[Approved] Funding for NEAR Malaysia Guild (Mar-Apr)

Hello NEAR community,

A month ago, we introduced NEAR Malaysia to the community, and outlined our roadmap here:


  1. A week ago, we had our first virtual event, a Staking Party for Asia in partnership with Metapool

35 people came to the event!

  1. Near Malaysia attended a Near overview by Sekolah Krypto (Malaysian youtuber) and gave a short speech on Near technology. About 15 wallets were created in that event.

  2. Here is the traction we have gotten so far @ Near Malaysia:

  • 146 followers @ Twitter account: https://twitter.com/NEAR_malaysia
  • 111 members @Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Malaysia
  • 40 new NEAR wallets created for Malaysians (via Telegram group & staking party)
  • Website up and running! : mynear.org

Here is a funding proposal for the remainder of March and for April month:


In the following month and a half we want to grow the community and get them more involved, by:

  1. Hosting AMA & webinars with Sekolah Krypto and Bicara Krypto. Special emphasis giing on educational content about NEAR protocol and underlying technology, as well as on educational options available at Near University.
  2. Appeal to other Malaysian social media influencers (e.g Crypto Mamak @ Tiktok) to broaden our reach.
  3. Hosting AMA & Events with Octopus network and Atocha protocol, two projects in Near founded by Malaysians
  4. Host giveaway & Quizzes, following the great initiative of NEAR Indonesia and @derymars, a guild we are proactively benchmarking and learning from everyday.
  5. Set up a Telegram Bot
  6. Record a step-by-step video guide on how to create and fund a NEAR wallet
  7. Prepare our first physical event, as follows
    A. Merchandise
    B. Key speakers
    C. Presentation material
    D. Venue, food, logistics.
    E. Partners involvement / giveaways, etc.

In particular, I would like to give a sneak peek of the event we are preparing. Most of the Guild’s time is spend on making sure this event will be a game-changer for the Guild and for all participants! Venue quotations are almost ready, next step will be presentation content and merchandise.


Till end of April, we are expecting to reach (at least):
• 500 members on Telegram and Twitter
• 100 new NEAR Wallets by Malaysians
• 100 attendees to physical event
• 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer)


Growing organically over the last month has been fun but also a bit slow. I have funded some initiatives from my pocket, like a 0.1 NEAR to each Malaysian verified wallet. We are convinced that we can grow exponentially over the next couple months by having a smart use of the above financial resources, notably by having some viral campaigns and with our first physical event.

This is our first funding proposal, there will obviously be several things to improve / include / clarify, tagging @Jessica @chronear @FritzWorm @derymars @simeon4real @Sofia_Alum to hear your opinion.


Near Malaysia team
(@gonemultichain, @kelsontoh, @beryn @wesleychong21 @asyraf.near)


Hello ! Nice, I really believe you have what is needed: Passion and Experience.

Let’s go!

The next step, could be a call with some of the council members of the Marketing DAO?

Partners @marketingdao-council we can share with @gonemultichain our feedback

Be aware that now it is like 0.16 NEAR because there is an update on the Wallet, here is a guide from @Kv9990

I have received complaints about it, about the new update, maybe we should also have a call about this with the Wallet team? @StefanoPepe and @ConciergeTeam ? Could it be done on the same call with the list of questions we have to understand more about the wallet in our efforts to be more helpful with the community?

Of course, understand that these are difficult times because most of our best members from the wallet team are from Ukraine. All the best energies!


Hey, @gonemultichain I’m super impressed with how far the NEAR Malaysia guild is coming along - I mean, it wasn’t that long I read about the introduction on the forum and already, things are moving nicely. Also, I’m really glad to hear that the staking party with Metapool went well.

About the proposal, so far so good. one thing is to start building a community and when’s that done, we can start talking about maintaining one in the long haul. you’re on the right track so far. keep it up.

For the event, you might want to check out the NEAR Meet program - NEAR Meet: Bringing Web3 to the World – NEAR Protocol (it would be a nice avenue to run the event by)

@gonemultichain QQ: Is there any tentative date for the event yet?

Users have always complained about the onboarding experience long before the process was changed. I doubt that a call with the wallet team would yield results now as they can’t completely take off the initial account activation fee?


The activation fee is great, I have told people to go to TrustWallet or another wallet if they don’t want to have a legible address yet.

