train parabiologists (i.e., research assistants) from the non-academic general public. The idea is to create a decentralized platform for research and generate value from data/photos that they can obtain to be offered in a market of scientific data on biodiversity. I have a diagram and the idea is rolling in my brain to build in NEAR. Patience… Thanks @FritzWorm for checking it out and encouraging me to continue. A break is coming to think about Education, perhaps participate in the emerging NEAR Venezuela Regional HUB, but not before approving an NCP (…we’ll see when!).

  4. My first steps with NFT’s
    With great interest I was following up on this simple post, expressing my enthusiasm as an amateur nature photographer and the desire to show my work. At the end of the month, I created my second NEAR wallet [all4ferns.near] to apply to minting photos of my biologist stuff taken from 2005 to date (approx. 25 GB of data on my hard drive). Finally, this is going to see the light for the enjoyment of all. Thank you @Dazo for the support and help provided in your initiative. In the last hours, I have started the collection in PROCD store … this will partially explode in April: all4ferns.near Mintbase

I keep trying to observe everything we are doing in NEAR Venezuela and I want to contribute more, support you all in whatever way I can and grow our local community, NEAR and the universe. Lots to read…


Congratulations for all your efforts within the Near network.
I was very happy with your first nfts. The Procd store wants to bring many more photographers so we can share experiences together.
I will take the liberty of sharing your profile to the community so that everyone can follow your photography work and your experience.


Dear @ame9986 Thank you so much for your contribution to the OWS Entrepreneur’s Guide! The ecosystem is lucky to have you with us.


I appreciate you guys! congratz all. You are on a good path that will set an example for other regional guilds. Look back we’re following you :hugs:


Great meeting, excited to see how it develops :beers:


Congrats on your achievements, I’m happy to see you grow within this amazing community. I’m sure you and @ame9986 are great contributors to the ecosystem and I want to see this education initiative move on. :slight_smile:


Congrats on your achievements mate, keep up the hard work :slight_smile: