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  • @ramgor Ulises Marin: (ramgor#0255) Free Software Specialist, Blockchain enthusiast, Translator, NCA, NCP, NCE(currently), Trader.
  • @jeph Juan Enrique Peña: (JuanEnriquePH#8461) Translator, developer, NCD L1, NCI.
  • @Alecaseg Aleida Castillo: (AlexChateau#5142) Languages Teacher, Translator, NCA, Forex trader.
  • @user1 Samuel Navas: (Samuel Navas#2392) Blockchain Experienced, Chainlink, Binance and NCD L1.
  • @LuisAponte99 Luis Aponte: (Luis Aponte#4656) BA International Affairs / Experience in Security, Defense and International Trade.



Twitter: @ TBA

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Medium: NEAR Translators Guild – Medium

Discord: TBA

Telegram: NEAR-Translators


Near Wallet: translatorsguild.near

Mission Statement

To serve as solid support for the NEAR protocol community, as a tool to translate content to different languages.

About NEAR Translators

Many Guilds and projects have requested translation services. Many people from different countries have made contributions translating documents for many communities, reaching nonEnglish speakers users. That is why some of these communities have been growing in time.

Translation contributions were necessary from the beginning to build communities all around the world, but there is lots of work to be done.

We will proactively help out developers, creators, artists and investors interested in joining the Web 3.0 movement bringing the opportunity of having the correct information in their own languages. The idea is still in its infancy, and most people are not aware of what it might be or how it can benefit their lives just for being introduced to Near in the mother language.

Our first step is to translate in order to educate why decentralization, digital ownership, permissionless protocols, open data, and financial freedom are important. Our end goal is to have users familiar with these concepts for when Web 3.0 is embedded in our everyday lives.

Vision in 2022

Education & Support:

We will be focusing on principal concepts and the basics of blockchain and Web 3.0 during the first months working in teams by languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic. This will be reflected in our socials so that we have a strong foundation for our guild. At the same time invite to join our Guild, Translators that have been collaborating in projects like LNC, Near Wiki, Legal Guild, NEAR University, NEAR Hispano and others Guilds languages to expand and work in almost the same line in different languages at the same time.


  • Open our Net channels: Discord, Twitter, Tg, Ig, etc
  • Invite translators from different Guilds Languages
  • Offer our services where project are in expansion
  • Translate documents from core resources
  • Have community e-meeting to discuss necessities and results


As a starting guild, this is where our main focus will be to maximize our reach to all Nearians. Goals:

  • Launch our website
  • Setup all socials
  • Market to online


  • Help to onboarding new members
  • Guide the community through the ecosystem.
  • Promotes education supported by the different educational media already translated in the community: LearnNear Club, Near Academy, Near University, Near Wiki, White paper, etc.
  • Invite members to contribute and generate value to the guild and the ecosystem.
  • Establish a Legal NEAR Translators Team
  • Regular calls, meets, AMA.
  • monthly reports


Soc networks, etc
Roles definitions and team recruitment
Guild project analysis
First meeting - Ideas

Evaluate documents already available in different languages
Sort out documentation
Classify documentation in a Control spreadsheet

Initiate translations
Introducing advanced metrics

Share translations in our medium and social media if the Guild needs it or delivery to the Guild if they have the marketing resource.

“Los escritores hacen la literatura nacional y los traductores hacen la literatura universal”.

-José Saramago



@FritzWorm @marianeu


I support this proposal! I love this engagement with community !:clap:

@Dacha go?


Good morning, great initiative :muscle: I have the same thoughts - create a multilingual group of translators.

  • I propose add Russian Turkish Italy Germany languages ( a have a list of current translators - Marketing DAO contributors),
  • determinate topics and fair market rewards (near games , general, etc ),
  • propose initial funding in Marketing DAO.

Great initiative! but without russian language it’s halfway only :laughing:
Just give a call - full team will be collected for this :rocket:


Thanks for your words, formally I’d like to invite you to the team, I like your translations, very clean.

Thank you for your time and your thoughts.

Of course, we would like to continue to increase the team and target languages.

We wanted to start with the languages that we can guarantee 101% quality.

If you can connect us with those people of the languages that we are missing we would be very grateful.

I saw that Kemal does a good translation, if he likes to join the German part of the team we’ll be more than happy.

For sure, we want to introduce all the world to the NEAR ecosystem, and we can do it by reaching them in their native languages.


Hey @jeph, I really like the idea, and thanks that you’re taking this initiative. :muscle:

Right, I am already doing translations for Learn Near Club, so would be happy to join the German part of the team! :raised_hands:


Hey guys!!, I propose to join in a call to e-meet each other and set a path to begin!,

  • We can take a list of current and actives translators from LNC, so know exactly which languages we can offer as a team
  • About topics, I propose priority content used for educational purpose in Near University, Near Academy and Near Hispano as well. This will open opportunities for people to study and certify themselves as Analysts, Developers, Instructors, etc…
  • About funding, I propose to set words/$USD in Near for all everyone.

Hello @alecaseg @LuisAponte99 @dacha

I was thinking in start translation of one of this 2 pages:

EDIT: Changed wrong link:

We can make the translations with teams leaded by:
Spanish with @jeph
German with @kemal
French with @alecaseg
Portuguese with @ramgor

We have at least three people to translate and review for each language except German. EDIT: (Now German team is completed) :heavy_check_mark:

And we don’t have a Russian team yet, but we know it is very important, and we want to ask you for your recommendations in this @Dacha.

We have a little introduction of some of the team:

(This is just a part of the team, the other will be presented in the proposal post).

We were thinking 0.045c per word for the main translator and 0.015c per word for the reviewer.

I personally wanted to ask you something @dacha.

I just launched NEAR Learning App:

For now the information is the original in english, I would love to add more languages.

The app has no ads, so I’m asking for 0.01c extra for the translator or another person to move the finished translations to a Dart file too in order to also add the information there in multiple languages. Now I’m working in the base system inside the app to add the multilingual.

We are eager to hear your comments, create the proposal post, and start as soon as possible.



@jeph congrats for your personal achievements as a NEAR developer. I just installed your app in my smartphone and started using it!
I will be more than happy to work in your idea! participating and contributing with translations EN-SP-PT. thanks!


Hey @cryptoheitzi and @cizi31, Would you like to join this initiative?


Hey @jeph, I think there is just one page linked. Maybe we can start a shared doc. where we share all the documents that have to be shared as we do with Learn Near Club?


Yes i would like to join it. I can help translating articles to German


Yes, I can help with german and turkish translations.


Solved :white_check_mark:


Good morning, yes I work with couple people who make great translations .


We could talk to translators from LNC :wink:

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I saw their work. Unfortunately, quality of translation is very poor.

Hey, first of all, thank you for your words, I really hope you like it.
I am adding some new things to the UI in the profile section.

Thank you, I copied the same link twice, the other is:

Nice to have you both here.

Good morning.
So I want to know how we should make the proposal.
Should it be done for a specific amount and do the translations that are just enough?
Should it be done for all the money for the first 5 languages?

Thank you for your time.

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@crypto_blckhntr they are summoning translators :smiling_face:


We will be more than happy for the team to grow, and even more with people like you who have helped the community grow.

Of course I want to ensure excellent translations, so if it is another language not listed, I would like at least 3 people.

We are talking about Turkish right?

Then there are already two people together with @cizi31 .