I do feel people are more confusing now, and I am not alone, other mods expressed the same opinion, so maybe not a call but a discussion group about this at least, we are always improving so the update/iteration was good, let’s keep going further and improve it even better.

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Yes, that’s a great point, @FritzWorm. Since we have feedback(s) from users now, we can start thinking of ways we can improve the onboarding experience.

Good morning, my proposal


Secure mynear.org website $20 , what kind of “secure” needed?

Twitter and Telegram management and moderation (2 hrs/ week, 15 USD / hour) , $168 , agree

Guild Management (8 hrs/week combined for the team, 15 USD / hour), I believe the work should be free (if we’re talking about new guilds).

Giveaways Twitter & telegram to boost following base (5, 3, 2 NEAR) $20 - ok,

Giveaway AMA sessions & Staking Party (3, 2, 1 NEAR), $12 ok

Twitter Ads - not necessary , I support organic growing;

Influencer collaborations, ok

Venue Rental - 4* Hotel + Food + Sound system $2000 ok , please one topic about Near Games :blush:

Key Note speaker , $200 ok

Bonus for wallet creation , reduce to 0.1 N

Giveaway Kickoff Event , more details please.

Merchandising Design (Banner, tshirt) $100 , ok

Merchandise Estimating 40 shirts $10 USD , ok


It’s awesome your proposal.

Twitter management is separate from guild management?

Isn’t it those who are part of the guild that manage the twitter account?

Also, how is your guild taking pay for hourly work when other guilds take possibly rewards for the month or an event?


definitely very confusing and I can say it has slowed down the onboarding of many Malaysians at our Guild.

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well I just put it that way because our intention would be to get a moderator once the group gets a certain number.

Also, how is your guild taking pay for hourly work when other guilds take possibly rewards for the month or an event?"

Sorry Igbo, I do not understand this point, can you rephrase it?

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@Dacha thank you so much for your insightful feedback! This is exaclty what we needed! Let me address the points one by one:

Secure mynear.org website $20 , what kind of “secure” needed?

These are the annual fees of having the website domain plus associated emails such as info@mynear.org.

Guild Management (8 hrs/week combined for the team, 15 USD / hour), I believe the work should be free (if we’re talking about new guilds).

sounds good for me

Twitter Ads - not necessary , I support organic growing;
Bonus for wallet creation , reduce to 0.1 N

I will address these two together: granted, i do not know what is the real reach we can get with Twitter ads. For influencers, we have sort of reached an agreemet that for every Malaysian they bring (and presents themselves + give us their wallet details in the TG group) we will not only fund their wallet with 0.1N, but we will give a small commission to the influencer.
I do think this is more useful that Twitter ads. In just two weeks, two influencers onboarded around 50 people in the Guild. What do you think about that, what are other Guilds doing, either directly with influencers of through the Stars DAO ?

Venue Rental - 4* Hotel + Food + Sound system $2000 ok , please one topic about Near Games :blush:
Giveaway Kickoff Event , more details please.

So for the event we will rent a hotel event room and follow roughly this agenda below. We certainly can add one topic about NEAR Games. Where can we find more information about?

we were thinking of giving away 10 NEAR for 3 winners of a Quiz at the end of the day. Although I might need to have two quizzes, one for Beginners and other for Advanced crypto enthusiasts.


Please let us know your thoughts, we will definitely get out a Rev1 of the funding allocation after that.


In answering you, it seems to me like your guild is taking employment here rather than rewards. Lest I understand that part wrongly.

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Great, keep on moving forward. I’m here to learn how to run a guild with balancing volunteers & motivation mechanisms.

oh! well I had put 8 hours per week for our 5 Guild core members combined, just an estimation.

But no, each of us have our own job and I will delete that part after the feedback received! :slight_smile:


For Near Games I think @garikbesson is the guy to talk to. He’s the founder for Near Games Guild. Happy to share my 2 cents on Near Games as well, being part of the infrastructural builder for Near Games ecosystem.


Here is the Rev1 including @Dacha’s feedback


Yes. Appreciate his work. :muscle:

By the way, Near games group Telegram: Contact @play_on_near together with Stars :star: guild recently created a video about Atocha Prococol :muscle:


Looks good for me. Thank You

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Kim, I will contact you separately to discuss what role can Atocha Protocol play on our event. :slight_smile:


Sure thing! You know where to reach me :slight_smile:

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