[Approved 3550] Near Indonesia June 2023

Hello @marketingdao-council

I am thrilled to present a proposal for Near Indonesia that I have been passionately building since September 2021. Our community has grown tremendously since its inception, and we are excited to embark on new projects and opportunities that will not only benefit our members but also our partners and stakeholders.

As a team, we have worked tirelessly to create a space where individuals can come together to share ideas, collaborate, and support each other in achieving their goals. Our community is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions, which has enabled us to foster creativity and innovation in all our projects.

Community Name: NEAR Indonesia
Country: Indonesia

Well known project : Paras, Nestercity, NearBlocks, Castle Overlord, Reality Chain, Myriad Social, Lacrove, Arkana, Munkey Monkey

There are several products from Indonesia that participated in the metabuild III hackathon, such as:

Link to the Social Media accounts:

Current core team members:

Funding scheme: May, June and July - Quarterly

What problem is the proposal solving?

In Indonesia, one potential problem for NEAR Protocol’s regional community could be language barriers. While English is widely spoken in Indonesia, there may be community members who are not fluent in the language and struggle to understand the latest updates and developments related to NEAR Protocol. Additionally, there may be cultural differences that impact communication and engagement with the community.

How is the problem being solved

We will continue our support for our existing Telegram NEAR Indonesia community.

Create self-written and translated articles on Medium in Bahasa Indonesia.

Share the latest news and updates about NEAR in Bahasa Indonesia on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Reach out to more crypto enthusiasts and invite them to join Near Social and IamHuman.

As soon as the community is more active again, we will organize Blockchain academies and participate in events across Indonesia. By attending or organizing hackathons, workshops, and other events, we can invite more builders and developers to the NEAR ecosystem and collaborate on new projects.

Expected impact and value for the Near community;

Our goals is focus on to help grow and engage the regional community:

Our Plans:

  • Content marketing strategies across various platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Medium, and the NEAR Indonesia website.

  • Host regular AMAs, webinars, and Q&A sessions to engage with existing community members and provide them with updates on NEAR’s progress and roadmap.

  • Participate in regional events and conferences to network with potential community members and raise awareness of NEAR and its ecosystem.

  • Collaborate with other regional community managers to share best practices and cross-promote each other’s communities.

Participation and Creation of IRL Events

  • Organize and host in-person events, such as meetups, workshops, and hackathons, to foster deeper connections within the community.

  • Collaborate with other regional communities to co-host events and expand the reach of NEAR.

Information Sharing and Testing

  • Distribute information about hackathons and other opportunities for developers and creatives to get involved with NEAR.

  • Encourage community members to participate in testing new projects and products on the NEAR ecosystem and provide feedback to developers.

  • Stay up to date with industry news and trends, and share relevant updates with the community.

  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  • Onboard at least 100 community members to Near.Social in the first month, and the same in the second and third.

  • Meet or exceed the monthly target of 100 community members onboarded to verify IamHuman

  • Translated ecosystem news on Bahasa at least 4 (four) materials monthly

  • Translation of important Ecosystem news to guild members

  • Collaborate with at least 3 existing or new dapps in the NEAR ecosystem for AMA sessions or co-marketing efforts

  • Organize 2 monthly events (combination of offline and online)

  • 2600+ members on Telegram Chat (Quarterly)

  • 600+ Followers on Twitter (Quarterly)

Links to similar proposals on the forum

Previous Proposal: [APPROVED] NEAR Indonesia (Aug & Sep 2022) - #15 by derymars

Previous Reports: [REPORT] NEAR Indonesia AUG-SEP-OCT

Funding Details

Telegram Group

  • Task: Share daily news Near protocol in Bahasa, support 24/7 for community, Giveaways, Onboard for NEAR SOCIAL and IamHuman

  • KPIs: Daily messages, increase group members, giveaway active members and onboard NEAR SOCIAL and IamHuman.

  • Metrics: +200 new members on telegram

  • Budget: 500USD (Moderation)

Content Writing

  • Task: Featured Stories, Web3.0 and Social, Defi, Nearweek, NEAR ecosystem updates.

  • KPIs : Medium account followers, article views, comments on social media regarding the article (TG, Twitter, Medium)

  • Matrics : Total +6 articles

  • Budget : 250USD

Graphic Designer

  • Task: Visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos

  • KPIs: Created Visual content for all social media Near Indonesia (TG, Instagram, Youtube, web design, Twitter)

  • Matrics: 4 Content visual/ weeks.

  • Budget: 400USD

Collaborate AMA session

  • Task: Collaborate with local community (AMA, contests, quizzes)

  • KPIs: number of events

  • Metrics : 2+ events

  • Budget: 400USD (2 Events/ Months)

Video short content

Task: Visualizing and creating videos in Bahasa, about news and project ecosystem Near Protocol

  • KPIs: Created Video content for all social media Near Indonesia (Youtube short, Tiktok)

  • Matrics: 4 Content visual/ weeks. (conditional if has a newest update)

  • Budget: 1000USD (Video editing, copywriter, and content creator)

Community management

  • Community Manager, Administration, Brainstorming, Ideation, Meetings, Operation, Partnership, report monthly.

