Hello everybody. This is the announcement of an announcement.

A new guild has been born:

We are preparing a comprehensive planning on how we plan to reach the minds and hearts of our fellow 29 million Malaysians.

We would like to thank Indonesian Guild (@derymars ), Philippines Guild (@OrvardJam), Vietnam Guild (@RileyTran), Near Venezuela Guild, Near Hispano, @vandal, @FritzWorm, and @Mayur for the support and advice. Stay tuned, full proposal coming soon :wink:

N.B: there was an earlier attempt of guild on Sept’21 but the person hasn’t texted further than his introductory post, not connected in the forum since Oct’21.


As promised!!!


Excited to see Near Guild being kickstarted in Malaysia (been wanting to build one but haven’t put in any action, alas Antonio is here to start the ball rolling).

Malaysia is indeed a place full of talent and in need of a good channel to connect the talents with the right ecosystem like Near Protocol. I have also just recently joined as part of the Near Protocol’s sidechain (Octopus Network) project team, Atocha Protocol. So, it will be great to know more who are into Near Protocol, get connected, and build a strong community with passion and interest.

What I could share here is that Near Protocol is very open to innovation and engagement from the community. More importantly, we are still early in terms of adoption, and being early is always an advantage. Not only the ecosystem provides a great educational channel for the newcomers, but it has a versatile support system like Near Guilds and Near Foundation Grants plus some Hackathons that can greatly help the small players to grow.

I look forward to seeing how I could be of help to grow this community together with the founding team members.

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Congratulations on the launch, @gonemultichain. Looking forward to seeing the NEAR Malaysia guild grow. By the way, I sent a DM to you on TG. Do well to check so we can sync. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: