[REPORT] Malaysia Guild Report MARCH 2022

Hello everyone, Good Morning! NEAR Malaysia Guild was created 15 Feb.

Here is a report of the month of March!


The number of followers increased from 32 to 161 followers


Now we have 153 Telegram group members from 39 last month



We organized :

  • A NEAR Introduction AMA with Sekolah Krypto on 3rd March (25 attendees)
  • A NEAR Staking Party with Metapool for whole Asia on 4th March (35 attendees from South Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam). Claudio, its founder, attended the event, and 45 people qualified for the stNEAR bonus!
  • An AMA with Atocha Protocol on 19th March (19 attendees)

Other Milestones:

  • 40 new NEAR wallets created for Malaysians (via Telegram group & staking party)
  • Website up and running! : mynear.org


We met virtually two times and physically once (for those living in Kuala Lumpur, the capital)

The topics discussed were:

  • Future activities
  • Physical event (organization, logistics, agenda)
  • Mynear.org website admin tutorial


We are happy to announce a partnership with APU (Asia Pacific University) and Octopus to train Malaysians on substrate!

Course Outline:

Class 0:
Rust Intro and Substrate Intro

Class 1:
Introduction to the Substrate Architecture
Key Fundamental Concepts of Blockchain
Substrate key fundamental concepts
Substrate Architecture Diagram
Introduction to basic features, introduction to main capabilities

Class 2:
Substrate Runtime Development
Frame and pallet introduction
Basic macro introduction
On-chain storage event
Transaction logic implementation error handling account origin
Debug method

Class 3:
Substrate Runtime Development 2 calls between pallets rpc service provided by default
Weight and fee
Chain spec
Node template
Mention, other advanced topics: such as runtime upgrade, storage migration, performance evaluation, etc.

Class 4:
Practical Substrate Development - Realizing Proof of Existence
Proof of Existence tutorial introduction and code explanation
Run the PoE runtime node
Running front-end interface services
Front-end interface configuration and modification, adding the page code to be modified
Integration test to see the running effect

Class 5:
Introduction to the Octopus Network
General introduction to Octopus Network, relationship with NEAR, accelerator program, etc.
Explain the distance between starting the PoE project in Lesson 4 and actually starting the operation and maintenance chain
Chain services provided by Octopus Network: lpos, cross-chain interoperability service, node startup service, stable coin
Supporting services provided by Octopus Network: 4 major engineering components:
blockchain browser, rpc gateway, indexer, forker
Octopus Network Online Process

Class 6:
Introduction to Barnacle node-template
Several pallet introductions
Import PoE to Barnacle
Run the Appchain
Register Appchain on Octopus Network
Appchain Startup

We have had an amazing response for the community with 17 people signing up in only 72 hours! Registration will be open for at least two more weeks.


We are happy with the organic growth achieved during this first month. We hope our proposal for funding ([PROPOSAL] Funding for NEAR Malaysia Guild (Mar-Apr)) can be approved soon so we can book the physical event, merchandise, etc. Without a proper physical event we see no effective way to rally the Malaysian community around NEAR. We hope the Marketing DAO can soon pronounce itself about our proposal.


Great :smiley::+1:
Let’s us keep moving together

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Lots of stuff happening!

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