  • Responsible for the funds submitted by the proposal and the success of the community

  • Moderation for All Social media

  • We commit to use the NEAR tip bot on Telegram for the distribution of rewards

Budget: 1000USD

Monthly costs: 3550USD

Link to the Near Social: Near Social
AstroDAO : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-indonesia.sputnik-dao.near
Name : Agung
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @Agung_djs
E-Mail : agungdjs21@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!
CC @IgbozeIsrael


Please could you follow this guidelines and update your proposal.

Regional community guidelines

Thank you.



I have updated this proposal.

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Will you use near tip bot for distribution of rewards?

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Yea for sure, we commit to use near tip bot


Hi @agungdjs,

Thank you for submitting your proposal. I have reviewed it, and I have some feedback and comments:

First, I appreciate your efforts in building and growing the Near Indonesia community. However, there are a few points that need to be addressed:

  1. The website link you provided in your proposal appears to be dead. Could you please update the link?
  2. It would be helpful for the council to track views for your telegram chat by creating a telegram channel for your community.

Despite these minor issues, I think your proposal is strong, and I’m happy to support it for the following reasons:

  1. Your previous report in November was good, indicating that your community team is capable of delivering on our goals.
  2. Your proposed goals for onboarding new users to Near.social and i-am-human are in line with our objectives.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks @kiskesis for getting back to us about the proposal! I’m totally on it and will fix the website ASAP. Plus, I’m gonna create a Telegram channel.

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@agungdjs Thank you for your proposal and patience throughout the review process.

Am happy to support,

Try to fix the minor issues related to your links.

Looking forward for your report.


Thx for the support!

CC: @marketingdao-council

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Hallo @marketingdao-council @Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael, We made some major edits to the proposal. Like, it was supposed to be three whole months of funding, but we totally slashed it down to just two months.

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Happy to support you! Have a great day.


Hello, @marketingdao-council

I would like to follow up on the status of the proposal that was submitted 12 days ago. Can you please provide me with an update on its progress and let me know if there are any further actions required from our team? Thank you.


Thanks for your proposal and your patience,

These are the kind of metrics that I really like to see;

  • Are these team still active within the NEAR ecosystem? Would really like to learn more about the experience in attracting, training and retaining talent.

Also, would NEAR Indonesia be up for the Challenge to see which Regional Community can register more members into the new announced Encode x NEAR Horizon range of programs (Academy, Bootcamp, Hackathon, Accelerator).

A few minor observations:

Advertising and Influencer Partnerships are outside of the scope of Marketing DAO. This creates an interesting dilemma - Regional DAO should be maintaining most of the existing M DAO guidelines and expanding into its own guidelines for local community specific activities (Such as Meetups, etc.).

This should be TOP priority;

A major reason why Marketing DAO has been pushing for Regional Community Specific Guidelines, and contributing in a major way to the development of RC DAO, is because we acknowledge that great content can be created by anyone (and the best content about NEAR on Twitter is coming from individuals from around the world without remuneration). Regional still has a role, which the team has accurately identified around language, but also most of the potential is in the local education and networking opportunities.

This is the only item in the budget that has to be removed to gain my approval.

Marketing DAO has restrictions in Giveaways and GWG has included a VERY generous budget for IamHuman onboarding incentives. Exactly how these will be distributed is still being discussed, but it is expected that communities will have resources available to them and may be eligible for additional rewards for the IamHUman onboarding.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments,

@Ola @Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael


Hello @satojandro
Thanks for taking time to highlight all these.

It’s okay for me and we are ready to give more support in achieving set goals by communities.

I support this proposal.

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Thanks for the highlight especially the Top Priority section your quoted.

Ready to support

@agungdjs kindly let us know any other way we can support you and the communities in your region to onboard Near and also achieve your goals

Thank you for your insightful comments,

We are working on drafts for newly onboarded regional communities to test and experiment with the GWG i-am-human campaigns (bounty) to see how it went, but for restarting communities, we put it in our KPIs every month, looking at the most important part of the ecosystem KPIs toward v1.

Suggestions: We should look into the requested amounts for giveaways and see how we can manage or make it without spending on these KPIs so that they can join the bounty as well.

Otherwise, we can’t give additional funds for giveaway to this task and remove the target of the onboarding 100 members to 50 or optional.

Thanks for responding our proposal @satojandro

There are many initiatives that are still active, but some are no longer active because they lack sufficient backing.

We cannot guarantee that, however, as there are still a number of underutilized local hackathons, but we will try to pique developers’ interest in the system we are now constructing.

Of course, we will remove it, and the proposal request will go through a few adjustments.
and we altered the funding period to June and July.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from @marketingdao-council soon.

@IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka


Hello! Moving to approved according to RC DAO comments.
For one month. Have a great day.


Thanks for your support @Dacha
proposal was submitted, kindly check it at Astro DAO

cc: @marketingdao-council

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@agungdjs Hey folks, could you please write me in telegram @kiskesis, we will add you to our Community Leaders chat