NEAR Indonesia Guild Introduction

Hello, thank you @shreyas for your guidance to us before. Now we would like to inform you that NEAR INDONESIA is BACK and we join the forces.

Guild Name: NEAR INDONESIA Guild
Guild Leader(s): @derymars & @agungdjs
Guild SputnikDAO Address: -
Guild Location: Indonesia

Guild Details:

Making Indonesian people great to adapt, adopt and familiar with using blockchain technology to face upcoming global challenges


  • Using the near protocol as a platform for creativity and activities using blockchain technology and its derivative products and platforms

  • Become a reference and funnel of information regarding the latest issues and updates regarding the blockchain world in Indonesia

  • Being a supportive regional representative, focusing on solutions for the benefit of all members

  • Bringing innovation and contribution to the Indonesia using blockchain technology


Near Indonesia Guild can be a place to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology for applications in everyday life to welcome the future.

We hope that as the country with the fourth largest population after China, America and India, Indonesia can contribute to the world by creating technologies and systems derived from blockchain. Near Protocol is the right platform choice to make it happen because it has an innovation infrastructure that is competitive compared to similar platforms

To realize that dream, we are moving forward together to build a community and preparing an agenda in the form of education, training, online and offline campaigns, hackaton and accelerator program and conducting partnerships with potential partners.

Especially for Indonesian developers and enthusiasts who are interested in building a blockchain-based platform, we have a dream to provide a platform, mentoring, funding support so that it has business value that can sustain and drives the Indonesian economy.

We love to welcome developers, community managers, content creators, influencers, blockchain enthusiasts, investors, traders, digital artists etc to join us.

Member can join the Telegram group channel, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


Really excited for this! Shoutout to @riqi for spearheading the community so far.

@derymars & @agungdjs can you guys add a link to the different channels where the community can join you? It’s missing in the post. :slight_smile: